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May 30, 2018

You might recall Alec Benjamin as the gifted singer songwriter from Arizona who’s collaborated in the past with the likes of Jon Bellion, Matisyahu, Jamie Scott, and more. Or you might remember when we gushed fervently about his stripped down demo The Knife in My Back or ardently extolled the wistful beauty of End Of The Summer. Now we find ourselves sighing away to Alec Benjamin’s new single, Let Me Down Slowly, an R&B pop infused ballad brimming with lovelorn anguish but flush with resilient beats and a bass grooving cadence. That’s right, there’s no forgetting Alec Benjamin once he’s serenaded us with his vibing tunes, whether intimately stripped back or awash with rhythmic instruments. There’s no escaping his remarkable voice, delivered so effortlessly and with heartfelt sentiment. If there’s anyone you need to “let down slowly”, make sure to play them this song; it’ll smooth out the ongoing rough patch. Stream more of Alec Benjamin’s songs and demos on Soundcloud, here. Let Me Down Slowly is available, here.

May 30, 2018

Scarlet Pleasure has without a doubt been our favorite Danish upstart since the trio first swooned us with their satiny twisting R&B pop on Deja Vu last year. The breakout project has since captured hearts aplenty with their 2017 EP Lagune, and they’ve finally unveiled their first new music of 2018 in slick romping, whimsically capering Mind, which you can stream via its music video above, as well as a sultry simmering jam named Let Go, which can be previewed via Soundcloud below. Mind is a sleek cruising treat that showcases Emil Goll’s silky crooning and the band’s innovative pop, ever so gently checkered with balmy sweltering R&B, funk, and soul. It’s a smooth lurcher of a luscious bop whose video was directed by Scarlet Pleasure themselves, alongside Stine 

Thorbøll and DolceRocca. Their new songs are out now on Copenhagen Records. 

May 14, 2018

In case you missed it last week, here’s the latest song Wet unveiled from their forthcoming album Still Run. Beautiful brittle and crystalline R&B pop washes over us as we dissolve into the Brooklyn-based duo’s gently grooving, breezy twirling Lately, which comes with an intimate lo-fi video. New 10 track album Still Run arrives July 13th on Columbia. You can pre-order the album, here. I can’t wait for them to hit the road for their tour this summer, which will bring them to the Independent in San Francisco for two nights in June.

May 11, 2018

I’m not sure how you’re supposed to pronounce rx Soul’s name, but the “rx” in the moniker tends to remind me of pharmacy prescriptions. Perhaps that’s what the LA based artist was going for… prescription soul, or aural balm the heart needs to get over the anguish of heartbreak and longing. rx Soul first offered up such an elixir when he made their debut with All The Way There earlier this year. And now the blooming talent is back with his fourth single, Pilldreams, a stunnin collaboration with hip hop artist INDICA. Pilldreams’ nebulous atmosphere and slow simmering R&B soul is punctuated with swanky guitar curls. It’s a woozy swooning sonic medication that seemingly alternates between The Weeknd’s dark sensual R&B and Opia’s torrid simmering R&B funk, all shrouded in a sea of thick purling haze. rx Soul states of the track: “I wrote this song for all the times I’ve found myself tempted to "take a pill” to solve a problem instead of investigating and addressing the root of the issue. Self-medication can mean a lot of different things for me, and whatever shape it comes in it can be hard to recognize, much less fight off. Pilldreams is just two sides of that same fight.“ Pilldreams can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

May 10, 2018

It’s been a year since Danish singer songwriter and producer Goss released acclaimed edbut EP Healthcare. How do you kick off a fresh round of music and touring when you’re as gifted as this captivating artist? By dropping a song like “These Days. I Don’t Know”, of course! The artist, who’s a renowned trailblazer in Denmark’s rising alt-pop scene, melds balmy pop and sultry R&B on the eclectic and intricate song. His waxy smooth voice glides soulfully over an ever shifting and morphing tapestry of ornate electronic elements and complex drum-work. Goss has also announced his biggest run of European tour dates yet, supporting SOHN on five shows in five countries followed by three major Danish shows. Stream/download his new single, here.

