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May 18, 2018

French producer Bolivard has captured the essence of both funk in the jungle on his flashy new banger, Maya Funk. If Caribou, Cut Copy, and Daft Punk teamed up for a monumental jam session, it’d probably result in the glorious, glamorous disco funk and electro house that Bolivard has crafted for us on his sensational new tune. The artist, who’s also taken on the role of graphic designer and illustrator at newly minted label Cookie Records, inspires us to strut our way across the room in bliss to his lush dazzler. Maya Funk is the second single revealed off Cookie Records’ Crispy Groove Compilation. Visit the first single, Patawawa’s Lie, via our recent feature, here. Maya Funk is available, here.

May 11, 2018

StéLouse has been a long favorite on IHM. And we just learned that the Denver based producer has chosen to change his name, or rather, the way he spells his name, to StayLoose (perhaps to avoid any pronunciation confusion?). With the nom du plume transformation comes a new song that marks a fresh direction for the esteemed artist, too. Fight Back, which features ever pervasive guest vocalist Nevve on spirited vocals, ventures deep into high voltage melodic pop with its rhythmic marching beats, high flying melody, and rollicking percussion. It’s a vigorous and mighty anthem, a tenaciously encouraging rallying cry. StayLoose explains: 

“With so much happening in the world and everyone with a different opinion and belief system, we must remember that its through a unified front, through taking a stand together, that we have the ability to make the changes we wish to see in the world”. Fight Back, out on Dim Mak, can be found on Apple Music, here.

May 11, 2018

Still very much cloaked in intrigue and mystery is NAVA, though we have learned a little bit more about the artist since she made her debut last month with mystical RITUAL. As it turns out, NAVA is a solo project created by Nava Golchini, and the Milan based Iranian singer songwriter has followed up her first single RITUAL with another left-field experimental electropop work of art named NAVIGATE. Navigate we do, through its razor-sharp tribal drums, dark nomadic synths, and skittering trip hop beats, absolutely delighted by an enigmatic soundscape and its icy opaque threads. Like RITUAL, NAVIGATE is a near spiritual, thoroughly imaginative experience that evokes Fever Ray and Kill J, but less caustic and more inquisitively meditative. Re-visit our RITUAL feature, here, as we await further treats from this bewitching sonic shaman. 

May 2, 2018

It’s no secret that Sweater Beats loves his alt rock and emo rock. In fact, we love him even more because of it, since we share much of that same nostalgic ardor after having spent our early to mid-2000′s addicted to a steady diet of MCR, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, and so much more. I’d imagine Antonio was quite happy to be tapped for an official Fall Out Boy remix. The truth is, Fall Out Boy is lucky to have him on board their new official remix EP. The Los Angeles based producer, who’s ridiculously versatile, as you well know from our countless features over the years (including most recently, his new song with Icona Pop, Faded Away), has given FOB’s Hold Me Tight a melodic and cinematic trap work-over profusely packed with slick whizzing, brisk zestful energy. If you’re secretly hoping that Fall Out Boy and Louis The Child would work together to make a hybrid alt rock/dance song, Sweater Beats’ remix will be more than satisfy your craving. You can also stream the track on Spotify, here.

April 19, 2018

Three years, that’s how long we’ve been impatiently waiting for new music from one of our long time favorites, forward-thinking songwriting and production genius Ben Khan. Oh, how we’ve missed his funky blues and soulful R&B, his ever scintillating electronica and sultry smoldering guitars, which have drawn comparisons to the great Jai Paul many times over. And boy does he make a style crushing return on 2000 Angels, a slinky burning swooner, which comes with news of a full length album expected to arrive this summer. 2000 Angels is an intensive affair, a pressurized, hedonistic eruption of passion and desire. It’s glorious, to say the least, and you can watch its music video below. If they don’t use 2000 Angels in a Victoria’s Secret commercial at some point, I’ll be very disappointed in the lingerie brand known for being on point with their musical choices. Visit Ben Khan’s new website for his debut album, The Foundation, here.

