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April 13, 2018

Let’s sink back into the dark and haunting, sensual and carnal with Canada’s iamhill and her new single Mouthful of Shotgun. Not only is her voice astounding on this electro-R&B track, but the song’s sinuous winding, serpentine flittering production is breathtaking, too. iamhill is fresh off of releasing her long awaited album Give It A Rest, and she has a new EP lined up for the rest of the year. Her new song is a must for fans of FKA Twigs, Banks, and Kill J. It’s intense and seductive, plus it features a scintillating rap verse by Texas’ ZEALE. Together, they take us to heart stopping precipices and up monumental peaks with the rousing song. Mouthful of Shotgun can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

April 4, 2018

I’m content now that Sevdaliza has finally made an appearance in San Francisco as part of Noise Pop’s annual festival back in February. Even though I’d seen her at SXSW a few years ago, the already riveting performance at the Sidewinder in Austin pales in comparison to the stunning display she put forth at the Swedish American Music Hall, where she brought along an immensely talented dancer to back up her bewitching performance. The Dutch-Iranian artist, a true master of all things sensual, anguished, and dark, released a new EP last week named The Calling. Among its enticingly captivating songs is this track, Soothsayer, a stringy haunting beauty that exhibits much of Sevdaliza’s magnetism through its serpentine alt-R&B and minimalist trip hop. There’s no turning away when Sevdaliza is baring her soul with her tremendous voice on the other worldly song. She takes us to an outlandish world with the track, yet keeps it intimate and so vulnerably human with her agony and woe. The Calling is available from iTunes, here.

March 1, 2018

It’s fitting that Dutch-Iranian artist Sevdaliza has released another new track but days after I witnessed her long awaited San Francisco debut last weekend. My only other time catching her live was at SXSW a few years ago, where I made it a priority to experience the visionary talent’s experimental R&B and dark electronic pop live. Throughout all these years, Sevdaliza has mesmerized me with her imaginative music, often dark, seductive, tortured, and anguished, as well as her ability to deliver the most unique and riveting visuals. While that SXSW stint at the Sidewinder was amazing, the tiny stage and the bright sun shining in didn’t afford her a chance to fully perform her multi-faceted art form, but the Noise Pop show she performed at last Saturday blew us away fully. A Sevdaliza show isn’t just about her spectacular vocals, or the glitchy haunting production of her music, but it’s about the movement, the emotion, the aura of it all. Try and imagine taking in new single Human Nature live, and you might get an inkling of what we’re trying to describe. The track arrives on the heels of last single Soul Syncable. Ghostly haunting, gossamer and twisted, but dripping with visceral human emotion, Human Nature is as gripping a song though more hushed than usual for this true definition of an artist. Sevdaliza is a performance art goddess, a superhuman vortex which we gladly fall into. You can’t help but gravitate to every voluptuous turn, every sensuous swipe, and every despairing whorl. Human Nature is available, here. Sevdaliza’s debut album ISON is a must listen, and you can find it, here.

February 3, 2018

Just their name The Code seems to beckon some somber reverence and hushed esteem, it feels so serious and so defined, so esoteric and mysterious. The truth is, we really don’t know that much about the British duo, and they seem to go on long stints of silence, too. It’s been nearly a year since they’ve blessed us with their mixtape Blue Electronica. So I consider it a fortunate day when a new EP drops and we get to share a new song from the pair. Same People is a viscous swelling, buttery melting, and atmospheric shifting swathe of R&B soul and electronica. It’s like molten metal, creeping into our veins and coating the inner chambers of our hearts with its glitchy rolling synths and velveteen vocals. Same People is an overwhelmingly intoxicating listen. Its glitchy shudders are like aching trembles. It’s lifted from a new EP named Paramount, which you can dissolve into fully on Soundcloud, here. The dark murky journey is suitable for some late night solitude, with the lights turned down low. 

