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June 30, 2017

Noah Kahan’s new single may be named Hallelujah, but no, it’s not yet another cover of Leonard Cohen’s timeless classic, though I’d imagine this singer songwriter from Strafford, Vermont could turn in an exquisite cover of said song. Hallelujah is a tender lifting, radiant stirring alt pop ballad, on which the Noah Kahan once again reminds me of a cross between James Bay and James Blunt. A bit of soul, a touch of blues, a sliver of folk, and plenty of earnest sincerity and gentle melting emotion endow the 20 year old artist’s latest moving gem. Hallelujah arrives days after the release of Noah Kahan’s new video for Young Blood, which can be watched here. That single debuted at #5 on Spotify’s US Viral Chart earlier this year, so it’s safe to say Noah Kahan is well on his way to an illustrious career, particularly now that he’s unleashed Hallelujah onto the world. 

June 30, 2017

UK four piece Luna Bay caught the attention of my colleague Nick while I was away traveling last fall with their second single Smoke and Mirrors. I was quite enamored with the driving pop rock anthem when I returned and checked on what Nick had been sharing in my absence. I get the pleasure of sharing Luna Bay’s third single today, and Hometown is even more infectious than their last. It’s a summer plucky, coastal bluesy alt rock jam that sounds like early guitar-centric Two Door Cinema Club crossed with either Sundara Karma or Catfish and the Bottlemen’s anthemic rock energy. Luna Bay will be playing a number of  festivals this summer including Y Not and Truck Festival as well as announcing fall tour dates soon. Keep a close watch on these lads.

June 30, 2017

New Orleans new wavey indie pop duo Generationals gets beachy on their latest single, Mythical, the perfect jangler for summer. Its infectious beats and dreamy ooh wee oohs are reminiscent of The Drums, if The Drums were around in the 80′s. There’s also a very yacht rock feel to the guitar pop tune too, a la Vampire Weekend. The waterfront setting in much of Mythical’s music video enhances that effect. Mythical can also be streamed via Spotify, here. For more of Generationals’ recent new singles, stream on Spotify, here.

June 30, 2017


ID10T Music Festival + Comic Conival 06.24.17

interviewed by Nick

We’d like to thank Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist and producer Gryffin for taking the time to speak with us after his killer ID10T Festival set and after coming off a tiring weekend of closing out stages at Fire Fly Music Festival and EDC Las Vegas.

GRYFFIN: My (EDC) set was at 4:30am. I had the sunrise set and I had just come from Firefly Music Festival the night before.

IHM: So you flew across the country.

GRYFFIN: Yeah, it was really intense. It was fun though. It was so late though. I got into Vegas, soundchecked in the afternoon, and we didn’t sleep from the night before from closing the dance tent there, and I had to sleep or else I’m not going to be energetic at all for this 4:30 set. So I didn’t get to see anyone. I bailed the next day. Well, I saw a little bit of Slushii, but that’s because he was on right before me. Man, it was so hot.

IHM: When I came back from EDC to the Bay Area, I was thinking it’s going to be cooler weather. But it was still like 100 degrees over here.

GRYFFIN: Oh yeah, wasn’t there recently a pretty extreme heat wave.

IHM: Today’s basically the first day that’s cooled down. We’re thankful it’s only low 80s finally.

GRYFFIN: My parents were talking about that too. They were saying it was like 95 degrees here.

IHM: Like I said, not much of a change from Vegas. Was that your first EDC experience?

GRYFFIN: It was my first one. Well, I guess I’ve done the other. I did EDC Japan, so I guess the big one really is the Vegas one so I’d consider it my first one. It was freakin’ awesome. I always heard that you know EDC is going to be crazy but I didn’t really understand it from a production stand point. How many people actually show up and go to it. I don’t know. You kind of have to go and experience it to understand how big it is.

IHM: I remember our first time seeing you was at SnowGlobe.

