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May 8, 2018

Aww yeah, I knew we’d be in for some new Jungle soon considering the collective’s recent touring activities, and here we are, with not one but two new jams (and videos) from the funk and soul loving Londoners! Happy Man and House In LA are our first new Jungle tunes since the band lit us on fire with their 2014 self-titled debut album. Hopefully, this means their sophomore album is arriving soon, and a new expansive tour is on its way, since I had to miss their stop in San Francisco a few weeks back. Happy Man is classic Jungle, a funky strutting, soulful swaggering affair. It’s lavish and opulent, dashing and suave. House In LA, however, bucks the usual Jungle pizzazz for a heady and sleek, dreamy and warped shimmer, kind of like James Vincent McMorrow gone psychedelic plush whilst enveloped by Radiohead’s orchestral electronica. While Happy Man might be the immediately hooking song out of the two, there’s no doubt House In LA is my favorite and the most brilliant offering. Happy Man and House In LA are both available now from XL Recordings, here and here, respectively.

December 1, 2017

I love Fleetwood Mac, as do many other music heads I know. They’re huge influences on so many of our favorite bands and artists, and many have covered them over the years, particularly when it comes to

quintessential Fleetwood classic, Dreams. We couldn’t help but gasp when a cover of Dreams surfaced courtesy of Young & Sick, the absolutely brilliant Dutch born, Los Angeles raised musician and visual artist whose been dropping our jaws with his creativity for the past few years. Right away, we knew that Nick van Hofwegen’s cover of Dreams would be a brilliant rendering, an imaginative and fresh ode to the original. With his waxy, glassy voice, reminiscent of Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor or Son Lux’s Ryan Lott, Young & Sick coos over a lavish soundscape that stays true to the original’s twanginess. But he instills in the song plenty of psychedelic intricacy and a whole lot of disco glam resplendence. The cover follows Young & Sick’s excellent new original Ojai, which you can re-visit, here. Watch a visual accompaniment for Young & Sick’s Dreams below, replete with a series of Nick’s personal interpretations of the original Dreams cover artwork.

October 24, 2017

Hundred Waters’ new album Communicating might be out digitally, but its physical release won’t be arriving until this Friday. This means, I won’t be able to receive my CD copy of the album for a few more days. The wait is tormenting. After all, I’ve loved this Floridian art rock and indietronica band for awhile now, and I can never resist Nicole Miglis’ gossamer and ethereal voice. The stunning video for album single Firelight will more than tide me over in the meantime. Artist and director James R. Eads has created a beautiful animated film utilizing big-brush drawings. It’s a fine accompaniment for Hundred Waters’ shadowy yet fantastical, entrancing and soothing lullaby, a gorgeous minimalist composition that oozes such twilight magic. Order your copy of Communicating from major retailers, here.

September 20, 2017

It was a fateful day four months back when we discovered a new Brisbane producer and songwriter named oscar oscar via his debut single ‘Hey ho’, an intricately crafted work of spellbinding artistry. It took awhile of waiting for oscar oscar to give us his second single, but it was well worth the wait. Delve into the recesses of your own heart and the depths of your soul by taking an introspective journey with See Myself, a spaciously drifting, graceful meandering alt electronic opus that echoes the sensual softness of Rhye, the dreamy texture of Bonobo, and the finely nuanced experimentalism of Hundred Waters. The delicate gem leaves me floating on fleecy clouds, lost in a sublime trance. You can also stream See Myself via Spotify, here.

September 19, 2017

Esteemed and esoteric Icelandic artist Björk released a new music video and song yesterday. The Gate is both visually stunning and aurally astonishing, a lush wonderland and fantastical trip that’s far too striking not to give it a requisite share. The Gate’s video, directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, takes us into a world surreal and magical, psychedelic and other worldly. The song itself does the same. Its a mystical experimental piece that leaves us feeling like we’re privy to a glimpse into something mysterious and arcane. It flows and flitters, a strange and wonderful work of art. Learn more about The Gate on Nowness, here.

