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May 30, 2018

If you haven’t been jamming to Westerman’s latest single for much of the month already, it’s high time you strut your stuff to groovalicious Edison, a slick warbling, funk slinking indietronica and pop song that gives voice to the frail inner monologue of the narcissist. As Westerman says “It’s about ambition, petulance and ill preparation. I imagined myself inside the head of the megalomaniac. I played around with all the unmet need and fear you would find there.“ The Londoner certainly crafts some of the most fascinating music of the moment. On warm glowing Edison, Westerman continues to collaborate with electronic producer Bullion to sculpt his sophisticated experimental sound. Edison even features some moments that remind me of early 80s classics by the likes of Talking Heads, but then Westerman quickly switches up the vibe of the song again with his lush blend of instrumentals. A Westerman album is slated for 2019, which seems like a very long time for us Westerman fans to wait, but we promise we’ll be patient. Edison is out on Apple Music, here.

May 16, 2018

If you haven’t heard JONI’s Omens yet, prepare for some smoky-noire bewitchment as the NYC to LA transplant, who’s spent the bulk of her career penning platinum hits for pop icons, delivers a dream-like swathe of dark moody, dusty sweltering indie/alt pop on her song. Omens, JONI’s first official single, was produced by Noise Club and Pat Howard, and it’s a harbinger of much more treats to come from JONI this spring and summer. 60′s pop and 70′s psychedelia adorn the lush, luxurious pop groover, which can also be streamed via Spotify, here

May 8, 2018

Australia’s Slow Turismo never fails to charm me with their wonky warped psych pop and woozy jangling indie rock. Their latest single Adult Baby is a prime dose of exactly just that, a dulcet yet wistful, youthful and gauzy coming-of-age ditty that steals my heart away with its peppy step, its crunchy guitars, and some vintage flair. You’ll be oohing along before you know it, and swaying in rhythm to its contagiously ambling cadence. If you missed out on our long time affair with this Canberra quartet in the past, make sure you re-visit some of our older features, here.

May 5, 2018

It only took a few seconds for me to become a Mazy fan. That’s how gloriously intoxicating the Sydney trio’s spacey psychedelia is on new song Enemies. The band, who just signed to Sweat It Out, have melded Tame impala’s glistering grandeur with Washed Out’s heady chillwave, plus they seem to have sprinkled it all with some of Cults’ charming indie/synthpop, too! Enemies, which arrives with a wonderfully quirky video, is only Mazy’s second single. The band released their debut single Heliar late last year, which is also a must listen gem. Stream the lusciously pulsing indie electro song below. It’s no wonder Mazy has been making waves back at home in Australia with their delicately organic, powerfully electronic music. Enemies is available via major platforms, here.

April 26, 2018

Life feels a little bit less solitary and far less lonely when accompanied by marvelous music, which is exactly what Lonely Benson serves up on his fresh new synthpop, chill disco, and psych pop jam, Let It Go. The plush grooving, sultry smoldering tune is the Nashville artist’s first single of the year. It undulates, surges, and swells, all the while winding through an intricate array of incendiary guitar work, jazzy keys, effects-laced vocals, and an infectiously lush, spacey whirring atmosphere. Let It Go arrives alongside the release of Lonely Benson’s Will Pugh produced full-length debut, featuring fan favorites like psychedelic Location and Spotify smash hit Strawberry Afternoons. Stream Lonely Benson’s eponymous debut album on Soundcloud, here, and support via iTunes, here.

