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May 18, 2018

French producer Bolivard has captured the essence of both funk in the jungle on his flashy new banger, Maya Funk. If Caribou, Cut Copy, and Daft Punk teamed up for a monumental jam session, it’d probably result in the glorious, glamorous disco funk and electro house that Bolivard has crafted for us on his sensational new tune. The artist, who’s also taken on the role of graphic designer and illustrator at newly minted label Cookie Records, inspires us to strut our way across the room in bliss to his lush dazzler. Maya Funk is the second single revealed off Cookie Records’ Crispy Groove Compilation. Visit the first single, Patawawa’s Lie, via our recent feature, here. Maya Funk is available, here.

May 16, 2018

Galvanizing indeed is this 18 year old producer’s music, who’s been making waves in the EDM community back home in Wisconsin for awhile now, having built a mass of followers all across major music platforms with his prior releases. The young talent, who goes by the name of Galvanic, has more than caught our ears with an inky dark, gritty snarling new release named Ghost that melds together future bass, trap, electro-rock, and darkwave. It’s the producer’s first release in well over a year, and hopefully it won’t be his only single in 2018 considering how much we’re hooked on the spectral blaze that is Ghost. You can find the single on Apple Music, here.

April 18, 2018

Since I’m not a very religious person, my experience with holy water is rather limited, or more like, non-existent. I have a feeling Tanners’ Holy Water is much more a ravishing and pleasant experience, spirituality aside. The New York City based songwriting and production act (Tanner Peterson) drenches us with seductive psych-pop and steamy plush synthpop on the luscious smoldering, opulent rippling song. Known as a woman with a strong passion for creative production and engineering, Tanners strives to encourage women to take charge of their own productions as she has with her music. She was even invited as a performer at Ted Talks symposium for TEDxTeen in 2017, and she was the face for British visual artist Shantell Martin’s collaboration with Puma, too. Holy Water’s slick, ethereal synth world is a molten field of lava in which we find ourselves fully, gladly engulfed. Inspired by her childhood love for the beach, Holy Water celebrates the beauty and electricity born from allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable and enveloped by the ocean. “It’s a thank you song to the ocean for teaching me to embrace vulnerability,” Tanners says of the track. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more music from Tanners. Holy Water is available on all digital platforms, now. 

March 21, 2018

The moment I heard Glory Me, I fell hard for FRANKIIE, an all female four piece from Vancouver, Canada. The song kicks off with a smoky curling step that reminded me of Feist before it opens up into a rambunctiously chugging dream rock escapade. Glory Me comes off the band’s debut full length arriving later this year. The indie outfit released an EP and toured a bit in 2015 before focusing on their own individual projects, but it didn’t take too long before their members reconvened with renewed excitement. FRANKIIE’s full length will move away from their earlier folk tendencies and into a more experimental alt-rock vibe, as heard on sultry simmering, noire burning Glory Me, which contemplates life and death, like many of the other tracks on that forthcoming album. Watch the music video for Glory Me below. Glory Me can also be streamed via alternate platforms, here.

February 20, 2018

With a musical moniker like Buzzy Lee, it’s almost as if Sasha Spielberg already knew she’d pick up a whole lot of buzz with her music. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter is the daughter of renowned film mogul Steven Spielberg, but she’s making her own way with glossy and coltish pop on whimsical Coolhand, which was produced by esteemed artist Nicolas Jaar. Coolhand’s sass and playfulness evokes a mix of Feist and JAIN, but enveloped in a fluid and murky, dreamy and surreal soundscape. It’s quite the dynamic and kinetic arrangement, and it explores our notions of self-worth as entailed by our addiction to social media. Coolhand is the lead single from Buzzy Lee’s forthcoming EP, Facepaint, due out April 27th on Future Classic. Pre-order, here.

February 10, 2018

Taylor Upsahl, the 19 year old singer songwriter form Arizona behind pop project UPSAHL, has dazzled us many a time with her dulcet yet spunky alt pop in the past. We knew a new track from the buzzworthy artist would be a fine Friday treat. Sure enough, Kiss Me Now is another magnetic slice of her magnetic voice and her brand of gusty rocking, sweetly hooking pop. Kiss Me Now is a modern take on a classic first date, when everything is going great but that kiss just isn’t happening. UPSAHL shows us how determined and driven she could be with this grunge tinged, boisterous driving gem. UPSAHL plans on spending most of her 2018 in Los Angeles working on new music with a wide range of songwriters and producers. In other words, we have a whole lot more UPSAHL to look forward to. Kiss Me Now can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

January 25, 2018

Languorous and sensual minimalist soul seduces our ears and leaves tingles rippling across our skin as South London’s Puma Blue hits our radars with a breathtaking ballad named Only Trying 2 Tell U. The slow burning, dewy yearning song is part Rhye, part Sade, part Yellow Days, and part Tom Misch, but fully ravishing. We’re at the mercy of its exquisite falsettos and melancholic strings, which slither and glide luxuriantly and softly on the tender winding, jazzy curling track. Only Trying 2 Tell U is available from iTunes, here. For more of Puma Blue’s extraordinary music, stream Soft Porn below, a lo-fi soul and slowcore simmering delight.

December 24, 2017

Pep.B, or Joseph Busa, is a fresh new Australian electronic producer on our radar, even though it looks like he’s been dropping many lit electronic tracks for the past few years. He grabs a hold of our ears and leaves us gasping for air with a killer re-work of TLC classic, No Scrubs. Ritzy chic house meets luscious future bass and spine tingling trap on the resplendent remix. Pep.B breathes new life into this blast from the past anthem, which is a free download, here. For another dose of Pep.B’s creative genius, check out his gritty jarring trap and bass original with Brandon Jonak, Purp, below.

December 12, 2017

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is a hot bed of musical talent, but what has eluded us up till now is Sasha Sloan, a rising new singer songwriter whose beautifully haunting pop is reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, but with a duskier electro pop and simmering Olivia O’Brien-like R&B pop approach. She’s cast quite the spell on us with her second single, Runaway. It’s no wonder this artist to watch has already collaborated with the likes of ODESZA, Kaskade, and Kygo. Runaway is an immensely moving break up aria, whose sparse electronic soundscape and vulnerable vocals adds to its intensely poignant aura. You can listen to Sasha Sloan’s recent debut single Ready Yet below, a soft fleecy, dreamy glimmering R&B pop leaning ballad. Both songs are available from iTunes, here.

December 6, 2017

Big news and a big new tune has arrived from California genre bending alt group The Neighbourhood this week. A new EP named To Imagine has just been announced, and it’s expected to arrive on January 12th. Our first taste of the EP is a wavy pulsing, sleek pumping alt/electro jam named Scary Love, and it’s quite the dashing dance-inducing swooner that feels a bit like torrid ZHU crossed with slick agile Empire of the Sun, with a copious amount of retro appeal. There’s no better way to amplify our excitement for a new The Neighbourhood EP than a song as immense as Scary Love. Download/stream the hot new single, here.