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May 30, 2018

There’s no resisting Zoey Lily’s misty, dusky pop. Her willowy, smoky voice tends to remind us of Billie Eilish and Soak, while her exquisitely emotive music always cuts to the bone, leaving a mark that lasts for all eternity. The 20 year old independent musician from London mesmerizes and moves with her gorgeous new single Not There, which features guest hip hop artist Indigo Svn. Not There is a morose ballad with soft electronic beats that leaves our hearts blissfully tingling… It’s a sparse and gossamer, pensive and reflective beauty bursting with tender and tragic romanticism. The haunting gem can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

February 28, 2018

Young Londoner Zoey Lily has taken her sweet time to present us with her music since she made her bewitching debut a year ago with Edges. And all we want is more of the singer songwriter, especially now that she’s released her third single, More, a pensive simmering track with soft tickling beats and contemplative guitar strums. Its willowy, supple pop and haunting shadowplay reminds us of Billie Eilish, but darker, with some smoky Lana Del Rey innuendo, too. The single even takes on a woozy, dusky aura in its closing moments that leaves us thoroughly inebriated. Zoey Lily says of More: “I wrote this song about a guy I met a while ago who left the impression of being the super cool kid everyone admired and wanted to be like. When I got to know him closer I realised that he was struggling a lot to keep up with the image he created himself and actually felt very worthless and empty. In his own way he kept letting me down because he wasn’t able to let me in.” You can purchase the signer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and dancer’s latest single, here.

June 2, 2016

Incredible talent never seems to stop emerging out of London. Seriously, how much musical brilliance can one single city offer to the world? 19 year old singer songwriter Zoey Lily is spellbinding on her inky magnificent debut, Edges. It’s a stunning introduction to Zoey Lily’s beautifully sooty voice. Edges is a cinematic pop song that simmers intensely in an orchestral rich yet inky dark atmosphere. The single was initially shared as a demo which gained over 5K plays on Soundcloud. The finalized version of Edges was produced by James Kenosha (Rhodes, Dry The River). Zoey Lily will be releasing a debut EP later this year.