November 21, 2017

By now, I’ve been fortunate enough to catch SOFI TUKKER live so many times that you’d think that I’ve gotten used to their high energy, crowd elating sets. Yet each time a new chance to see Sophie and Tucker fire up the audience with their groundbreaking form of Brazilian house-pop and jungle-y alt dance leaves my heart fluttering anew with excitement. From the pair’s very first shows at SXSW a couple years back to a dazzling set at the Greek Theater ahead of Odesza a few weeks ago, SOFI TUKKER has been nothing short of magnificent. We’ve also been wildly reveling in the success of Best Friend, their colossal new single with NERVO, The Knocks, and Alisa Ueno. As if 2017 isn’t already closing out strong for SOFI TUKKER and SOFI TUKKER fans alike, the duo have now unleashed Energia, a vivacious, beatific, and contagious carousel ride that dips fully into the Brazilian/Portuguese side of the pair’s sound. Like Drinkee and Matadora, Energia is a collaboration with Brazilian poet Chacal. It’s got plenty of that smoldering SOFI TUKKER spice and fire that we fell so hard for previously. All that’s left to do now is dance, wild and feral, untamed and free, to yet another phenomenal genre defying, classification breaking SOFI TUKKER heater. Download/stream the single, here.

November 17, 2017

A pack of gum and minty fresh breath sounds mighty enticing right now after the quick dinner I just shoveled into my stomach so that I could hop right back on to share music. But a ‘Pack Of Gum’ for the ears is even more satiating, particularly when it comes from 19 year old Atlanta based producer and artist demo taped. He’s designed a song around a contagious upbeat rhythm, soft fluttery vocals, and a vivacious synth melody rife with effortless electronic R&B textures. Pack Of Gum is like Blood Orange, Biyo, and Ben Khan all rolled up in one sleek slithering, slick glissading swooner. Demo Taped, aka Adam Alexander, explains that Pack Of Gum is about his personal struggles with depression and anxiety. 

“It’s about not wanting to be forgotten by someone you love. It’s called ‘Pack of Gum’ because when my anxiety was at its peak, it affected me physically. Sometimes I would get sick and so I resorted to carrying around a pack of gum at all times.” This I fully understand, since I have my own moments of chomping on gum to relax and release pent up anxiety. But now instead of gum, I have demo taped’s new song to ameliorate such malaise and leave me joyously, sonically inebriated. 

Demo Taped’s highly anticipated EP featuring “Pack of Gum” and “Insecure” is expected to drop in early 2018 via 300 Entertainment.

November 17, 2017

This treasure of a tune has been out for a moment, but I somehow missed out on it till this week. Late Night Ball Game comes by way of a new Australian project named HANDSOME, conceived by Sydney singer songwriter Caitlin Park. It’s the first electropop single she’s put forth, and she really knocks it out of the ball park (pun intended). Late Night Ball Game features additional vocals by Joyride. Together, they’ve sewn together soulful vocals, dusky electronica, and slick polished pop into one heckuva truly “handsome” tune. Purchase or stream the song via additional outlets, here.

November 14, 2017

Stalgia released their debut album NOMAD last week, and the title of this song off the ten track record certainly sums up the Los Angeles duo’s music succinctly. Electric is song two on the must listen record. It’s a ravishing electronic pop piece with an 80′s undercurrent of dreamy nostalgia, which is fitting considering the band’s name. Plucky guitars give the glossy pumping gem a frisky vibrancy. We know our night is going to be electrifying with a song like this one from electronic duo Stalgia to keep us company. Debut album NOMAD can be streamed off Soundcloud, here.

August 31, 2017

Over half a year has passed since honeyed voiced R&B pop starlet Alina Baraz released Electric, but I’m still so caught up by the sensual simmering and luscious swooning electro R&B track featuring Texas sensation Khalid. The pair dropped a stellar remix pack for the song last Friday, featuring esteemed production artists and electro pop talent like R3hab, Tim Gunter, Marian Hill, and Hippie Sabotage. The Electric Remixes EP also features this shiver inducing, rich oscillating edit by Alaskan producer Electric Mantis. A touch of dissonance endows its synths, giving it a captivating effect, as if listening to the choppy driving, moody warbling track through the spaciousness of a swelling, twisting water. We’re caught up in its rippling tides and shuddering bass, and we gladly surrender for all eternity to its pulls, shoves, tugs, and thrusts. The remix EP for Alina Baraz’s Electric is available from iTunes, here.