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April 5, 2018

I have been waiting for today for a very long time. Seven years have felt like an eternity, but today, my hopes have come to fruition, my prayers have been answered. Friendly Fires is back! Let’s celebrate by shaking our rumps like Ed Macfarlane so famously does with such panache, then dive into Love Like Waves, the English outfit’s first new song since 2011 album Pala. The band has been teasing their return these past few months, and they’ve sure made that anticipation worthwhile. Love Like Waves shimmies flamboyantly, the perfect dollop of Friendly Fires’ tropical funk and indie dance rock. If there’s anything I feel like I’m still craving for after jamming out to the track countless times already this afternoon, it’s some of the profuse drums and cowbells of the band’s classic releases. Let’s hope this means a new album is on its way, and a tour that will bring them back to California. Maybe they’ll grace the Treasure Island Music Festival stage again this fall, as they did in 2011, the last time I danced to them live. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Download/stream Love Like Waves, here.

September 18, 2017

I normally prefer my rainbows multi-colored, but Australian synthpop and indietronica legend Cut Copy has convinced me black rainbows are just as spectacularly scintillating. Earlier this year, Dan Whitford and his band caused quite a euphoric commotion when they returned with their first new material in years on Astralwerks. While Standing In The Middle Of The Field and Airborne are nothing short of brilliant, Black Rainbows’ got my heart in a vice grip with its beach-y, funky pop and iridescent spiraling electronica. Out of the three, it’s most like Cut Copy’s older hits. I’m hit by a sudden wave of nostalgia while I twirl in endless circles to the divinely mellifluous treat. Black Rainbows will be on Cut Copy’s forthcoming album, Haiku From Zero. Pre-order before it drops on September 22nd, here.

September 8, 2017

Less than a week ago, Toronto beatmaker and songwriter Tep No delivered a sublimely soothing, balmy tropical collaboration with Irish talent Jamie Brown named Follow You. Tep No, who apparently doesn’t like to stay silent, has given us some fresh reasons to be grateful. His summery remix of Kiki Rowe’s Come My Way, featuring Khalil, is a rambunctious yet dreamy tropical oasis. It’s also introduced us for the first time to Canadian chanteuse Kiki Rowe. You can listen to her luscious yet snappy original, here. Tep No’s rich and luxuriant remix brings us back to the prime of summer, far from the colder seasons knocking at our door. It’s always summer when we have Tep No to dance to. And let’s just say summer is my favorite season of them all. You can purchase his remix of Come My Way from iTunes, here.

May 11, 2017

PC Music’s Month Of Mayhem continues in glorious manner as Danny L Harle dishes out some candy coated, high octane electronica and pop on 1UL. The song, which comes with an appropriately eye popping lyric video, is the title track from the producer’s new EP arriving May 19th. Balmy chimes and trance-y synths join saccharine female vocals on the buoyant bounding, elastic springing, and sharp jabbing sonic dazzler. Grab the single from major outlets, here.

January 20, 2017

If anyone owes anybody anything, it’s probably me who owes a lot to both UK producer Draper and South London singer songwriter KYKO after the lustrous glistening bliss they’ve delivered me into with new song I.O.U. Golden drips of KYKO’s balmy tropical pop trickle into Draper’s sensual springing electronica. I.O.U. is nimble and frisky, a sexy intoxicating soiree that takes us back into the thick of a romance filled summer. The single comes from Draper’s new guest talent studded EP, fittingly named Luminous, out now via iTunes

September 11, 2016

Gryff, a production project created by Perth resident Wade Mustoe, brightens my Sunday afternoon manifold with synth opulent summer funk from a track taken from his forthcoming EP, Take The Light. In fact, he swoops me right off my feet and takes me on an epic journey across the most beautiful beaches and through the gorgeous cities of the world. Dive // Argentina is irresistible, a glowing explosion of vivacious funk, pastel hued pop, and cool tropical dance. It’s an obvious must for any fan of St. Lucia, Cut Copy, Friendly Fires, and Miami Horror. Dive // Argentina is a free download, here.

June 9, 2016

Welsh trio XY&O are back to follow up on their ace EP, Shimmer + Shade, with a glistening new tropical lavish tune named Chameleon. The exuberant song is as prismatic and incandescent as its name suggests. XY&O will have you dancing in euphoria to this synthpopping dance delight. It’s immensely uplifting and full of vivacious life. Chameleon is the first in a series of monthly summer tunes, and it’s a free download, here.