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OFFICIAL VID: Glass Candy – Halloween

October 31, 2011

glass candy

Let’s get back to the dark Halloween theme with Glass Candy’s new track Halloween! The track mixes darkness, playfulness and a great, hooky synth filled melody! This isn’t just some tacky play on today; this is good. I can also hear this being sampled for good Halloween rap. Is that possible? Quality Halloween rap? Hmm. Yes. It is. Someone do it. 

Bonus Within and Without track

October 31, 2011

washed out

Been awhile since I’ve posted about chillwave talent Washed Out and his highly acclaimed album Within and Without. Turns out the iTunes edition had a great bonus track (meh, I don’t quite like that, but I guess it has to do with how popular of a medium iTunes is in the market, despite being one of the systems that compensates the artists the least). The bonus track is titled Call It Off, and it’s a perfect dose of more upbeat dream pop laden, yet still relaxing chillwave from artist Ernest Greene.
Washed Out – Call It Off by WeirdWorldRecordCo

Lisa Hannigan on NPR Music

October 31, 2011


The latest episode of NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert features Irish singer-songwriter Lisa Hannigan. The tracks are off her debut solo album and have been shared previously as the first previews of her new career separate from Damien Rice’s work. (Whoops she does have another album out already.. I was sort of thinking that but wasn’t sure and a bit tired and bogged down to check into it haha, thanks for the heads up on that) 

Setlist includes Knots, Little Bird and Passenger performed gorgeously in the quiet, intimate setting. I currently like the breathtaking and moving Little Bird the most out of the 3, but that will switch around, I’m sure.

CREEP remix of Green Knight

October 31, 2011


From a few short months ago, here’s the CREEP remix of Memory Tape’s Green Knight. I like it a lot. I’ve also included the much lighter and warmer original Green Knight cut below.

Memory Tapes – Green Knight (CREEP Remix) from OFFICIAL CREEP on Vimeo.

Halloween from FOE

October 31, 2011

FOE made a raw, acoustic video for a cover of Red Right Hand for Halloween, complete with some crazy makeup. Is that a huge VHS tape collection behind her? Wow… now THAT’S retro!

Imogen Heap’s Thriller

October 31, 2011

imogen heap

A couple years ago, on BBC Radio, the lovely Imogen Heap covered Thriller, and she just uploaded it on soundcloud today. There are endless, countless covers of the legendary track. This one is most definitely one of the prettier, more fluid ones, with a solo piano frolicking along with the heavenly vocals.
Thriller (Live) by imogenheap

October 31, 2011

And here’s one more new GuMMy†Be▲R track, Totems. Witch housing it!


October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! Hope you all had a rad time celebrating (if you’re from America). Tonight’s the actual All Hallowed Eve, so I’ll do a few posts in celebration of that, starting with this great, new GuMMy†Be▲R track Above Them, followed by a couple more goodies. Caught a bit of the local talent’s set live on Friday. Trick or treat! I pick treat. Musical treat!


October 29, 2011

A promise made is a promise kept when it comes from me. So here’s your super witch house post I said I would do earlier, even though I’m running a little short on time. This is a super duper draggy mix from Salem lasting about 43 minutes. Starts out really creepy. Ongoing listen as I get ready to go catch Salem live along with Tearist, GuMMy†BeAR, WhITCH, DIALS, and some others at a free show tonight (yes, FREE). Should be interesting and my first LIVE WITCH HOUSE experience. Looking forward to it. No idea what the set times are for all of them and if I could last till super late (if I get tired I might even miss some Salem since I presume Salem is last). We’ll seeeee… 

So, yes, super witchy mix for you. No track listing for this. The first 3 minutes so far might be a little too noise oriented creepiness for me… I prefer the slightly more melodic, droning, hazy stuff from Salem, which I’m sure will kick in soon. The hip hop draggy stuff is great too (as can be found in a lot of this stuff). Early Happy Halloween! I’m ready to be creeped out! 

UPDATE: Yep, wait till you get futher in and it gets far more interesting and enjoyable, and I can’t imagine live how it actually FEELS with the subs blasting.


October 29, 2011

Keep Shelly in Athens’ DIY premiered on Stereogum earlier. The duo really are from Greece, but I have no idea if one of them is named Shelly. This is some good electro dream pop and I do like the vocals. 

keep shelly in athens