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May 30, 2018

This next magnificent beast of a rocking tune comes from Little Brother Eli, a band from Oxford described as “often bearded”. Facial hair or not, it’s quickly apparent why this band’s growling guitars, danceable beats, electro breakdowns, and contagious pop hooks have caught the attention of both BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 2, as well as countless other tastemaking outlets. Our Kind Of Love is a snarling, smoldering, yet melodically bopping piece that evokes both Arctic Monkeys and early, funky Maroon 5. Little Brother Eli just made an appearance at The Great Escape Festival and they have a handful of other shows planned in the UK this summer. Keep up with the band via their website, here.

May 18, 2018

French producer Bolivard has captured the essence of both funk in the jungle on his flashy new banger, Maya Funk. If Caribou, Cut Copy, and Daft Punk teamed up for a monumental jam session, it’d probably result in the glorious, glamorous disco funk and electro house that Bolivard has crafted for us on his sensational new tune. The artist, who’s also taken on the role of graphic designer and illustrator at newly minted label Cookie Records, inspires us to strut our way across the room in bliss to his lush dazzler. Maya Funk is the second single revealed off Cookie Records’ Crispy Groove Compilation. Visit the first single, Patawawa’s Lie, via our recent feature, here. Maya Funk is available, here.

May 16, 2018

Hospital is an indie rock band from Moscow formed in 2011 by members from several other Russian bands. Though we’ve never heard of them until now, they already have two successful albums out. They’ve even supported the likes of Lana Del Rey, The Neighbourhood, and The Kooks on tour, and they’re now ready to release their third full length. In The Evening is a magnificently exhilarating taste from the record, a ravishing melodic rock piece whose plucky bass, lush strings, and snappy beats exude much art rock, dance pop, and post-punk assurance. In fact, In The Evening is almost like Editors and Two Door Cinema Club had a wild child together. Hospital will release their next album later this year. For an even more vibrant and dance rocking new preview from their next full length, stream Nothing But Love below. Keep up with the band through their website, here.

May 8, 2018

Aww yeah, I knew we’d be in for some new Jungle soon considering the collective’s recent touring activities, and here we are, with not one but two new jams (and videos) from the funk and soul loving Londoners! Happy Man and House In LA are our first new Jungle tunes since the band lit us on fire with their 2014 self-titled debut album. Hopefully, this means their sophomore album is arriving soon, and a new expansive tour is on its way, since I had to miss their stop in San Francisco a few weeks back. Happy Man is classic Jungle, a funky strutting, soulful swaggering affair. It’s lavish and opulent, dashing and suave. House In LA, however, bucks the usual Jungle pizzazz for a heady and sleek, dreamy and warped shimmer, kind of like James Vincent McMorrow gone psychedelic plush whilst enveloped by Radiohead’s orchestral electronica. While Happy Man might be the immediately hooking song out of the two, there’s no doubt House In LA is my favorite and the most brilliant offering. Happy Man and House In LA are both available now from XL Recordings, here and here, respectively.

April 18, 2018

All the “frills” without the pretentiousness could very well be this duo’s slogan. New York based New Zealand duo Frills leave us swooning with their resplendent psych funk, dance rock, and disco pop on She’s Got Love. It’s the most intoxicating fusion of Foster The People, Portugal. the Man, and MGMT vibes we’ve ever heard, a delectable jam with suave electric guitar riffs and smooth falsettos. For more Frills, including fine gems we’ve featured in the past, visit their Soundcloud, here.

April 12, 2018

Art-funk minimalism and left field electronic pop fuse on Sink In The Water, an elaborate piece from a London project named Cocoa Futures. The track was recorded at Manchester’s Low Four studios and produced by Brendan Williams (GoGo Penguins, Dutch Uncles), and it marks the first of six new Cocoa Futures tunes to be released this year. Sink In The Water might be our first time encountering the artist, but we’re already hooked on his dexterous songcrafting and slick delivery due to the bedazzling electronica, dance punk, and pop found on Sink In The Water. A touch of Metronomy’s wonkiness, some of Porches dreamy house pop, and a whole lot of zesty swagger make us quick fans of Greg Sanderson, the Scottish born frontman and architect of Cocoa Futures. Sink we do, but then we can’t resist how this invitation to get up and dance. Sink In The Water is available via iTunes, here.

April 11, 2018

Swimming with bears could be an amazing, life-changing experience, or it could be the worst idea ever. I’d imagine the latter holds true 99.9% of the time. Fortunately for us, instead of swimming with bears, we can dip into the music of a band named Swimming With Bears instead from the safety of dry land, far away from any clawed beast. And trust me, you’re going to be “ooh la la-ing” your way to heaven to the Austin based four piece’s recent single, French Girls. Funky alt soul and a lavish dance rock groove lure us into the band’s Portugal. the Man meets Fitz and the Tantrums-like dance-ready jam. This is the sort of song that will be put a spring in your step and a massive smile on your face. Don’t be surprised if you can’t stop listening to French Girls, it’s that addictive. Grab the tune, here, and keep up with Swimming With Bears, here.

April 11, 2018

We live in a time of GPS and Google Maps. Much of our youth has probably never unfolded a map to figure out how to get to their next destination. Yet, I still harbor an affection for perusing an atlas. I don’t find myself archaic at all. Chicago alt rock crew Maps & Atlases may have been around for a long time, but they are in no way antiquated either. The band just announced their next full length record Lightlessness Is Nothing New, out June 1st on Barsuk, and the first single Fall Apart is a superb jam. Infectious hooks, jaunty beats, and vibrant synths adorn the animated song. The last time Maps & Atlases dropped an album was 2012, but they’ve managed to evolve their sound these past six years and craft a true modern indie banger, one that will lift you to your feet and urge you to move them with spry lightness. Pre-order Maps & Atlases new album, here.

April 5, 2018

I have been waiting for today for a very long time. Seven years have felt like an eternity, but today, my hopes have come to fruition, my prayers have been answered. Friendly Fires is back! Let’s celebrate by shaking our rumps like Ed Macfarlane so famously does with such panache, then dive into Love Like Waves, the English outfit’s first new song since 2011 album Pala. The band has been teasing their return these past few months, and they’ve sure made that anticipation worthwhile. Love Like Waves shimmies flamboyantly, the perfect dollop of Friendly Fires’ tropical funk and indie dance rock. If there’s anything I feel like I’m still craving for after jamming out to the track countless times already this afternoon, it’s some of the profuse drums and cowbells of the band’s classic releases. Let’s hope this means a new album is on its way, and a tour that will bring them back to California. Maybe they’ll grace the Treasure Island Music Festival stage again this fall, as they did in 2011, the last time I danced to them live. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Download/stream Love Like Waves, here.

March 21, 2018

Silverchair’s Daniel Johns and Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele were two very busy music luminaries last week while we were dashing around Austin like crazy. It sure is a nice surprise to come home and find out that the two have formed a new project together named DREAMS, and they’ve already released an explosive first isngle named No One Defeats Us. Dance rock, French house, and synthpop meld together on this invincible anthem. To be honest, it’s an unexpected composite sound since Daniel Johns’ solo music is much more R&B driven these days. No One Defeats Us is more Empire than anything, with an extra funky strut and a whole lot of glamorous twirling. Turns out, Daniel Johns and Luke Steele are long time buddies, so DREAMS is a realization of that long-time friendship.  No One Defeats Us is described as a war cry, or an exorcism of a bad series of events, or a bad dream. DREAMS makes their debut performance at Coachella this April. I can only imagine how glorious it’s going to be. Download/stream No One Defeats Us, here.