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OFFICIAL VID: Dana Buoy – Call To Be

May 31, 2012

I totally gravitated towards the sounds in this indie pop tune when I first shared it. The same thing is happening again as I watch and listen to the new music video for Call To Be, the first single from Dana Janssen, the percussionist for Akron/Family. The song is just so uplifting and cheerful. It’s off of Dana Buoy’s solo project album Summer Bodies. Call To Be is definitely worth listening to while cruising with the top or windows down on a sunny day. Or while jogging!

OFFICIAL VID: Julia Holter – Our Sorrows

May 31, 2012

Talented Los Angeles musician Julia Holter dropped a new video for us today. Our Sorrows is directed by Galaxie 500’s Naomi Yang. In the creation of the video, Ms. Yang stated she “was intrigued by the lyric in the chorus: ‘If you call out, I will follow.’” The beautiful track itself is from Julia Holter’s current album Ekstasis. It’s a mysterious and haunting indie electronic folk tune that leaves goosebumps on your skin by the end of the track.

OFFICIAL VID: Marina and the Diamonds – Power & Control

May 31, 2012

Not everyone has been particularly happy about the music on Marina and the Diamonds’ new album Electra Heart, as some of it has been super bubble gum-ish. The acoustic versions of some songs have sometimes sounded better than the album cuts, but remember to give the songs a good listening to as there’s a lot more there than you first realize. Here’s a brand new video from Marina Diamandis for single Power & Control. Yes, her music can tend to sound like Gaga or Britney at times, but theres an underlying darkness and vocal range/ability that you can’t easily find. 

OFFICIAL VID: Purity Ring – Belispeak

May 31, 2012

I’ve been a big proponent of Purity Ring’s music since I first discovered ‘em summer of last year. Single Belispeak is brilliant as heck, and now the wicked track has a video. The duo call their indie music “future pop”. Please do check it out if you haven’t listened yet. The duo finally have an upcoming debut album titled Shrines. It drops on July 24 via famed indie label 4AD. I’m going to pre-order. And I plan to see them live when I get the chance. Booyah.

OFFICIAL VID: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Never Go Back

May 31, 2012

Indie folk rockers Grace Potter & The Nocturnals have a seventh album lined up for release on June 12. Never Go Back is the lead single off The Lion, The Beast & the Beat. Here’s the spankin’ new video. Oh, and I love awesome cover artwork above! 

OFFICIAL VID: Manicanparty – Rebels in the Light

May 31, 2012

Hello, there! I just stumbled upon Manicanparty, and this sounds pretty dang good! Manicanparty is an indie alternative pop duo from Minnesota (currently in Brooklyn, of course), consisting of singer songwriter Jessica Corazza and producer Patrick Morrissey. I love the infusion of African sounds in this debut single, Rebels in the Light. Ms. Corazza’s vocals are crystal clear and lovely. Good find, good find. I look forward to hearing much more from them.

In the meantime, here’s one other tune I could find, titled Monarch. And it’s a good one, folks! The upbeat sound and interesting jungle-y instrumentals are awesome. The tune is borderline electropop and sounds more like something from Sweden or some other Scandinavian location. Watch out for this duo!!!

New Twin Shadow and a lil news for NYC folks

May 31, 2012

Hey all you New Yorkers, on June 18, Twin Shadow’s video for a brand new song Five Seconds will be premiering in Times Square! Then he’ll do a free live show right afterwards! Wow, that’s pretty huge, good job, Twin Shadow! If that isn’t sign that he’s rising in popularity, then what is? Five Seconds is a great new wave-y synthpoppy dreamy song off Twin Shadow’s upcoming new album Confess. Stream it free below or download by signing up your email. It’s an earworm. Can’t wait for good remixes! Five Seconds bodes very well for the new LP.

Lana Del Rey tracks

May 31, 2012

Whoa, there’s a crapload of stuff going on with Lana Del Rey in the machine today. TONS. There are unreleased tracks recorded during the Born 2 Die sessions that didn’t make it on the album. Then there’s the news that LDR released her first studio album titled Sirens under the name May Jailer a long time ago, and the tracks are available online as well. Whooo… deep breath… here we go… First, stream the decent but not spectacular unreleased tracks, of which Children of the Revolution is probably the best one. After that, stream the 16 Sirens tracks which I’ve compiled into a playlist below. Her soothing May Jailer work is very acoustic, sweet, and simple; it’s incredibly haunting, beautiful stuff, though a few of the songs start to sound too similar after awhile. I think I just fell in love with Lizzy Grant all over again and really enjoy this other side of her. I wonder how many other names and alter-egos she went through in her many years of hard work (haters shush, see?). Big thank you to DanndyGarbage’s youtube channel.

