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May 30, 2018

Brooklyn’s genre-defying indie quartet Rubblebucket lifts our spirits this month with news of a new album entitled Sun Machine, out August 24th via Grand Jury Music. And they’ve already shared an endearing first peek into the full length by way of a video for their wistful, supple new single Fruity, replete with smoky horns and honeyed vocals. It’s a dreamy yet buoyant gem with a lusciously plucky rhythm and a soft lissome, light fluttering drawl. Our love for Rubblebucket is more than renewed by this chamber pop imbued single, and now we really can’t wait to hear Sun Machine, which can be pre-ordered, here. Fruity is available as a single, here.

May 25, 2018

Perhaps you somehow missed the news and buzz surrounding this welcome development, but in case you didn’t know, Theresa Wayman of Los Angeles art rock band Warpaint has been releasing some fabulous new music as solo project TT. In fact, she just released her debut album LoveLaws last Friday, and it’s high time we pay homage by sharing its latest single, a murky, muddy trip hop and art pop song named The Dream. It’s a heady Björk meets


treat that I’m very much looking forward to sinking into live when TT headlines Popscene in San Francisco on July 6th (with our French-American favorites Freedom Fry supporting, too). For more tour dates and links to TT’s debut album, head over to her site, here.

May 18, 2018

Well, woopty woop, scoopty poop, I’ve made the egregious mistake of completely missing out on the arrival of Chaos Chaos’ debut album and I’m feeling rather sheepish about it, considering how good the lead single off the sisters’ record is. The now LA-based indie project released their eponymous first album earlier this week. The 10 track record features this playful charmer, Pink Politics, a crystalline bubbling indie pop meets electronic pop gem that’s kind of like a mix of Dirty Projectors and School Of Seven Bells gone pop, with a drizzle of Grimes’ whimsicality. Its simplistic video seems an extension of the song’s squeaky clean minimalist charm. I don’t know about you, but I’m making time to listen to Chaos Chaos’ debut album soon as I can. Stream via Spotify, here.

May 14, 2018

After teasing us with a cryptic video and leaving us near breathless from our growing anticipation for new music, Lykke Li shared two stupendous new tunes last month, including a collaboration with Rostam named ‘hard rain’ and a song named ‘deep end’ produced by some very talented artists. They were our first tastes off new album ‘so sad so sexy’, out June 8th on RCA. Just as we hoped, the beloved Swedish indie/art pop artist has followed the songs up with a brand new treat over the weekend. Watch the heartwarming video for ‘utopia’, directed by Clara Cullen. Actual footage of a young Lykke Li and her mom, as well as clips of her with her son are utilized in the video. Both her intimate video and her sanguine song are incredibly moving, especially with Mother’s Day having just passed. Despite its soft glow, there’s a dark melancholy to be found in ‘utopia’, especially towards the end… It’s a truly familiar timbre for fans of Lykke Li’s music. Pre-order new album ‘so sad so sexy’, here.

May 5, 2018

It’s been three long years since Canadian group BRAIDS released their last album Deep in the Iris, one of 2015′s remarkably avant-garde and artfully brilliant masterpieces. Though they did release their Companion EP the following year, it’s been a long time since we’ve heard from the art rock trio, so it’s a fortuitous treat that BRAIDS has returned with not one, but two spectacular new tunes, both lush and mesmeric, extraordinary and beautiful. Burdock & Dandelion is a wavy whirring excursion with shades of Dirty Projectors coursing through its whimsical melody and hypnotic vocals. But there’s also a sweet tenderness and a quietude that reminds me of Wet, and an electro-driven experimentalism that evokes Hundred Waters/Nicole Miglis. The song is accompanied by second track Collarbones, a key lavish jazzy piece. Stream Collarbones below. These are songs that literally seem to inhale and exhale, and we do so in sync with them, riding their ebbs and tides, their swells and recessions, utterly caught up in each one’s current. Both stunning songs are available, here.

May 4, 2018

A large part of the music-loving world is basking in joy now that Florence + the Machine has announced a release date for new album High As Hope. And I’m sure, like us, you can’t wait for it’s arrival on June 29th. In case you haven’t heard the second song Florence Welch has revealed from the album yet (after enthralling us with breathtaking first song Sky Full Of Song), let’s all watch the A.G. Rojas directed video for Hunger together. We get a magnificent dose of Florence’s incomparable voice and her intimate, raw lyricism on the song which explores themes involving acceptance, community, and joy. “This song is about the ways we look for love in things that are perhaps not love, and how attempts to feel less alone can sometimes isolate us more,” says Florence. “I guess I made myself more vulnerable in this song to encourage connection, because perhaps a lot more of us feel this way than we are able to admit. Sometimes when you can’t say it, you can sing it.” I can’t wait to see Florence + the Machine headline at Outside Lands Music Festival this August. She’s such a spectacular performer, a goddess bursting with contagious vitality and vigor, and her glorious baroque pop always lifts us towards the heavens. Pre-order High As Hope, here.

May 1, 2018

I just came across new Mass Gothic a short while ago, and I immediately listened to it not once, not twice, but three times (making this the fourth as I’m writing this). That’s how brilliant the band’s new single is. Dark Window, which arrives via a murky lyric video, is nothing short of inky splendorous. Its verdant lushness exudes shades of Arcade Fire, tinted with the opaque bewitchment of Bat For Lashes and perhaps even some of Beach House’s more atmospheric whirring, vigorously unsettled pieces. The husband-wife duo from NY leave me incredibly excited and hopeful for news of a sophomore album with their first song in quite some time. It’s been a couple of years since their eponymous debut album dropped on Sub Pop. Dark Window can be found on Apple Music, here.

April 25, 2018

Vestigial tails are strange unnecessary relics leftover from our evolution as human beings. But they’ve lent themselves well to Enola Fall’s sprawling new single, Vestigial Tail. The Tasmanian band has shared a Lynch-meets-Pan’s Labyrinth styled music video to go along with their fourth and final single from forthcoming album Bloodhound, their first record since permanently moving to Los Angeles late last year. Wild Beasts’ melodramatic tendencies intertwine with DeVotchka’s orchestral driven grandeur and Geographer’s dark fantastical beauty on Vestigial Tail. It’s a dream-like, soul-searching journey that leaves us excited for Bloodhound, expected to arrive soon. Vestigial Tail can be found on iTunes, here.

April 18, 2018

New UK duo APRE are off to an exciting start. Not only have they just released a fantastic first single named All Yours, but they’re already slated to perform at festivals like Great Escape, Live at Leeds, and more. Inspired by bands like Foals, Tears For Fears, and Bombay Bicycle Club, APRE reels us in with coruscant shimmering, plucky sashaying All Yours, our first taste of an EP they’re already preparing to release later this season named The Movement Of Time. The pair ooze confidence on the track, whose lyrics capture the intensity of that point where you are ready to fully give yourself to someone. Sparkling alt pop and perky art rock interweave as APRE showcases their prowess in writing and production as well as their skills as vocalists and multi-instrumentalists. You can also listen to All Yours via Spotify, here.

April 18, 2018

“What makes a man?” seems a rather complicated question to try and answer, so instead of attempting such a futile feat, let’s just delve into the soaring art pop and indie rock found on Stereo Honey’s spectacular new single instead. What Makes A Man is a dazzling anthem from the London four piece. Slivers of Foals’ art rock and Local Natives’ mellifluous howling vocals bedeck the dynamic rolling, exultant gushing sonic tidal wave. Stereo Honey loosely based the song on an Emma Payne poem named The Boxer. The band will be making the UK festival rounds this summer with performances at Live At Leeds, Liverpool Sound City, and The Great Escape.