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May 11, 2018

I rarely touch a video game console these days despite how often I found myself punching away at controls during my youth. As such, I’ve never really played EA Sports’ FIFA releases, though I’ve come to realize that its soundtracks are always in line with my own music tastes. FIFA 2018 World Cup’s trailer features a song that involves two artists we hold dear here at IHM, namely electro-soul trailblazer NoMBe and rising hip hop artist Thutmose, both of whom we were lucky to catch at SXSW earlier this year. The two combine talents to give us a frisky hip hop and funky soul jam named Run Wild, which comes off like a vivaciously cavorting combination of Pharrell, Outkast, and NVDES. You can watch the FIFA video game trailer, here. Run Wild is a whole lot of unbridled fun. It courses with infectious, untamed energy. 

June 16, 2017

If you’ve haven’t listened to PLS&TY’s sensational new original yet, be prepared to be awestruck. The Florida producer, who apparently spends time in California now too, goes tribal worldbeat on Run Wild, possibly his best track ever. And we’ve been with PLS&TY for a few years! He’s certainly raised the incredibly bar high with this innovative future bass and chill trap masterpiece. He sets our souls free and urges us to run wild ourselves with the grand swelling, lush verdurous dazzler. For a moment, we all feel like kings and queens of the jungle, unconfined and unrestrained by the banality of everyday life. Run Wild is a free download, here.