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May 30, 2018

There’s no resisting Zoey Lily’s misty, dusky pop. Her willowy, smoky voice tends to remind us of Billie Eilish and Soak, while her exquisitely emotive music always cuts to the bone, leaving a mark that lasts for all eternity. The 20 year old independent musician from London mesmerizes and moves with her gorgeous new single Not There, which features guest hip hop artist Indigo Svn. Not There is a morose ballad with soft electronic beats that leaves our hearts blissfully tingling… It’s a sparse and gossamer, pensive and reflective beauty bursting with tender and tragic romanticism. The haunting gem can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

May 24, 2018

I still recall the first time I encountered Sacramento’s Death Grips and having to pick my jaw straight off the floor after finding myself entangled in the sheer violence of their rampaging experimental hip hop. It was well over seven years ago, and I Heart Moosiq was a but a baby then. I quickly hopped on the blog to rave near incoherently about how strangely addictive and wildly scintillating they were. And some of the comments were quite appreciative of the post. One fan was glad Death Grips was finally getting recognized for their groundbreaking, trailblazing music. Since then, Death Grips has become a much acclaimed sensation, always pushing boundaries and breaking barriers with their ominous music, described as some as industrial hip hop or digital hardcore. They’re known for being a phenomenal live act, and they’ve had their share of “are they breaking up or not” disputes over the years on venerated sites like Pitchfork and more. Death Grips’ wicked new song Flies lead us into that reverie, and we’re more than eager to share the hypnotically turbulent, visceral heaving track, a corrosive taste from their next album Year of the Snitch. For updates regarding that next full length, you can check Death Grips’ enigmatic site, here.

May 11, 2018

I rarely touch a video game console these days despite how often I found myself punching away at controls during my youth. As such, I’ve never really played EA Sports’ FIFA releases, though I’ve come to realize that its soundtracks are always in line with my own music tastes. FIFA 2018 World Cup’s trailer features a song that involves two artists we hold dear here at IHM, namely electro-soul trailblazer NoMBe and rising hip hop artist Thutmose, both of whom we were lucky to catch at SXSW earlier this year. The two combine talents to give us a frisky hip hop and funky soul jam named Run Wild, which comes off like a vivaciously cavorting combination of Pharrell, Outkast, and NVDES. You can watch the FIFA video game trailer, here. Run Wild is a whole lot of unbridled fun. It courses with infectious, untamed energy. 

April 26, 2018

Just as we foretold, Toronto’s Jessie Reyez has become a shining star in the R&B pop scene. And now she’s lent her phenomenal voice to a new track from Atlanta hip hop artist Russ. It’s a slow burning, poignant aching elegy about love before fame, which Russ produced himself. Two beacons of light in the urban music soundscape unite flawlessly on deeply reflective Basement, which can be found on Apple Music, here.

April 26, 2018

Two years ago, we featured a remix of Etta Bond’s Never Seen And Heard Before that featured a new hip hop talent named Ashnikko. Turns out, the London-based rapper has become quite the rising sensation back at home as of late, and her new song Blow is exactly the sort of effervescent, carbonated electropop/hip hop that we find irresistible. The edgy slick, whimsically punchy tune comes with a fresh and quirky video, too. Blow will be on Ashnikko’s forthcoming EP, Unlikeable, which will be out on Parlophone this summer. She explains of the track’s strong message of female empowerment: “‘Blow” starts with ‘Take it off and show them how much you want it,’ which is poking fun at the culture of women being exploited in music. I’m tired of being brainwashed that my body is my biggest asset. And it’s me saying to myself that I will never exploit myself in a way that doesn’t empower me.” Stream/download Blow, here.

April 13, 2018

A trifecta of Moving Castle associated luminaries unite on Peanut Butter, a fresh and funky hip hop and electro frolic with much booty shaking verve. Los Angeles producers AObeats and Robokid team up with versatile artist Mark Johns on the slick bouncing, hypnotic cantering treat. Throwback vibes and sweet nostalgia abound as the trio bring us back to the early 2000′s with the crunchy swerving tune, which can be found on AObeats’ glorious new pilot mixtape, a must listen and a guest talent studded spectacular, here. Peanut Butter is available, here.

April 13, 2018

Mysterious new alt project outsideOUTSIDE blew us away last month when they emerged from the shadows with a spectacular first single named Habits, whose crestfallen mixture of dusky electronica, glitchy shuddering vocal bass, and raspy aching emo alt rock was nothing short of fresh and brilliant. I immediately marked them as a band to watch off that one single. Re-visit our feature of the track, here. On the heels of that debut comes a moody remix/cover of Lil Xan’s Betrayed. It’s obvious our convictions about this project are on point. Their rendition of Betrayed is dark and nebulous. Its muddy bristling vehemence is interspersed with aching keys, resulting in a slow burning yet intensely gripping listen on which outsideOUTSIDE incorporate elements from hip hop, alt rock, and cinematic vocal bass with laser precision. The track is available for free, here. We can’t wait to hear what outsideOUTSIDE has up their sleeves next. 

April 13, 2018

Let’s sink back into the dark and haunting, sensual and carnal with Canada’s iamhill and her new single Mouthful of Shotgun. Not only is her voice astounding on this electro-R&B track, but the song’s sinuous winding, serpentine flittering production is breathtaking, too. iamhill is fresh off of releasing her long awaited album Give It A Rest, and she has a new EP lined up for the rest of the year. Her new song is a must for fans of FKA Twigs, Banks, and Kill J. It’s intense and seductive, plus it features a scintillating rap verse by Texas’ ZEALE. Together, they take us to heart stopping precipices and up monumental peaks with the rousing song. Mouthful of Shotgun can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

April 6, 2018

What’s that Pringles jingle? “Once you pop, you can’t stop”? Well, the same can be said of BIJOU’s new jam, also named Pringles. Once you get a taste of the guttural pounding, visceral jouncing G-house erupting from this track, you’ll be hooked. Pringles features deep booming hip hop vocals by Devonyea Marcel. The Phoenix producer hypnotizes and exhilarates with his deliciously pounding assault on our ears, which transfers into electrifying rumbles in our chests. Stream/download Pringles, here.

March 27, 2018

When I think of Sweden, I tend to remember the amazing electro-pop or folk pop that its residents have given us in the past. Busu, a rising artist from Stockholm, quickly subverts our expectations with his forward-thinking alt hip hop and rock. Roiling guitars and gritty “mumble rap” vocals (which are so in right now) endow his new single ‘Hate bein sober’, a brilliant take on Chief Keef’s Hate Being Sober, featuring 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa. It’s a languid drawling track that perked our ears immediately and had us urgently rifling through his past releases with much giddy excitement. You can stream more of Busu’s music on Soundcloud, here, but we’re tacking on ‘Please stay out of my personal space’ produced by Dj Haydn & Teo Sweden below, too, for another prime example of this guy’s talent. You can also watch Busu’s video for ‘Hate bein sober’ below. More original music will be arriving soon.