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March 21, 2018

Silverchair’s Daniel Johns and Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele were two very busy music luminaries last week while we were dashing around Austin like crazy. It sure is a nice surprise to come home and find out that the two have formed a new project together named DREAMS, and they’ve already released an explosive first isngle named No One Defeats Us. Dance rock, French house, and synthpop meld together on this invincible anthem. To be honest, it’s an unexpected composite sound since Daniel Johns’ solo music is much more R&B driven these days. No One Defeats Us is more Empire than anything, with an extra funky strut and a whole lot of glamorous twirling. Turns out, Daniel Johns and Luke Steele are long time buddies, so DREAMS is a realization of that long-time friendship.  No One Defeats Us is described as a war cry, or an exorcism of a bad series of events, or a bad dream. DREAMS makes their debut performance at Coachella this April. I can only imagine how glorious it’s going to be. Download/stream No One Defeats Us, here.

November 29, 2017

Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns surprised a lot of us when he went solo with some exceptional electro-R&B releases and soulful cooing cameos on massive electronic tracks last year, proving how much of a musical chameleon he really is. He now lends his sonorous falsettos and slick elocution to a brand new track from venerated Australian producer Chris Emerson, aka What So Not. Be Ok Again is a resplendently textured, dramatically ravishing trap and bass anthem. It’s What So Not’s first release on Counter Records, and it features him writing and performing vocals for the first time, too. He says of Be Ok Again: 

“Immediate paralysing sadness, optimism, nervousness and excitement. This song explores how we redefine and rebuild our reality upon dramatic ends to relationships. It was inspiring bringing someone of Daniel’s calibre in on this piece and I’m thankful for how much he pushed me creatively.” The producer, who I’ll always associate with a phenomenal count down set at SnowGlobe Music Festival back in 2015, will be hitting the road at the end of the year for a bevy of holiday shows. He’ll also travel to South America in the spring. Find out more about tour locations and dates, here.

July 21, 2015

I’m still blown away by how different Daniel Johns’ solo music sounds compared to his music with Silverchair, but I’m much grateful for his foray into electronic R&B, because everything we’ve heard from him has been amazing. For his latest single, Daniel Johns dips his music paintbrush into the glitchy, bass wobbly, dark electro side of things on We Are Golden, a blend of both tumultuously heavy and enchantingly sparkling pop.  We Are Golden is from Daniel Golds’ highly lauded debut album TALK, out now. A fashion shoot music video was created for the single in conjunction with David Jones. It’s the world’s first fashion shoot powered by music. 

March 12, 2015

I’m still rather mystified by the music I’ve been hearing from Daniel Johns, whom many might recognize as the ex-singer from Silverchair. It’s hard to put two and two together when two and two are completely different from one another. It’s like trying to mash two jigsaw puzzle pieces together that don’t match. But so be it, because Daniel Johns’ new music as a solo musician is unctuously good and sensually hot. He brings much sultry R&B feels on new song Surrender, all the while crooning with his magnificent falsettos. It’s a sweet surrender that awaits on this sumptuous song. It’s as if The Weeknd and James VIncent McMorrow were all mixed up into a cocktail of pure bliss. Surrender is a new taste off Daniel John’s debut EP, Aerial Love, out March 13th. 

February 14, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I had absolutely no idea that ex-Silverchair singer Daniel Johns had launched solo act that sounds miles and miles away from Silverchair. Debut single Aerial Love is a muggy and sultry R&B jam, nowhere near Silverchair’s grunge rock. Exquisite and delicate falsettos join the song’s brooding, simmering, and Radiohead evoking production, altogether creating an utterly fascinating and intoxicating listen. Aerial Love is the title track off Daniel Johns’ debut solo EP, out March 13th. He also released music video for the song, already, which you can stream below.