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April 13, 2018

A trifecta of Moving Castle associated luminaries unite on Peanut Butter, a fresh and funky hip hop and electro frolic with much booty shaking verve. Los Angeles producers AObeats and Robokid team up with versatile artist Mark Johns on the slick bouncing, hypnotic cantering treat. Throwback vibes and sweet nostalgia abound as the trio bring us back to the early 2000′s with the crunchy swerving tune, which can be found on AObeats’ glorious new pilot mixtape, a must listen and a guest talent studded spectacular, here. Peanut Butter is available, here.

March 8, 2018

It always blows my mind that some artists have the time to tend to both a solo career and projects with other gifted artists. Both SAKIMA and AObeats are busy musicians. SAKIMA just released his vibrant synthpop track Death Is In The Air

a few weeks ago. As for talented producer AObeats, he just signed with TEN Music Group & Kobalt Music the other day. Yet, they’ve both found time to reunite as dynamic post-EDM duo SWIMS to give us Over Me, on which the pair again wed their individual styles to perfection. SAKIMA’s smooth sultry crooning glides over jazzy keys and AObeats’ mesmeric future beats production to create a snazzy simmering, airy flickering pop track. There’s no getting over Over Me, that’s for sure. Over Me is available via major platforms, here.

January 18, 2018

The Wave links together a dream team of Moving Castle talent. It’s a seamlessly captivating combination of three distinct styles. On foolproof production duties is Los Angeles based AObeats, and weaving their unmistakable voices together divinely are Long Beach based Cambodian-American SATICA as well as genre defying, groundbreaking British artist SAKIMA. The trio of forward thinking musicians lavish us with a dreamy lilting blend of jazzy rich, breathy smooth electronica and R&B pop on their disarming tune, saturated with classy keys and an elastic vivacity. The chemistry between these three is more than obvious on the immaculate track, a brisk yet seductive, frisky and flirtatious bop. Ride The Wave and download from iTunes, here.

December 21, 2017

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only five days away. Thank goodness I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping, though I’ve yet to wrap all the presents I bought. Let’s ring in some Christmas cheer and merry mirth with a seasonal present from trendsetting collective and esteemed record label Moving Castle. Though Joy is a collaboration involving versatile artist Mark Johns and charismatic electro/hip hop talent BLAISE, the dreamy melodious, jazzy snug song was produced by AObeats and Roget Chahayed. It also features additional vocals by SATICA, Madi, SAKIMA, and Robokid, with artwork by Robokid. Joy is a super stacked Moving Castle all-star affair, a mahogany flavored infusion of chill hip hop, pellucid R&B soul, and twinkling future beats. The song goes hand in hand with everything we love about Christmas, be it a warm fire, a glass of creamy eggnog, or plenty of cuddling with your boo. Naughty or nice, we all get to treasure this Joy. For those of you who are lucky enough to be in Southern California on January 27th, you can catch an incredible roster of Moving Castle talent live at Moving Castle World, tickets and more info can be found, here.

October 24, 2017

Long Beach’s SATICA, who started out as a songwriter for K-pop powerhouse label SM, has quickly become one of our favorite rising artists in the female pop scene these past months. Not only has this daughter of Cambodian refugees lent her honeyed, breathy voice to Manila Killa’s Youth, but she’s also collaborated with genre bending post-EDM visionary Sakima. Now, SATICA has released her very own four track EP named Drippin, on which she dazzles us with her own forward thinking brand of R&B, future pop, and electronica. Aside from previously featured gems like Honey Whiskey and Dysfunctional with SAKIMA, Drippin also includes this gracefully teasing, sweetly wistful, and spry kittenish gem You Are Here, produced by Moving Castle label mate AObeats. SATICA coos over the song’s glistening web of nostalgia about the youthful rush of falling in love and the desperation this true longing oft creates. “In real life, the feeling is simple, you miss them and you love being around them,” she says of the latest sonic earworm. “But sometimes it hurts.” Stream SATICA’s debut EP Drippin, here.