February 2, 2018

We’ve been sounding the alarm on Sevdaliza for several years now, that’s how much we’ve been taken by the Dutch-Iranian artist’s sinuous twisting, eerie haunting music, a shiver inducing experimental blend of sensual R&B, dark pop, and trip hop inflected electronica. Her music is always gut wrenching and visceral, and the one time I was fortunate enough to catch Sevdaliza live at SXSW in Austin a few years ago, she blew me away with her stage presence and seductive performance. There was no taking your eyes off of the magnetic artist as she belted out her dusky, shadowy songs. Come this year’s Noise Pop Fest in February, Sevdaliza will finally make her San Francisco debut at the Swedish American (February 24th). I highly recommend you join us in adoring and idolizing the artist & her mesmeric appeal. Until then, entangle yourselves in her voluptuous snaking and murky haunting new song, Soul Syncable. It winds around us and bores into us. Like a snake under the spell of a snake charmer, we can’t help but writhe and bend in hedonistic exultation. Soul Syncable is available from iTunes, here.

November 21, 2017

Sevdaliza, the intensely magnetic Dutch-Iranian artist who released her debut album ISON to much critical acclaim back in spring, has been teasing us about an unreleased track ever since. Now, we finally get to partake in HEAR MY PAIN HEAL, as well as its dark and eerie music video. As always, Sevdaliza’s dusky electronic R&B and crepuscular trip hop is shiver inducing good. Its tremors and trills, swells and fluxes take us into a James Blake-esque dub heavy intoxication. Sevdaliza’s magnificent voice cuts through this thick unsettling atmosphere to lead us through a ghostly wasteland haunted by the sorrowful past, yet strangely and poetically so romantic. You can stream Sevdaliza’s album ISON on Spotify, here.

November 8, 2017

Kelela has become a force to be reckoned with in the alt R&B and electronic scene. Deservedly so, too, particularly after the release of her phenomenal debut album Take Me Apart almost exactly a month ago. It’s only proper that we pay tribute by watching the exquisitely surreal and stylishly artistic music video for album single Blue Light, an edgy experimental track that captivates to no end. The Washington, D.C. native, a brilliant singer songwriter, entrances with icy captivating electronica and her breathy vocal calisthenics on the bristling, seething beauty. Kelela’s debut album is available via Spotify, Apple Music, or on vinyl, here.

August 22, 2017

Los Angeles by way of Cleveland singer songwriter and producer Zalma Bour weaves a deeply entrancing spell on us as she serenades us with new single Cleanslate. The song’s sinuous winding, ominous whirling opening bars entice us into a dark sensuous world, where we’re met by this striking talent’s lithe willowy R&B soul vocals, which are nothing short of exquisite. Cleanslate, which Zalma Bour co-produced with Sinagawd, is a must for any fan of FKA Twigs and Kill J. Through its ghostly soundscape cuts a sharp sophistication and sultry confidence that also evokes Kelela and BANKS. For more Zalma Bour, head to her Soundcloud, here.

July 7, 2017

Jaja Bu’s Sweetness is a tangy and spicy, peppery and gritty sort of sweet. The new producer and artist out of Los Angeles makes his first appearance on IHM with a moody smoldering, choppy haunting experimental R&B tune that feels like FYFE gone murky nebulous and ghostly vaporous, as if infused with some Sevdaliza and some Arca-like production. Sweetness is a chopped and screwy serpentine suitor, brimming with carnal lust and aching longing. It makes an indelible mark on us, and we look ahead eagerly for what Jaja Bu has in store for us next. 

July 7, 2017

The video for Nite Jewel’s heady single How It Was arrives just in time for the start of Ramona Gonzalez’s new headlining tour, which is kicking off this Friday at Popscene in San Francisco. How It Was is lifted off of Real Low, a new collection of B-sides from Nite Jewel’s critically acclaimed album Real High. The full collection is available from Bandcamp, here. The song can also be found on a her new Italians Do it Better 12″ EP, a gorgeous limited edition pink vinyl, available, here. Nite Jewel, ever renowned for her cutting edge electro R&B, has crafted quite the gossamer and diaphanous piece in How It Was. It’s utterly spellbinding, and feathery intoxicating.