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May 22, 2018

I know this one’s been out for a moment, but we’re such massive fans of Toronto artist Jessie Reyez that we really couldn’t let an exceptional new song from her slip us by. It’s been a wild ride, falling for the R&B soul artist after encountering Figures and Shutter Island early last year and gunning for her as the next big thing. We even made it a point to catch her ONE set at SXSW last year, and we came back singing her praises and spreading the word about her as much as we could. Sure enough, Jessie Reyez has become quite the sensation since, and now she’s returned with Body Count, blessing us with her raw, emotive voice, so uniquely remarkable, and her edgy and bold sound, which often pushes the envelope when it comes to empowering women and other artists. Body Count is an anthem for self-love and expression, and its recent video, directed by Peter Huang, was inspired by the Salem witch trials, a historic moment when women were persecuted to the extreme. Reyez explains: “Sometimes for allegations of magic but often for low key sexual promiscuity or sexual selectiveness.  In short, you’re going to get judged anyway, so as long as you’re not hurting anyone and loving yourself, might as well do whatever you want. Whether that’s being celibate or being sexually free is your choice. Your body count is nobody’s business but your own.“ Stream/purchase Body Count, here.

April 26, 2018

Just as we foretold, Toronto’s Jessie Reyez has become a shining star in the R&B pop scene. And now she’s lent her phenomenal voice to a new track from Atlanta hip hop artist Russ. It’s a slow burning, poignant aching elegy about love before fame, which Russ produced himself. Two beacons of light in the urban music soundscape unite flawlessly on deeply reflective Basement, which can be found on Apple Music, here.

April 7, 2018

I couldn’t think of a more beautiful moment for the Canadian stars on the rise Jessie Reyez and Daniel Caesar. Jessie recently took the stage at Juno Awards, Canada’s premiere music awards show, and performed her heartbreaking song that put her on the radar for a lot of people. Not only that but she performed with a fellow Canadian and swooner Daniel Caesar. I was under the belief that ‘Figures’ was a perfect masterpiece, and it still is, but if the original shed a tear from your eye then ‘Figures, a Reprise’ sheds a tear from your other eye. I thank The Great White North for blessing the states with these two and cannot wait for them to perform at Outside Lands. I pray that they’re on the same day and we get to witness this in person.

February 24, 2018

We love unexpected sonic delights, which is probably why we got so jittery with excitement when we caught an NBA All-Star television advertisement over the weekend featuring Jessie Reyez’s Great One. As discerning visitors to IHM, you probably know how much we love the Toronto phenom’s music, and how glad we are to be watching her star rise these days. Well, Jessie just surprised us with another appearance, this time as a guest on a song from Scottish singer songwriter Lewis Capaldi, himself an artist we’ve been championing often as of late. The two unite on Rush, a poignant song which they co-wrote and perform on together. Lewis says the song is about heartbreak and the weird headspace you occup after the end of a relationship, where “you feel like absolute shit and, if you’re being honest with yourself, you hope the other person feels just as bad.” Both artists have some amazing pipes, so their vocal turns on the alt ballad is superb. Rush follows on Lewis Cpaldi’s October 2017 debut EP, Bloom. Both these two talents have a very bright year ahead of them, and as a team, they deliver sweeping magnificence on Rush. The single is available from iTunes, here.

December 5, 2017

If we had a running contest at SXSW earlier this year for most exciting new talent to watch and most likely to be a mega star by 2018, Toronto hip hop and R&B talent Jessie Reyez would’ve taken home that crown. We went out of our way to catch her one set at SXSW after she dazzled us with her raw talent on songs like Figures and Shutter Island, and we watched as her star began its swift ascent after the release of her debut EP, Kiddo. That adventure continues as the firecracker of an artist releases a snazzy plush new R&B soul charmer named Cotton Candy. Given the choice, I’d choose Jessie Reyez any day over cotton candy, much less when she’s cooing so sweetly & sultrily on such a intimately dreamy late night ballad. Is 2018 going to be the year of Jessie Reyez? I’d say, it’s very much possible, if not for certain. 