September 18, 2017

“I don’t need a drink to say what’s on my mind, you don’t need excuses, just come over…,” croons SAKIMA with his buttery smooth, waxy sleek vocals as he reunites with AObeats on Excuses as dynamic post-EDM duo SWIMS. That voice cuts pointedly through a minimalist soundscape chiseled out of evocative keys and ghostly beats. The poignancy of Excuses is sensationally palpable, particularly as those elements intertwine more tightly and intensify in urgency as the song progresses. It’s impossible not to feel the song’s lament, or empathize with SAKIMA’s plight, one familiar to anyone who’s been miserably entrapped by that infamous cycle of love, betrayal, and heartbreak. There’s no excuses needed for the next four and a half minutes of your life, it’s okay. Stop everything else you’re doing, and let yourself feel this finely woven, taut riveting combination of future bass, hip hop, and R&B soul. Don’t make excuses for the aching you feel deep inside you, the tears you might shed, or the exultation you may feel in finding rapport in this song. The catharsis it provides helps us heal, and hope anew. Revisit SWIMS’ prior singles on Soundcloud, here.

August 31, 2017

Moving Castle is on fire lately, dropping sensational tracks left and right, and they’ve already teased even more treats to arrive soon. For now, stop all you’re doing and let SATICA lift you to the star lit heavens with her breathy exquisite voice on the blooming Long Beach sensation’s sweet and smoky new delight, Honey Whiskey. The song couldn’t have been christened more appropriately. On production duties is none other than Moving Castle co-founder and production whiz AObeats, who’s crafted a celestial soundscape to cradle SATICA’s misty supple crooning. Honey Whiskey’s chill electronica and tender future pop is a sublime dream that I never want to wake up from. Stream or purchase the song, here.

August 23, 2017

I’ve been fascinated and enthralled lately by the fresh wave of Asian artists, both established and new, who have been breaking down walls and crossing over internationally with great success as of late. Yet I still did not expect the delightful surprise of a collaborative track involving Moving Castle co-founder/beatific mastermind AObeats and popular Korean-American artist Eric Nam. Whimsically plinking, feathery light Like You is an exceptional swooner that made its premiere as a favorite music pick via cutting edge culture expert and media production company 88rising, whose YouTube channel I can’t help but pay close addictive attention to on a daily basis. Eric Nam lends his dashing vocals to AObeats’ eclectic blend of future pop, electronica, and hip hop. You can download/stream the effervescent prancing frolic of a tune via additional outlets, here.

August 8, 2017

You know those nights, when you arrive at a show or a party, and you tell yourself, “One drink, I’m only going to have one drink and I’m calling it a night.” But then you can’t help but to have more, because heck, these drinks are tasty, and the intoxication is sublime? Well, there’s no listening to SWIMS’ 1 Drink just once, either, it’s far too infectious a sleek swaggering jam. Fortunately for us, it’s not unhealthy to be addicted to SWIMS. 1 Drink might be great nourishment for the soul, too, especially since it’s a black mirror that highlights our own vices and transgressions. Moving Castle co-founder and production whiz AObeats has linked back up with waxy voiced crooner and swooner, Sakima, to give us an imaginative new single drenched in slick sensuous, heady lush vibes. A unique amalgamation of hip hop, electronica, and R&B pop greets our eager ears on SWIMS’ genre defying expedition. Re-visit the pair’s prior jams on Soundcloud, here.

July 25, 2017

I was stoked beyond words from the moment I caught wind of this next collaboration, which brings together illustrious Moving Castle co-founder/producer AObeats and London’s Annabel Jones, whom we’ve always loved for her glassy elegant, gracefully enchanting voice and her whimsical electropop. Strangers is the perfect conjoining of the two’s talents, a bubbly infectious, sassy capering, and melodic hooking future pop romp. It’s plucky and cheeky, tart and foxy. AObeats’ production wizardry lifts us up heart stopping crests and over vivacious precipices, all illuminated by the golden glow of Annabel Jones’ honeyed voice. Strangers can be streamed and purchased, here.