August 23, 2017

Man Without Country is Welsh vocalist and musician Ryan James’ most distinguished musical project, but he hasn’t released new material under that name in two years. He breaks his silence by announcing a new double A-side, Lion Mind / Jaws of Life. Lion Mind is a pensive indie electronic & alt pop drifter featuring chiffon vocals by Finnish singer songwriter SANSA. Its hypnotic beats, atmospheric synths, and silky swelling aesthetic create an ever enthralling, deeply introspective experience. You can watch a kaleidoscopic visualizer for Lion Mind below. The new double A-sided release, which shows two contrasting sides to James’ artistic vision, is now available exclusively via Music Glue. The release will also be available to listen on all streaming services, and to purchase from all digital retailers from September 18th.

June 13, 2017

New York based Columbian artist Ela Minus has released a music video for Ceremony, the lead track off of her EP, Adapt, the last in a trilogy. It affords us a fine chance to be bewitched by her minimalist avant-garde electro pop, which feels like a cross between Zola Jesus and Austra’s gothic offerings and Visions era Grimes. The video for Ceremony is a representation of “every day life with all its beauty and all its heaviness”. It’s built on Hieronim Neumann’s landmark work Blok, an experimental animation from 1982 made in critique of the buildings erected in the midst of communism in Poland. Ela Minus decided to edit it and remix it in celebration of his work while adding her own perspective to it. This tribute and cross-generational collaboration of sorts between Ela Minus and Neumann is an extension of Ela Minus’ visionary talent and creativity, which is more than apparent on her restless skittering song itself. Ela Minus will in fact be heading out on tour with Austra soon. Ceremony and the rest of Ela Minus’ Adapt EP are available from iTunes, here.

May 24, 2017

We’re kicking off this new set of shares with something beautiful yet hushed. Crazy, Stoned, & Gone is the latest song from Los Angeles based lo-fi folk singer songwriter Angelo De Augustine. The pensively soothing lullaby comes with a lovely animated music video, directed by illustrious musician Sufjan Stevens. Crazy, Stoned, & Gone is an understated treat for both the eyes and ears. The song is lifted off of Angelo De Augustine’s new album Swim Inside The Moon, arriving on August 25th via Asthmatic Kitty. Pre-order, here.

May 9, 2017

Do you know how to tell if a band has truly grown to become one of your all time favorites? Wait till they haven’t released any new music in awhile, then see how your body reacts when the first whiff of new music arises out of the blue. If a bolt of electricity races through you, and you toss everything aside to dive head first into that new music, and your heart is beating at a hundred miles a minute in anticipation of those first notes, then you know. That’s how I felt when new Hundred Waters surfaced earlier today. It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since the Floridian art rock and experimental electronic band gave us their last full length album The Moon Rang Like A Bell, easily one of 2014′s best records. Though Nicole Miglis lent her exceptional voice to Bonobo’s song Surface earlier this year, I’ve still been missing it dearly. It’s with much joy that I encountered today’s new gem, Particle, which comes ahead of Hundred Waters’ performance at FORM Arcosanti this weekend, an event the band has been curating themselves. Particle is thoroughly bewitching. It’s an electro leaning, whimsical ambling, and icy enchanting beauty with rumbling beats and ethereal keys, sort of like Imogen Heap gone dark ambient and abstract surreal. The song is a free download, here. Word is, Hundred Waters is nearly finished with a new album to be expected this fall. 

April 18, 2017

The art and animation of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli are so highly esteemed, so well loved, and so deeply respected that his magical world, ever so exquisitely touching and sadly nostalgic, has become like a religion of its own. Many of my friends grew up watching his films, shedding tears over their tender melancholy and the gut wrenching truths that he profoundly weaves into his timeless stories. Those same friends, and so many of you, I’m sure, will love what Grammy nominated Australian musician and producer Andrei Eremin is doing under his new project name Ghosting. ‘One Summer「 Spirited Away 」’ is the first taste of an expansive body of work he’s been creating, a mixtape named Reimagining Miyazaki which fuses the ethereal sounds of films like Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, Porco Rosso, and more with the mellow entrancing, supple enchanting vibes of downtempo electronica and hip hop. On top of that, Eremin has put together a beautiful video for the first track from his mixtape, forged out of actual Miyazaki clips. Re-visit some gorgeous Miyazaki moments while you drift away to his dreamy meditative composition. The full Reimagining Miyazaki mixtape will be out on May 12th via Wondercore Island.