October 19, 2017

Just as we’d predicted near the beginning of the year when we first encountered Jessie Reyez, her incredible voice, and her passionately raw and vehement music, this Toronto sensation has become one of the year’s hottest rising sensations. She’s even performed at the BET Awards and collaborated with Calvin Harris on his recent album. On the heels of her acclaimed debut EP Kiddo comes this edgy brooding, spunky seething new R&B and hip hop song, Phone Calls. As always, Jessie keeps it real on her song and delves into her own experiences in show business. There’s no stopping this immense talent and her swift ascent. I can’t to see what 2018 will bring from Jessie Reyez. Her spark is authentic and if you’ve ever seen her perform (go if you haven’t), you know how much of a natural she is on stage. Re-visit Kiddo on Soundcloud, here.

July 4, 2017

Calvin Harris just dropped that massive new album of his, Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1, which features a jaw dropping array of superstar guest talent. Among its many fabulous summer jams is a track that features Toronto’s Jessie Reyez, whom I just caught for the second time in my life last Thursday at Popscene. She was just as electrifying a performer and talented a musician as the first time I saw her at SXSW. And she’s such a natural on stage. If there’s any one blossoming artist I’d pick as a future star this year, it would be Jessie Reyez. She offers up soulful R&B vocals on Calvin Harris’ Hard To Love. The effect is sweet and gooey. It’s a softer side of fierce firecracker Jessie Reyez, and a swift reminder of her versatility and dexterity. Calvin Harris’ production does the same for him as well, as he ventures into mellow waters with the chill grooving, funky smooth track. New album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 can be purchased, here.

April 21, 2017

It’s a massive Friday for a Jessie Reyez fan like me. Not only has she just released her debut EP, Kiddo, but the Toronto based R&B star in the making has announced a tour to go with the release, too. On June 29th, she makes her way over to San Francisco to make her debut at Popscene. It might be my most highly anticipated show this summer. I made it a point to see Jessie Reyez at her only SXSW performance last month and she blew the audience away with her raw ferocity and consuming command of the stage. That voice, her charisma, that persona, and the intensity of her music is just phenomenal. She’s a firecracker… With a mighty spark she lights up and explodes, and we’re the lucky ones to witness it happen. 

Aside from songs we’ve shared previously like twisted enthralling Shutter Island and bittersweet melting Figures, new EP Kiddo also features this spicy piquant, edgy bristling hip hop meets electronica anthem Blue Ribbon, which features Los Angeles producer Tim Suby. The two blossoming talents previously united on Suby’s “k goodnight”, and they make a riveting combo once again on moody seething, spunky jostling Blue Ribbon. Stream debut EP Kiddo in full on Soundcloud and purchase on iTunes, here. Go see Jessie Reyez in the more intimate venues while you still can. 

February 1, 2017

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January 31, 2017

I was so blown away by Toronto’s Jessie Reyez earlier today on my chance encounter with her music that I found myself transfixed on her songs, unable to tear myself away for an inordinate amount of time. Her new single Shutter Island is intense, to say the least, a haunting R&B soul lullaby that melds raw with whimsical, gutsy with desolate desperation. Her unique voice is dazzling, like a twisting, howling mixture of Alessia Cara, LP, and CocoRosie, as bizarre a combination as that may seem. It turns on a dime, tender and exposed one moment, shrill and angry the next. The video for Shutter Island is fittingly eerie and macabre. This fascinating single is out now on iTunes. Jessie Reyez is currently working on a debut EP. In the meantime, with my curiosity so deeply piqued, I had to dive into her prior material. For a very different but just as stunning piece, watch her acoustic performance of prior single Figures below. Its girl-and-a-guitar simplicity allows us to appreciate her remarkable voice even more. It doesn’t get more genuine than this. This is it, the epitome of raw talent.