April 25, 2018

Los Angeles artist Mikale D’Andrea keeps it simple and to the point on the Soundcloud profile for his new project SAVI MINDS. “I like writing songs about how I feel, and I like using sounds that portray the way I think,” he says and continues: “My goal with SAVI MINDS is to expose the hidden layer of myself that I never want to tell anyone about.” We’re infinitely fortunate we get to witness and partake in what artists reveal of themselves through their music, and we’re more than lucky we get to sway to the gauzy strums and gently spiraling synths found on SAVI MINDS’ first single, Dreaming. Its mellow psych rock and chill shoegaze wallows in a spectrum of despairing emotions, but we drift on the song’s incandescent shimmers and ultraviolet waves in pure, untroubled bliss. SAVI MINDS’ Dreaming can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

April 18, 2018

All the “frills” without the pretentiousness could very well be this duo’s slogan. New York based New Zealand duo Frills leave us swooning with their resplendent psych funk, dance rock, and disco pop on She’s Got Love. It’s the most intoxicating fusion of Foster The People, Portugal. the Man, and MGMT vibes we’ve ever heard, a delectable jam with suave electric guitar riffs and smooth falsettos. For more Frills, including fine gems we’ve featured in the past, visit their Soundcloud, here.

April 18, 2018

Since I’m not a very religious person, my experience with holy water is rather limited, or more like, non-existent. I have a feeling Tanners’ Holy Water is much more a ravishing and pleasant experience, spirituality aside. The New York City based songwriting and production act (Tanner Peterson) drenches us with seductive psych-pop and steamy plush synthpop on the luscious smoldering, opulent rippling song. Known as a woman with a strong passion for creative production and engineering, Tanners strives to encourage women to take charge of their own productions as she has with her music. She was even invited as a performer at Ted Talks symposium for TEDxTeen in 2017, and she was the face for British visual artist Shantell Martin’s collaboration with Puma, too. Holy Water’s slick, ethereal synth world is a molten field of lava in which we find ourselves fully, gladly engulfed. Inspired by her childhood love for the beach, Holy Water celebrates the beauty and electricity born from allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable and enveloped by the ocean. “It’s a thank you song to the ocean for teaching me to embrace vulnerability,” Tanners says of the track. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more music from Tanners. Holy Water is available on all digital platforms, now. 

April 11, 2018

I could get through anything when I have a new jam like this one from Oakland’s Pink Skies to keep me grooving, so it’s more than suitable that Arieh Berl, the multi-talented artist behind the project, has named his latest release Just To Get By. Berl, who’s also a member of local indie outfit Fever Charm, continues his upwards trajectory as a striking artist to watch with the ravishing new tune. Gauzy psychedelia abounds on the propulsive driving, opalescent shimmering song. Pink Skies continues to enamor us with an opulent brand of kaleidoscopic rock and dreamy pop akin to the lush rhapsodies catered by fellow visionaries like Electric Guest, Tame Impala, and Broken Bells. We’re hoping Berl’s continuing momentum means we’ll be hearing even more of his iridescent concoctions soon. Just To Get By is available via major outlets, here. Stream more of Pink Skies’ heavily lauded singles on Soundcloud, here.

April 11, 2018

Los Angeles based band Elle Belle, who we’ve had the honor of premiering music by before and who’s also collaborated with Brooklyn indie pop darlings Lucius in the past, will be releasing their new album No Signal on June 29th via Little Record Company. Elle Belle graces us with a new single from the record. In The Garden, which Elle Belle’s Christopher Pappas says is a song about becoming obsolete, is a sleek strutting yet deeply reflective delight. Elle Belle’s hazy psych pop and wavy synthrock meld into one another alongside the song’s syncopated beats and nimbly plucked strings. Pappas explains: ‘You had a vision there – in nowhere America, and had it disappear to end up in the soil.’ A blue collar worker that’s had his or her job turned over to automation, an artist who wonders if the voice they have is relevant anymore, or seeing someone who has broken your heart move out and move on. It’s about that pain we feel when we’re pushed aside to make room for the new. I think this sentiment within the baby boomer generation fueled the backlash that lead to the Trump victory. I also think it scares impressionable young white men to believe his voice is becoming irrelevant and so he pushes back against POC and women.” His new nine song album works through the stages of a breakup, leading us on an all too familiar journey through heartbreak, betrayal, bargaining, and unanswered questions. No Signal is ultimately an album about breaking up with America and isolation. You can pre-order No Signal digitally or on limited edition vinyl now at Bandcamp or iTunes.