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The People’s Key

September 30, 2011

Well look at that. I didn’t know that Bright Eyes put up the whole album streaming on youtube complete with Conor putting the record itself into the player. Is this someone’s living room? This is awesome. Sweet album, though older Bright Eyes stuff kicks even more butt at times. Random revisit? No, not really. I’m rushing my way on over to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass to try and catch the free Bright Eyes set that closes the first day of the huge fest today. Wish me luck in less traffic, easy parking, and not getting mired in the hundreds of thousands of people showing up for folky goodnessessess. =) I haven’t listened through this whole stream yet, so I’m wondering if we get to watch Conor for a full 50 minutes sitting on the couch listening along with us. 

Wait.. Conor! Noooo. He left! Right before his vocals kicked in. Bye Conor. See you later. *sniffle* Who’s the guy left on the couch??? Oh look! The lyrics are being projected! Interesting!

UPDATE: He does return to the room, and I believe if it’s not his living room it’s a listening room in some sorta work space he must have. And at around 30-31 minutes Conor goes up to the camera and starts showing some stuff/interacting with the camera. It’s quite cute. 😉

Balam Acab for the win again!

September 30, 2011

balam acab

Balam Acab does it again with this one… the classic Boo remixed! Wow. Just wow. Love it. Works perfectly. It brings back memories of the past, but via such a weird, dreamy, strange and hazy journey. 


September 30, 2011

I heard about a remix of this track which I can’t find, so I tuned into the original and was pleasantly surprised. Not much out there about Dive yet, except that they consist of several artists from previous other acts, including an ex-drummer of the Smith Westerns. It’s a lo-fi catchy chill melody, and I’d still like to find a good remix of it as it has a lot of potential.

Modular’s Club Mod

September 30, 2011

I saw this on my youtube subscriptions awhile ago, but haven’t gotten around to sharing it yet. Modular Records has some sorta new subdivision called Club Mod that releases singles, and the first one was by 120 Days who hails from Norway. The very cool trippy video goes along with the trippy song. 

OFFICIAL VID: Fucked Up – Do You Feed

September 30, 2011

fucked up

This is kinda confusing. Do You Feed is by Animal Man which is actually Fucked Up, but it’s a parody/tongue in cheek thing. They did some fake album of fake British punk bands or something of the sorts… and one such band on the album was Animal Man. And the song is Do You Feed. But it’s Fucked Up. But it’s Animal Man. And it’s some fake Brit punk rock thing. I really am confused how to understand this. I know Fucked Up is odd and strange, but they’re taking it to another level here. I’m not sure I even get their David Comes to Life album as themselves deal… not that I’ve listened to the full album, but based on the tracks I have listened to…

Late night extravaganza

September 30, 2011

Tons of good performances on late night shows lately. I actually caught this one on television last night (yes, I don’t usually watch late night shows). I happened to have the TV on and heyyy it’s Death Cab! I guess they’re promoting the new single. Stay young, go dancing… it’s the weekend soon after all. 

Oldie but goodie

September 30, 2011

Coldplay performed Fix You on Letterman couple weeks ago. It’s still one of their most beautiful and touching songs, though not necessarily my fave. Video quality is amazing. His piano is awesome. I like. I also like Matt Bellamy’s light up piano. Now if only I can play like him. Fingers are not piano dexterous at all anymore. Back to the video, I’ve always liked how into it Chris Martin gets. He dances and flings himself all over the stage live.

UPDATE: There’s videos of a buncha tracks they did on Letterman. Including a few new tracks off Mylo Xyloto! I’ll share a few of the newer track performances below, but there’s a huge list of songs uploaded from this performance on youtube if you want to check it all out, including classics like The Scientist, Clocks and Yellow.

Portugal. the Man’s national TV debut

September 30, 2011

Really? What the what? This was their national TV debut? Only now? What the what? Like… first time EVAR? What happened when The Satanic Satanist came out? Why weren’t they on any late night shows for that amazing genius beautiful album? What’s wrong with you, late night television? About time, buddy! OK, without further ado, the LONG overdue national TV debut of Portugal. the Man! On CoCo! Thank you, CoCo, sheeeesh. What the heck? 😉 Just heard this live a couple nights ago in a tiny little venue… yeaaa, buddy. Guess they rushed to LA right after. Oh right, duh, they SAID they had to be in LA at 8am the next morning. What’s with the additional musicians in this performance (cello, violin)? I’ve realized from the show the other night that the guys are WAYYY extra hard hitting live than on album and in these primly produced TV videos. Seriously, they ROCK IT LIVE… hard! Amazing guitar riffs, droning shoegazing jamming, they ROCK it. The most “rock” show I’ve seen in awhile. It was greeeeeeeeeeeat.

Continuing with the wobbles

September 30, 2011

Since Nero put me on it, I’ll continue with another dubstep track, this time from Brown & Gammon, courtesy of UKF Dubstep. There’s so much of the hard hitting dubstep stuff out there lately that sound about the same and are rather shallow, so I try to pick out the more unique tracks which can be really good. Here’s one. It almost sounds kind of jazzy, like a trumpet or sax can be utilized for some of the synthesized sounds. That brings me back to random thoughts about jazz + dubstep which I previously jabbered about. Warning, this track does end rather abruptly and unsatisfying, possibly because it’s a part of a larger mix or album continuous mix.

OFFICIAL VID: Nero – Crush On You

September 30, 2011


Nero just released an official video for Crush On You this morning. It’s all cute crushing and schoolgirls and stuff until the first heavy bass drop. I literally said “whoa”. Talk about wacky and horror film inspired… lol! Pretty cool, IMO. 😉 I think I’m liking the song even more than I used to. A cool video can do wonders.