GRYFFIN: That was actually my first live show that I had ever done and it was literally like minus 5 degrees outside. And I’m like trying to play the guitar and I can’t even feel my fingers on the fret board. And this is … if I can make it through this then I can make it through the live shows any where else. Man, it feels like such a long time ago, but I love that festival and I love Tahoe.


IHM: So you play a bunch of instruments. Were you self-taught or how did you learn?

GRYFFIN: Em, well, kind of. I started taking classical piano lessons when I was seven. I played all the way through high school. In that sense, I wasn’t self taught. I learned classical music playing Mozart and all that kind of stuff. Maybe when I was 11 or 12 I was getting really into rock music. Ironically Weezer, maybe we’ll see them here tonight (at ID10T Music Festival), and that kind of music. I decided I wanted to start jamming, playing guitar and with friends, and that was self taught by just looking online for tabs and videos on how to play guitar and stuff. Then in high school I’d jam around with friends. So that’s really where all the music kind of came from. 

Then as I got to college that’s when I really started to get into dance music. I remember listening to Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers and that kind of stuff, and I was into it, but it wasn’t until I got to school that I got into the big players like Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, when he was coming up. And I remember the first time hearing Skrillex, it was like, “oh my gosh, what is this music?” It’s so insane, it’s so futuristic sounding, and that’s when I decided I should try to make it just for fun.

IHM: Would you go to a bunch of shows?

GRYFFIN: Yeah I did. I would go to the shows at The Shrine, HARD Day of the Dead…

IHM: So basically all these SoCal shows?


IHM: And it’s pretty awesome, for music, in LA.

GRYFFIN: Yeah it is. For that scene it was bubbling at that time, I mean it still is, but it was cool going to Together As One. I went to Coachella. I remember being at Coachella when DeadMau5 revealed his mask that lit up for the first time. I was in the crowd thinking, “Oh my God, this is insane.” That was when I was like, “I want to try and do this.” Not as a career necessarily, it was that same mentality as in high school where I just wanted to make music.

IHM: Well you still have White Panda don’t you?

GRYFFIN: I’m not part of it anymore. I don’t talk about that too much. That was really where everything started, making mash-ups in college. Then I realized I wanted to do more than make sample based music, because, I know how to play instruments. I want to make music and I don’t want to just sample stuff. That was how the Gryffin project spawned.

IHM: Gryffin is obviously a play on your name, but does it symbolize anything to you. Are you a big Harry Potter fan?

GRYFFIN: Hahaha, I wasn’t at the time but I am now. My girlfriend is a huge Harry Potter fan. And I’m glad I picked the good one, GRYFFINDOR right? It’s not like I was Slytherin or anything. But yeah, I based the name off… well it is my last name, but a griffin is a mythical creature. It’s majestic, and since it’s a half eagle it conveys a lot of flight, uplifting, soaring type of energy themes. That’s what I try to do with my music is make it uplifting and beautiful, kind of a sort of floating feeling. That’s why I went with this creature, because I love everything that it represents and the mythology behind it. It just felt like a good fit.

IHM: And with your Flight Log mixes, that’s perfect.

GRYFFIN: EXACTLY. I’m still trying to figure out the debut name of my EP. I still want to keep the aviation flight theme going so if you guys have any ideas, let me know. I’m going to bring back the Flight Logs this summer actually. I’ve been getting a lot of flack from fans about it, “it’s been a year dude, like come on.”

IHM: I’ve been telling my friends too, “At least he did a Night Owl Radio mix”.

GRYFFIN: I did do that! But I want to do another Flight Log because I have a lot of new music I want to put on there. A lot of remixes of the singles and stuff. And that’s definitely going to come this summer.


IHM: How far along are you with that EP?

GRYFFIN: It’s almost done. So it’s three of the singles that have already come out and three brand new singles. I actually played one of them tonight, or a snippet of it. But they’re basically done from the production stand point. I got to find a vocalist for one of them.

IHM: How do you go about that? Do you hear a voice and you’re like, “I got to have that”?

