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May 11, 2018

“Nobody” does glamorous, luscious house quite like Ferdinand Weber does, and it’s been a very long time since we’ve danced our evening hours away to a fresh new original from the German producer. So when we saw a new banger floating around from the producer on our feed, we jumped on it instantly. Seconds later, we were grooving out to his deep pumping, steamy surging dance track, Nobody, a posh and infectious, plush and contagious heater with tons of classic house vibes. Join the party, stream/download Nobody, here.

April 13, 2018

A trifecta of Moving Castle associated luminaries unite on Peanut Butter, a fresh and funky hip hop and electro frolic with much booty shaking verve. Los Angeles producers AObeats and Robokid team up with versatile artist Mark Johns on the slick bouncing, hypnotic cantering treat. Throwback vibes and sweet nostalgia abound as the trio bring us back to the early 2000′s with the crunchy swerving tune, which can be found on AObeats’ glorious new pilot mixtape, a must listen and a guest talent studded spectacular, here. Peanut Butter is available, here.

March 2, 2018

Let’s continue to bring some chill feels tonight with a treasured new discovery named NAUUDA. The project hails from Norway, and the two producers behind it have mesmerized me with their chill jazzy hip hop and suave electronica on ‘up’. We’ve been having some wet weather here in San Francisco this week. ‘up’ is the perfect accompaniment. It warms us up yet and keeps us intoxicated from start to finish with its choppy vocals and foggy percolating beats. The track even features some sampling of a rain storm. NAUUDA drenches us with late night vibes and a snazzy groove. For another taste of the pair’s music, stream ‘party’ below, too. It’s more uptempo with its breaking mixture of house, jungle, and garage, and it even samples Alessia Cara’s Here. 

November 22, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I’m still glued to Louis Futon’s Stranger Things flip despite the fact that I finished my Stranger Things 2 binge on Netflix ages ago. But lately, I’ve also been swooning endlessly to the producer’s new original with alt/electro R&B faves Opia. As expected, Opia delivers satin smooth crooning on Louis Futon’s Restless Sea, a dark and moody future bass and future soul ballad with funky riffing guitar curls, all suspended in sooty smoldering heat. This ‘sea’ is very much tumultuous, turbulent, and unsettled, as hearts oft tend to be. Download the powerful anthem, here.

November 9, 2017

Lose yourself in the intricate beauty of Lost, a finespun soundscape designed by once Londoner oshi. Now based out of Los Angeles, the much respected producer has flawlessly blended a myriad of instruments and elements into his pensive ambling ambient future beats track. Listening to Lost is like going on a voyage of sonic exploration. It’s like walking through the world of Avatar for the first time, if it really existed. Flora and fauna of all exotic types flutter about and encircle us. We can’t help but reach out and touch each and every one in wide eyed wonder, sure we never want to return to the everyday world. 

November 7, 2017

I’m incredibly grateful to have come across this fine talent from London named bakar. His latest song is named ‘small town girl’, and its a snazzy, jazzy R&B soul jam produced by Future Cut. Mellow acoustic vibes meld with a foggy bedroom intimacy. bakar’s music and his deep rolling croon is like Tom Misch meets King Krule, with at times, some Kele Okereke, too, as can be heard on some of his other singles. For more of the fascinating artist’s music, stream chilled out groover ‘something i said’ below, as well as the more uptempo ‘new day’, which has more of that aforementioned jagged bellowing Kele/Bloc Party feel going on. bakar has plenty more fine tunes on his Soundcloud, here, too.

July 25, 2017

Oft Whethan collaborator and fast rising artist himself, Oliver Tree, swoops back out of Los Angeles with a fresh new original named Cheapskate. The singer songwriter and producer unique mixture of slinky hip hop and playful trickling, minimalist burbling future bass is captivating, to say the least. Plus, who can’t relate to its tale of a broke life, told with all the resolute anguish of a brooding blues styled lament? Oliver Tree explains of the song: “Cheapskate was created with the help of Robot Koch who’s an artist I’ve admired since high school. He was the head producer and I helped with arrangement, co-production, wrote, preformed and engineered all the vocals, plus played the outro synths. I’m grateful to finally have the chance to share one of the many experiments we created. We explored a lot of styles and didn’t know if any of it would ever see the light of day.” You can purchase Oliver Tree’s Cheapskate, here.

January 20, 2017

Mysteriously cloaked production whiz exyle gives us a syrupy flickering Ciara re-imagination on sheele. The incognito artist turns hit single Promises into a future jabbing, dusky soulful Casanova, seducing us with finespun texture and pitched, gooey viscous vocals. sheele is a moist labyrinth of delight, a twisting, winding mood creator. exyle promises even more music soon. In the meantime, listen to more of the project’s inebriating concoctions on Soundcloud, here.

January 5, 2017

Though IHM is no longer tracked on Hypem (and it seems many still do not realize that fact), I still love to visit the site every so often to watch IHM supported bands and artists rise in its charts. I can’t help but be consumed with glee when I see that happen. Over these past few months, I couldn’t help but notice that enigmatic bedroom producer Two Feet has been a mainstay on the popular chart most days of the week. It comes as no surprise after having praised the project’s uniquely arresting music. So when I saw that Two Feet was the guest act on Milwaukee based Melvv’s latest tune, my heart leaped in joy. Not Me is so me. It’s a smooth cruising, finely nuanced electronic ballad that fuses soulful pop with downtempo future trap, like an ambient and calm Mura Masa and Flume cocktail. You can purchase the single from major services, here.

November 12, 2016

German producer MOGUAI unleashed a halcyon beauty of a new chill melodic house soother named Pray For Rain on my birthday earlier this fall, and it was a transcendental present indeed. French duo Faul & Wad give the track a twinkling deep house makeover that imbues it with an extra crispy bounce. Pray For Rain takes dons some (recent more electronic) Coldplay like threads on the pair’s heavenly lifting remix. It’s just the rejuvenating elixir our haggard souls need after all the negativity we’ve encountered this election week. Faul & Wad’s remix is out now on iTunes.