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May 22, 2018

DEAD2ME wasn’t what I expected to hear from Robokid when I was first afforded a generous preview of the track earlier this month, but I soon found myself marveling over the Los Angeles producer’s versatile talent and the song’s gripping alt sound. We’re witness to an incredible paradigm shift as Robokid captivates us with a superbly catching tune whose pulsing cadence and gritty vocals evoke The Chainsmokers’ recent music, or twentyone pilots and Blink-182 gone electro. The producer explains: 

in this song i was trying 2 capture my feelings when losing touch with friends whether or not it was by choice or beyond control..i hope it makes u feel some type of way.” It’s a rather poignant and familiar topic. Robokid creates an intimate sense of rapport as he takes us on a whirlwind ride with his dashing new alt electro track. Watch the lyric video for DEAD2ME below. The single is available on all major services, here.

April 13, 2018

A trifecta of Moving Castle associated luminaries unite on Peanut Butter, a fresh and funky hip hop and electro frolic with much booty shaking verve. Los Angeles producers AObeats and Robokid team up with versatile artist Mark Johns on the slick bouncing, hypnotic cantering treat. Throwback vibes and sweet nostalgia abound as the trio bring us back to the early 2000′s with the crunchy swerving tune, which can be found on AObeats’ glorious new pilot mixtape, a must listen and a guest talent studded spectacular, here. Peanut Butter is available, here.

January 26, 2018

A flurry of phenomenal EPs dropped last Friday, including a can’t miss five track release from Los Angeles producer Robokid. Apart is in no way “robotic” despite Robokid’s chosen musical pseudonym. EP track Worth It showcases Robokid’s grasp on the sentimental, finely balanced with the thrilling and vibrant in terms of the song’s elastic jouncing rhythm and crisp production. It’s a song well worth your time, a fresh and unique approach on future beats and house. You can stream his Apart EP in full on Soundcloud, here. Support via other platforms, here.

December 21, 2017

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only five days away. Thank goodness I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping, though I’ve yet to wrap all the presents I bought. Let’s ring in some Christmas cheer and merry mirth with a seasonal present from trendsetting collective and esteemed record label Moving Castle. Though Joy is a collaboration involving versatile artist Mark Johns and charismatic electro/hip hop talent BLAISE, the dreamy melodious, jazzy snug song was produced by AObeats and Roget Chahayed. It also features additional vocals by SATICA, Madi, SAKIMA, and Robokid, with artwork by Robokid. Joy is a super stacked Moving Castle all-star affair, a mahogany flavored infusion of chill hip hop, pellucid R&B soul, and twinkling future beats. The song goes hand in hand with everything we love about Christmas, be it a warm fire, a glass of creamy eggnog, or plenty of cuddling with your boo. Naughty or nice, we all get to treasure this Joy. For those of you who are lucky enough to be in Southern California on January 27th, you can catch an incredible roster of Moving Castle talent live at Moving Castle World, tickets and more info can be found, here.

November 22, 2017

It still stings that I missed Tei Shi when she made an intimate appearance at Popscene last month. The last time I saw this long time IHM-lauded Brooklyn by way of Argentina chanteuse perform was at SXSW back in March, and it left me with with an insatiable need to see her belt our her sensually smoldering songs again, as Tei Shi shows tend to always do, especially as driven by that exceptional voice. But for a few minutes, all regret is forgotten as we re-visit her Crawl Space single Say You Do via a sterling remix by Robokid. The producer injects the smooth grooving pop ballad with a massive dose of bass rumbling, dramatic swerving energy on his riveting dance remix. Dark dramatic synths prowl its dynamic soundscape alongside Tei Shi’s beautifully searing voice. You can watch the music video for the original via YouTube, here. Tei Shi’s acclaimed debut album Crawl Space is available, here.