GRYFFIN: Yeah, at this point in the record, the production and the songwriting is finished. It’s just the singer, she’s a songwriter and she has no aspirations to be an artist. She just wants to be behind the scenes, which I totally respect, but she’s got an amazing voice. It sucks because she sounds amazing on the record. Now I’m trying to reach out and talk with other artists and getting them to take their impression of the song and put their own flavor to it and see if it’s the right vibe. So I’ve been doing a lot of sessions in LA when I’m not on tour. But it’s basically done and I’m hoping to put everything out in August.

IHM: So have you started reaching out to people asking them to remix certain songs?

GRYFFIN: Actually, no. Not for the new records. But the ‘Feel Good’ remix package is coming out next week, which there are some really good remixes out there.

IHM: Do you get in contact with artists or they reach out to you to do a remix?

GRYFFIN: It kind of goes both ways. So half the remix EP was people that reached out to me or cold submitted it and I just loved them. And the other half, I personally asked Crankdat, I personally asked Brooks, and they have really sick remixes.

IHM: Great! So we’re here at ID10T fest, and it kind of feels weird that it’s comics and music put together. It kind of feels like a segregated crowd.

GRYFFIN: Yeah, it was definitely a bit eclectic. I was talking with Hugo earlier and they were asking me right as I got off if it was alright. And, you guys are right. It is segregated where some people came here for the comedy but others came here for the music. But the fans that came here for the music are fans of all three of us (Gryffin, Jai Wolf, Madeon). 15 minutes into the set I look back to David who’s doing video and I’m like, “Yo, this is pretty lit. People are really into this right now.” It ended up being… and I didn’t want to downplay the festival, but the crowd was awesome and Jai Wolf and I were saying the hospitality’s been really good by the festival.

IHM: Jai Wolf is playing right after you. At Lollapalooza you guys are doing an after party together.

GRYFFIN: Hell yeah!

IHM: How does that come about?

GRYFFIN: We’ve been homies for awhile. We have the same agent, and when I was living in New York he was living in Long Island, and I went over to his house several times. We kind of just became friends. That whole crew of Manila Killa, Louis The Child, Jai … I’m like super tight with all them now. I love seeing them and doing stuff with them.

IHM: You’re friends with Brett [Blackman] right? (URL2IRL CEO/founder, mgmt Moving Castle for AOBeats, Manila Killa, SAKIMA, Hotel Garuda)

GRYFFIN: Yes! I love Brett!

IHM: Brett is awesome!

GRYFFIN: He is the man. I’m going to see him in LA. Manila has a show at El Rey Theatre in like a week. I haven’t seen Brett in months.

IHM: I’m going to see Manila Killa at The Regency Ballroom on July 8th.

GRYFFIN: Yeah! It’s going to be amazing. I love Chris (Manila Killa), dude. I would honestly say he’s one of my closest friends out of producers. He’s a really good person.

IHM: I love watching him on stage, even when he’s not performing. He’s a really good hype man.

GRYFFIN: But yeah, Jai [Wolf] and I were briefly talking about what kind of production we wanted for that. It should be a really fun show.

IHM: Can we expect any b2b?

GRYFFIN: I’m going to start off the night, then he’ll come on. Depending on how the vibe is we may come on together. We just want to make it a fun vibe because we’re homies outside of music.

Gryffin is looking forward to time off next month. He’ll be spending it in the studio working on new music and preparing for his tour this fall. He’s also released an official remix today for Kygo & Ellie Goulding’s First Time, which can be streamed via Spotify, here. Watch the video for his latest original with Illenium, Feel Good, featuring Daya, below.

We had a great time chatting with one of our favorite artists, a versatile songwriter, dexterous musician, and captivating performer. His scintillating live performance in the Mad Decent dance tent at Chris Hardwick’s ID10T Music Festival + Comic Conival was colossal. Thank you, Gryffin!

You can catch Gryffin’s live set at Lollapalooza in August. We’ll be on the look out for further details regarding his tour later this year! 

