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May 11, 2018

I rarely touch a video game console these days despite how often I found myself punching away at controls during my youth. As such, I’ve never really played EA Sports’ FIFA releases, though I’ve come to realize that its soundtracks are always in line with my own music tastes. FIFA 2018 World Cup’s trailer features a song that involves two artists we hold dear here at IHM, namely electro-soul trailblazer NoMBe and rising hip hop artist Thutmose, both of whom we were lucky to catch at SXSW earlier this year. The two combine talents to give us a frisky hip hop and funky soul jam named Run Wild, which comes off like a vivaciously cavorting combination of Pharrell, Outkast, and NVDES. You can watch the FIFA video game trailer, here. Run Wild is a whole lot of unbridled fun. It courses with infectious, untamed energy. 

February 20, 2018

When it comes to burgeoning alt hip hop/R&B soul artists, Thutmose is at the top of our new favorite artists list. We obsessed over his song Blame endlessly late last year. You can re-visit our feature of the song, here. The Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based artist links up with fellow New Yorker Alex Mali on new single Karma, a swift pumping, opulent thrumming explosion of torrid electro-R&B and hip hop reminiscent of Kid Cudi and Graduation era Kanye gone Bipolar Sunshine and Theophilus London. Thutmose reports that he’s been in Miami, LA, and Atlanta working on a bunch of new tunes with a plethora of amazing artists and producers since the release of prior single WuWu. He continues: “There’s lots on the way this year. If you’re ready, come ‘ride with me’ and text me at (347)753-8488 so we can catch up and I can fill you in more!”

October 19, 2017

To say we’re excited about rising artist Thutmose is probably an understatement. The 23 year old Nigerian born, Brooklyn based talent is at the top of our new hip hop acts to watch list. We’re still utterly addicted to Thutmose’s last melodious hooking jam, Blame, but new single WuWu is well worthy of some obsessing over, too. It’s a gritty bouncing, spry plinking future beats and chill trap anthem brimming with sleek swaggering assurance, produced by KillaGraham. Thutmose has been on tour supporting pop sensation Billie Eilish on her sold out tour. We expect his buzz to grow exponentially with each passing day. WuWu is available, here. You can re-visit Blame below, if you’re hooked on it like we are. 

September 29, 2017

I have something to confess. I listened to this song, Blame, countless times this morning when I first encountered it. I just couldn’t help myself. And I’m not even a massive hip hop head, but I knew immediately I was on to something really special when I heard Thutmose’s exceptional song. The Brooklyn based alt hip hop artist is already surrounded by a thick cloud of buzz. You might recognize him from Summer’s Gone, his recent collaboration with fellow buzzmaker NoMBe. Thutmose is also going to be touring with pop sensation Billie Eilish next month. Blame may be his biggest release yet. It’s undeniably infectious with its lilting melody and droopy yet sonorous synths. There’s a gritty and edgy THEY. vibe going on and a Kid Cudi mellifluous charm to the track. Blame, produced by KillaGraham, is torridly intense and atmospheric gripping. Thutmose’s vocal delivery and rap verses are on point and tightly riveting. The song also arrives with a cinematic music video, which you can watch below. It’s quickly apparent Thutmose is an artist on the rise to watch. He could very well be the next big hip hop sensation. It’s rare I fall this hard for a hip hop song, but here I am, utterly obsessed. You can also stream Blame via Apple Music, here.