BLOC PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 31, 2012

I woke up to an email from Bloc Party’s mailing list. I’ll share what was in the email. I’m sure the other Bloc Party fans on here all saw it already by now. We’ve been waiting for a long time. One. Last. Thing… *ahem*… YAYAYYAYAYAYAYYYYAYYY!!!!! OK, now that that’s over with, here goes:


Greetings Bloc-lings. As you may have heard, we’ve been beavering away over the winter working on a new record, and now that the parks and back-gardens have finally broken into glorious sunshine, we can seasonably announce its birth upon the world.

‘Four’ came together in a series of back-to-basics writing sessions in New York between November and April, and was skilfully guided, produced and mixed by the patient hands and ears of Alex Newport during two blocks of recording at New York’s Stratosphere this spring.

Watch the album trailer:

The album is available to pre-order now in four different formats:

Standard CD Jewel Case with 16 page booklet

Limited Edition CD Digipack with 2x bonus tracks and 32 page booklet

Picture Disc 12" Vinyl Including download code for the album

Heavyweight 12" Vinyl Includes a CD of the album

For prices, information and to pre-order visit

From Kele’s Blog, perhaps some of the most transparent info we’ve gotten from them (boy, they sure had fun playing us):

hello internet.

we have just finished mixing our new record. i am very proud of it. it is the best thing that we have ever done and finishing this record has taken us on quite a journey.

there have been babies, breakdowns, tantrums and hospitalisations but its finally here. we started making this record in NY in the winter of 2011. we didn’t want to let the world know so we told a lie that got out of hand but it made us laugh in the process, which brought us closer together.

we could have come clean from the get go but to be honest we had no idea if anything was going to come out of these sessions. there was a big question mark over whether bloc party were ever going to make another record again. we were exhausted and bored and distant from one another. so in 2010 we all did our own thing, gordon had a baby, russell joined ash, matt built a studio in his basement with his bare hands and i moved to new york to finish a book that i had been writing for the last 3 years.

after my solo record i wanted to have a year without music in a different part of the world. i had four records with me, led zeppelin 4, deftones white pony, nicki minaj’s mix tape beam me up scotty and al green’s greatest hits and that was enough. i just wanted to drift and watch the world from a distance and i truly had intended to switch off but then 2011 happened; in terms of global history, the most dramatic year i have experienced in my entire life. it became impossible to switch off from the world when it seemed history was rewriting itself day after day. so i did what i always try to do to make sense of the world, i started writing lyrics and something became clear to me, i needed to put my band back together, i missed my friends. even though i had made a record by myself i missed the way that my band worked, how little improvisations and suggestions would then go on to spark other ideas in me like wildfire. being in bloc party always forced me to think on my feet.

it turns out that everyone had been feeling the same way so we arranged to decamp to NY and start writing our fourth record and in that time it became clear to us that the only reason to be in this band was to make the sort of music that only the four of us could make.

in the past we have tried to hide the passion with which we perform, tried to obscure it, manipulate it so it didn’t resemble us anymore. we have learnt a lot from those years but we feel with this record we have to move forward, we have to challenge ourselves by not relying on protools or the invisible grid that seems to be mapping out all of popular music these days. we have to push ourselves to the limit of our abilities or else there is no point in carrying on.

in the past there has been so much written about what our records have meant, so much context and back story but i am adamant that this time these songs will stand on their own. this record is the sound of four people in a room, loving what they do and doing it to the best of their ability. it is the sound that only the four of us could make and i am prouder of it than any record we have ever made.

and just in case you were wondering, the name of this record is four


31. May 2012


Album release date: 8-21-12

OFFICIAL VID: Andrew Bird – Eyeoneye

May 31, 2012

The video for Andre Bird’s Eyeoneye is a psychedelic animated piece, visually representing the breaking of his heart. The song is one you’ve probably heard before as it’s made some fine rounds since the release of album Break It Yourself. The folk influenced indie rock piece is certainly a catchy tune and grows a lot with well deserved repeat listens.