Gryffin: WebsiteFacebook / Soundcloud / YouTube / Twitter

June 30, 2017

Fine new Arcade Fire tunes continue to roll out as the Grammy award winning band continues their “Everything Now” trek with new video and song Signs Of Life. “Everything Now Corp” has “taken over” the band’s socials as of late, and we’re now treated to another funky grooving jam that feels a bit like it’s from the Reflektor days, but with a late 70′s early 80′s ABBA feel that seems inherent in this new iteration of AF. Signs Of Life, which comes with a quirky paranormal investigation music video that seems to take the song quite literally, is our third taste from new album Everything Now, due out July 28th through “an exclusive 360-degree partnership with global media and e-commerce platform Everything Now, in synergy with Sony corporation.” Pre-order Everything Now, here.

June 30, 2017

Guys, guys! That rumored new St. Vincent just dropped! The visionary art rock/chamber pop musician and guitar virtuoso is back! And

Annie Clark’s gone beautifully and lavishly orchestral on New York. Yes, this is more classic strings and elegant piano chords Annie, and I do still miss the angular guitar Annie, but boy is this a majestic moving tune. You can find New York on iTunes, here. Also, St. Vincent is going on tour! Find out more, here. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. The tour is named Fear The Future. Could this be the title of her next album? Hopefully, a San Francisco date will be added to the tour in the coming weeks. 

June 30, 2017

There’s no doubt that WAAX is on the rise. Not only have they just sold out multiple stops on their forthcoming Wild & Weak EP tour back home in Australia, but they’re turning ears aplenty across the oceans, too. We couldn’t help but find the band’s coarse yet catchy, vehement and spunky alt rock irresistible late last year, and now we can listen to those songs on one EP altogether. Stream WAAX’s fierce compendium of anthems that is Wild & Weak on Soundcloud, here. The band recently released a rousing music video for the infectious title track which follows a middle aged woman on what can only be described as a bender of a night. It’s an allegory of sorts for the song about partying away one’s problems in the most spectacular fashion possible. Fans in Australia can find out more about WAXX’s Wild & Weak tour, here, but be quick or you’ll find yourself ticket-less. A limited edition yellow vinyl for WAAX’s Wild And Weak EP is available, here.

June 30, 2017

Indie rock and shoegaze purveyors Widowspeak have announced their next album. Expect The Best will arrive on August 25th via Captured Tracks, and the band from New York has also revealed a gauzy entrancing video for its first single, Dog. The single is a reedy yet dreamy beauty, like windswept Mazzy Star meets languorous Beach House, with some of The National’s moody churning. Expect The Best can be pre-ordered physically, here, or digitally, here.

June 30, 2017

Rich clattering percussion and an iridescent glimmering brand of alt pop lure me in immediately to Sure Sure’s new single. Friends is the Los Angeles quartet’s first in quite some time. It’s a bustling gem whose melodious stroll is reminiscent of Local Natives, but with the vibrant chords of Miike Snow and the lush, bustling soundscape of Beirut. Sure Sure is the brainchild of Chris Beachy, Kevin Farzad, Charlie Glick, and Michael Coleman, who came together to create music that compresses their personal experiences in love, joy, and anger into energetic, off-kilter pop songs. Friends is described as the perfect ode to the lovelorn dreamer. It’s upbeat yet sad, and quite the hooking charmer.

June 30, 2017

Once in awhile, a new artist comes along who manages to unite the scene under the conviction that we’ve come across one of the most exciting new burgeoning talents of the moment. George Van De Broek, better known as Yellow Days, is one such artist. The young UK singer songwriter and producer first caught our attention last year with haunting yet honeyed, woozy and psychedelic alt soul ballad Your Hand Holding Mine. Yellow Days’ debut EP, Harmless Melodies, has been extolled across the board. He now returns with a phenomenal first song from an new EP to come. That Easy is a vintage soul meets psych rock spectacular. It’s a distorted, smelted cross between Michael Kiwanuka and Leon Bridges. Yellow Day’s next EP is entitled ‘Is Everything OK In Your World?’. I’m sure everything will seem fantastic by the time this EP drops later this year.