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May 24, 2018

I still recall the first time I encountered Sacramento’s Death Grips and having to pick my jaw straight off the floor after finding myself entangled in the sheer violence of their rampaging experimental hip hop. It was well over seven years ago, and I Heart Moosiq was a but a baby then. I quickly hopped on the blog to rave near incoherently about how strangely addictive and wildly scintillating they were. And some of the comments were quite appreciative of the post. One fan was glad Death Grips was finally getting recognized for their groundbreaking, trailblazing music. Since then, Death Grips has become a much acclaimed sensation, always pushing boundaries and breaking barriers with their ominous music, described as some as industrial hip hop or digital hardcore. They’re known for being a phenomenal live act, and they’ve had their share of “are they breaking up or not” disputes over the years on venerated sites like Pitchfork and more. Death Grips’ wicked new song Flies lead us into that reverie, and we’re more than eager to share the hypnotically turbulent, visceral heaving track, a corrosive taste from their next album Year of the Snitch. For updates regarding that next full length, you can check Death Grips’ enigmatic site, here.


October 2, 2012

It wasn’t long ago that Sacramento noise rappers Death Grips dropped their debut album The Money Store. At the time, they promised another album would be hot on the heels of the first breakthrough, eccentric, scene making album. Sure enough, they made NO LOVE DEEP WEB available on the web today though the actual album release date is still unknown. The day was filled with controversy and a lot of confusing news about the new album, as their record label took Death Grips’ website down for sharing the album and making it available for free download. Yet, the thing is still available via other links and means, including in totality on Death Grips’ soundcloud. So here ya go, stream the thing below. It may or may not be your cup of tea, but these guys have been making big waves with what they’re doing. As I always say about Death Grips, keep an open mind, and you might find the brilliance within. The experimental hip hop they make is genius, though sometimes very grating and angry. But that’s all a part of the package. And what a package it is. Hmm, it really is experimental Monday, isn’t it? 😉 The artwork shown is a censored version. I have no idea what the uncensored version looks like, but it’s supposed to be very shocking and extremely NSFW (not surprising for Death Grips). Has anyone seen the uncensored artwork? What’s under that big black bar, or do I want to know??? I also wonder what’s going to happen between Death Grips and their label Epic…