September 7, 2017

Moving Castle’s immense roster of talent seems to expand by the day as Los Angeles by way of Chicago newcomer REGN “takes us to the water” with her debut electropop single, WATR. There, we drink in her effervescent electro pop, a choppy blustering brew, in divine bliss. WATR’s twilight electronica and crisp crystalline pop is autumnal cool yet summer airy and a fine first encounter with the artist and songwriter, whose name, REGN, is pronounced like the 40th U.S. president. On production and co-writing duties are other Moving Castle favorites of ours, SAKIMA and Robokid. WATR is the perfect transitional track to take us from summer into fall with its shadowy lightness. REGN says of her debut: “‘WATR’ is about the extremes of love, being so fascinated with your lover that you lose sight of yourself. ‘WATR’ is a song for the hopeless romantics that get in too deep. It’s dark, but in a good way.” Aside from working with Robokid and SAKIMA, REGN has also been collaborating with the likes of Hoodboi and Felix Snow in the studio. We’ll be looking forward to hearing those treats. In the meantime, stream/purchase WATR, here.

May 28, 2016

I suppose it’s a very Moving Castle sort of Friday, and a magnificent one at that. We bounce from Manila Killa’s gorgeous new original in our prior post to an unexpected but much sublime surprise, a Tegan and Sara remix by LA’s Robokid. There’s no doubt that the twin sisters’ hit song Boyfriend is one of the catchiest pop tunes of the year. Robokid gives the bittersweet anthem a massive makeover. This Boyfriend is bouncy and bold, frisky and playful. It’s the perfect dose of hyperactive energy to kick off the epic long weekend ahead of us. The bright, colorful, and splashy remix is as dazzling as it is dizzying. Best thing? There’s no caffeine crash afterwards, and you can ride this roller coaster again right away, no lines. You can even bring your boyfriend or girlfriend with you too, they’ll love you for it. Robokid’s remix comes as part of the official Boyfriend remix package that just dropped today. 

April 23, 2016

If you watched the cinematic trailer Coachella released earlier this month to advertise their live stream of the festival, then you’ve already received a much blissful preview of 23. But that little appetizer is nothing compared to experience Robokid’s masterpiece in full, something we’re fortunate enough to be able to do now that the Moving Castle collective co-founder and East Coast production wizard has gifted us a full stream of the song. 23 is an instrumental beauty, its light airiness building up to epic peaks of cathartic enlightenment. Dreamy ethereal yet profoundly meditative 23 alleviates some of the FOMO I’ve been experiencing here at home while others have been enjoying Coachella. I close my eyes, and Robokid takes me on a magnificent journey across the deserts and valleys hidden within my own mind and soul. Watch the aforementioned Coachella live stream trailer soundtracked by 23 below.

December 17, 2015

Moving Castle dropped their Your Love Remix EP yesterday, a free download that includes three magnificent remixes of Alizzz’s Your Love, featuring Max Marshall. While I shared a beautiful remix by Manila Killa yesterday, I also promised I’d be back with more off the remix EP today. You see, every remix off that EP is just too good not to share. Today, we’ll submerge ourselves in the fizzy suds and bubbly effervescence of Los Angeles based producer ROBOKID’s Your Love. Get ready for dizzying amounts of sugary sweet vigor and youthful playfulness on this magical trap & electro flip. Don’t miss the spellbinding rolling and clanging percussive bridge. Download the full Your Love Remixes EP for free, here.

August 6, 2015

It’s a Moving Castle star studded affair on Robokid, AObeats, and Manila Killa’ Helix 2.0, featuring Blaise Railey (FKA Desktop), which also happens to be the collective’s first official single on iTunes, so some well deserved congratulations are in order! Frankly, I’m floored that this is their first on iTunes, not being an iTunes user myself and having been taken to music heaven so many times over by Moving Castle releases this past year. Helix 2.0 is similarly coded in divine sonic DNA, a bubbly and effervescent track named after Robokid’s Helix. Hip hop, pop, and chill trap melodically twinkle and whirl around each other in a playful, contagious dance of future bass resplendence. Purchase the glimmering gem on iTunes.