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May 22, 2018

I was super excited about this song even before I heard it. It’s so good to see a talented budding artist like Madge show up on such a behemoth collaboration. The LA based Salt Lake City newcomer blew our minds when she made her debut earlier this year on Fight Or Flight Club and we’re infinitely glad she’s been receiving a whole lot of well deserved attention since. And now, here she is, lending some feisty, spunky vocals to Kaskade, Brohug, and Mr. Tape’s aptly named Fun, a funky bass house groover. Throw your hands in the air and dance your heart out to the infectious punching banger. It’s steamy fierce, an inferno of a swag jam that reminds me of both NVDES and SOFI TUKKER, but with a bouncier step and a whole lot of zestful, gutsy spirit. Grab the track, here.

May 17, 2018

Ever enigmatic production luminary ZHU dropped his new EP Ringos Desert Pt 1 last month, on which he continued to push the boundaries of house music and electronica. We were hoping the new release and the lack of a Bay Area tour date on his fall DUNE tour meant he would be announced as part of this year’s Treasure Island Music Festival lineup. Though we’re rather disappointed that this hasn’t happened, we’re also quite glad that ZHU has dropped a music video for slinky smoldering

Still Want U, his song with England’s Karnaval Blues. It’s the second track from Ringos Desert Pt 1, and a sparse misty, spacious burbling dose of deep humming, sensual simmering house hypnosis. Learn more about ZHU’s DUNE tour, here. We’re holding out hope that there’s still going to be an announcement about additional dates. Stream Ringos Desert Pt 1, here.

May 2, 2018

I’d imagine very few of you missed the arrival of a new ZHU EP late last week, but just in case you did, and just because new ZHU is always worthy of much deserved praise, let’s marvel over the enigmatic producer’s latest volume of dark, sultry electronica! After all, we’ve been absolutely spellbound by the San Francisco-native’s music ever since he first released an Outkast cover mashup anonymously. Sure enough, the brilliant spark we saw in that track several years ago has since become a flaming inferno; ZHU is now a superstar. And he’s just dropped a seven track EP named Ringos Desert Pt 1, which can be streamed in full, here. The EP takes us on a journey across barren lands and through magnificent dunes, where windswept beats, howling synths, and rich bass quench our sonic thirst and give us sustenance to survive the wasteland of the arid world. Ringos Desert Pt. 1 even opens with a superb collaboration with Australian singer songwriter JOY. named “Stormy Love, NM”. Her ethereal vocals and tendency for hypnotic haunting music is the perfect fit for ZHU’s inky sleek, glossy opaque house. Catch ZHU on his DUNE fall tour later this year. No Bay Area date has been announced, but we’re predicting a Treasure Island Music Festival appearance considering the tour dates. Find out more, here.

April 6, 2018

What’s that Pringles jingle? “Once you pop, you can’t stop”? Well, the same can be said of BIJOU’s new jam, also named Pringles. Once you get a taste of the guttural pounding, visceral jouncing G-house erupting from this track, you’ll be hooked. Pringles features deep booming hip hop vocals by Devonyea Marcel. The Phoenix producer hypnotizes and exhilarates with his deliciously pounding assault on our ears, which transfers into electrifying rumbles in our chests. Stream/download Pringles, here.

December 7, 2017

We were overjoyed when Lauv, the creamy melting crooner from New York we’ve been ardently supporting since his debut (and even before that, when he was a producer named Epique), made a melting guest appearance on DJ Snake’s hit single A Different Way. As expected, the song has spawned some splendid remixes, including this wicked edit by Los Angeles’ Noizu. He gives it a trappy, bassy house take bursting with electrifying energy and rambunctious drops. Noizu’s killer remix is part of a two track remix pack out now via Geffen / UMG. Stream/purchase, here.

October 6, 2017

It’s an international affair as Brazil’s Rrotik teams up with Melbourne’s Airwolf on a fresh new jam named What You Think Gonna Happen. What does “happen” is we suddenly feel an incessant urge to hit the dance floor in a dark, foggy club to contort and twist to this visceral deep house and tech house thriller. Shadowy, sinister ZHU and sensuous pumping Duke Dumont vibes permeate the salacious banger. What You Think Gonna Happen is a wickedly seductive taste from Airwolf’s forthcoming EP, set to be released in December. The track is available from major retailers, here.

May 25, 2017

Once San Francisco solo project BLU J, now a two piece also based out of Vancouver, has been one of our favorite fast rising production outfits this past year. They continue to place their skills on full display as they give also heavily buzzing project Shallows an opulent whirring, rich pumping deep future house treatment. The Los Angeles duo’s ravishing single Matter flitters between dark and light on this steely visceral remix. The magnificent transformation can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

May 8, 2017

I can’t recall a single instance when production heavyweight ZHU wasn’t intoxicating with his inky seductive, dark sensuous electronica, and the San Francisco native, who turned the dance scene on its head with his innovative music, deals out far more of that inebriation on his new single. Appropriately entitled Intoxicate, ZHU’s new tune is fitting of a dark dance floor at a cavernous club. Intoxicate is racy provocative and raw electrifying, yet it’s also stony slabbed, sharply cornered, and precipitously edged, like the concrete structures found in brutalist architecture. ZHU’s Intoxicate arrives along with details regarding the producer’s mysterious “Blacklizt” event, which will be taking place in New York on June 24th. Ticket details can be found, here. Intoxicate is out now via Apple, here.

May 8, 2017

Both Nukid and Torren Foot are new to us, but Nukid’s re-fix of the Australian producer’s track Love Me is just the whomping thriller we need to get us going this morning and we’re more than glad it’s dropped both electronic artists on to our music radar. Nukid, who hails from Los Angeles, gives Love Me a g-house styled remix, and the adrenaline pumping ride is delectably dark and carnal. It’s a seething wall of visceral beats and sultry splendor. You can purchase or stream Nukid’s remix via alternate sources, here.

March 30, 2017

Elk Road, the Australian producer and founder of Deer Lane Records, straight crushes it on his dark glowering, torrid bounding new track, Come Down. Elk Road even turns in his own vocals on the infectious track despite linking up with guest talent for his releases in the past. The ruddy, muggy house on infectious Come Down and Elk Road’s own raspy seductive voice bring to mind similarly racy brooding tracks from esteemed producer ZHU. The sizzling jam is out now on iTunes. Alternate stream via Soundcloud available below.