May 9, 2018

It’s been a wild ride, watching Gallant’s meteoric rise, none of it surprising considering the man’s exceptional vocal talent and insanely passionate delivery. Last month, the Grammy nominated artist returned with dark seductive Gentleman, and now he’s followed it up with an R&B pop track named Doesn’t Matter, marked by a lighter, airier sound that’s far more upbeat than many of his previous ballads. It’s his first official single of the year, out on Mind of a Genius / Warner Brothers, and it paves the path for the arrival of Gallant’s second full length album, one of the year’s most anticipated offerings. Gallant announced a new North American tour with Jamilia Woods the other day that will take place this fall. Stream/download Doesn’t Matter, here.

May 8, 2018

Aww yeah, I knew we’d be in for some new Jungle soon considering the collective’s recent touring activities, and here we are, with not one but two new jams (and videos) from the funk and soul loving Londoners! Happy Man and House In LA are our first new Jungle tunes since the band lit us on fire with their 2014 self-titled debut album. Hopefully, this means their sophomore album is arriving soon, and a new expansive tour is on its way, since I had to miss their stop in San Francisco a few weeks back. Happy Man is classic Jungle, a funky strutting, soulful swaggering affair. It’s lavish and opulent, dashing and suave. House In LA, however, bucks the usual Jungle pizzazz for a heady and sleek, dreamy and warped shimmer, kind of like James Vincent McMorrow gone psychedelic plush whilst enveloped by Radiohead’s orchestral electronica. While Happy Man might be the immediately hooking song out of the two, there’s no doubt House In LA is my favorite and the most brilliant offering. Happy Man and House In LA are both available now from XL Recordings, here and here, respectively.

April 30, 2018

Ah, Zanski and that slinky burning drawl… It melts me to the core every time I listen to one of his tunes. I guess you could say I’m a “fool’ for Fool, but in a good way. The electro-soul and R&B funk swooner is the Canadian artist’s latest exhibition of fine musicality and expert delivery, a Jai Paul meets Opia and RKCB sort of gooey, moody sonic courter. It’s a new taste from Zanski’s forthcoming EP, Derivative Emotion, arriving next month. You can also jam out to Fool on Spotify, here.

April 19, 2018

Three years, that’s how long we’ve been impatiently waiting for new music from one of our long time favorites, forward-thinking songwriting and production genius Ben Khan. Oh, how we’ve missed his funky blues and soulful R&B, his ever scintillating electronica and sultry smoldering guitars, which have drawn comparisons to the great Jai Paul many times over. And boy does he make a style crushing return on 2000 Angels, a slinky burning swooner, which comes with news of a full length album expected to arrive this summer. 2000 Angels is an intensive affair, a pressurized, hedonistic eruption of passion and desire. It’s glorious, to say the least, and you can watch its music video below. If they don’t use 2000 Angels in a Victoria’s Secret commercial at some point, I’ll be very disappointed in the lingerie brand known for being on point with their musical choices. Visit Ben Khan’s new website for his debut album, The Foundation, here.

April 19, 2018

A new discovery I came across earlier today stopped me in my tracks. I was trying to listen to music through one earbud only, since I had to listen out for some day job alerts, but I immediately sat straight up in my seat and popped in the other earbud, too. Bones & Bridges, though fresh on the scene, are respected songwriters and hitmakers from Toronto. They’ve worked with Drake on his single Too Good, as well as Alessia Cara’s massive hit Here. But now they’ve embarked on a new path, and it’s obviously going to be a quick rise for the pair as they deliver magnificent debut single Reveries. Dermot Kennedy meets Bastille on the glorious anthem. Their emotive vocals and an expert coalescence of gritty soul, alt electro and R&B pop on the song are but a taste of what the pair have in store for us in the next several months. Bones & Bridges is available via major outlets, here