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March 21, 2018

Silverchair’s Daniel Johns and Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele were two very busy music luminaries last week while we were dashing around Austin like crazy. It sure is a nice surprise to come home and find out that the two have formed a new project together named DREAMS, and they’ve already released an explosive first isngle named No One Defeats Us. Dance rock, French house, and synthpop meld together on this invincible anthem. To be honest, it’s an unexpected composite sound since Daniel Johns’ solo music is much more R&B driven these days. No One Defeats Us is more Empire than anything, with an extra funky strut and a whole lot of glamorous twirling. Turns out, Daniel Johns and Luke Steele are long time buddies, so DREAMS is a realization of that long-time friendship.  No One Defeats Us is described as a war cry, or an exorcism of a bad series of events, or a bad dream. DREAMS makes their debut performance at Coachella this April. I can only imagine how glorious it’s going to be. Download/stream No One Defeats Us, here.

December 1, 2017

I love Fleetwood Mac, as do many other music heads I know. They’re huge influences on so many of our favorite bands and artists, and many have covered them over the years, particularly when it comes to

quintessential Fleetwood classic, Dreams. We couldn’t help but gasp when a cover of Dreams surfaced courtesy of Young & Sick, the absolutely brilliant Dutch born, Los Angeles raised musician and visual artist whose been dropping our jaws with his creativity for the past few years. Right away, we knew that Nick van Hofwegen’s cover of Dreams would be a brilliant rendering, an imaginative and fresh ode to the original. With his waxy, glassy voice, reminiscent of Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor or Son Lux’s Ryan Lott, Young & Sick coos over a lavish soundscape that stays true to the original’s twanginess. But he instills in the song plenty of psychedelic intricacy and a whole lot of disco glam resplendence. The cover follows Young & Sick’s excellent new original Ojai, which you can re-visit, here. Watch a visual accompaniment for Young & Sick’s Dreams below, replete with a series of Nick’s personal interpretations of the original Dreams cover artwork.

November 9, 2017

Yes, indeed, this one’s been out for a moment, but I’ve been enjoying Kid Froopy’s debut EP Drive Slow so much (including the rad remixes on the record) that I just have to throw it up for a share, too. You can check out the original version of Dreams, here. Its fluorescent pulsing electronica and fleecy soulful vocals get a mighty fine workover on Lil Texas’ remix. The Los Angeles based producer capitalizes on the original’s lush ambiance and gives it an energy boost on his percussive skittering, lavish simmering, yet elastic bounding edit. It’s a very fresh approach and an sumptuously intoxicating experience that befits the original’s title. I could dream forever to Lil Texas’ remix, as well as Kid Froopy’s original. Stream Kid Froopy’s Drive Slow EP in full on Soundcloud, here. Support by purchasing/streaming via alternate options, here.

September 25, 2017

Let’s stay a moment in that beautiful country known as Sweden so Alice Boman can break our hearts with a beautifully haunting new song named Dreams. Dreams is a ghostly pop song both feathery light and powerfully lush. Dark yet elegant, stringy and ornate Dreams comes with an austere and gorgeously filmed music video. I have a feeling David Lynch might like this song considering both his love for dreams and their ties to the subconscious as well as gorgeously evocative, poignant stirring music drenched in nostalgia. As he’d say… “Is it past or is it future?” or… “Who is the dreamer?” 

Boman says of the video: “Vårhallarna, where this video is shot, is such a special place to me.I have spent so much time there, because my grandmother has a house 2 minutes away, and when I go there I always feel calm and inspired.There are now some unclarity whether my grandmother will keep the house or not.So I wanted Vårhallarna’s magic and beauty to be the core of this video – as a homage to the place and to all the memories.” Dreams is available digitally and on limited edition 7″ via Control Group, here.

August 21, 2017

Perhaps you missed the news, or perhaps you were blasting that surprise new ZHU EP all weekend long. If you’re of the former group, prepare for a spectacular journey as ZHU, still one of the most innovative and creative Grammy nominated producers of the moment, serves up plenty of his dark sultry, torrid gripping deep dance vibes on stardustexhalemarrakechdreams, which you can stream in full on Soundcloud, here. The four track collection ends with a much teased and long awaited collaboration with legendary British trio NERO named Dreams. An ominous and foreboding beginning invites us into NERO and ZHU’s brilliant composition. It’s as if we’ve entered a medieval cloister and happened upon an ancient ritual. A spell is cast, and we dive head first into the portal that has been summoned. Future and past, modern tech and olden spirituality all collide as we’re surrounded by steely synths and ice cold beats, as well as an endless stream of jolting bass. Dreams is a stellar balance of NERO’s heavy jarring expertise and ZHU’s ever sweltering proficiency. ZHU’s new EP also comes with three vertical music videos directed by Elliot Sellers, which can be viewed via Spotify, here.

June 23, 2017

Dreams is an incredibly intriguing sonic experience that fully lives up to its name. It’s a surreal and shadowy, eccentric and bizarre hover of an electronic and experimental pop song from Neta Elias, a forward thinking singer-songwriter and producer who’s chosen artistic moniker is TESHA. Though she’s based out of Los Angeles, TESHA was born in Israel, where she grew up playing with her mother’s living room piano and drew inspiration from the likes of Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush, and the classical era. Our first encounter with her bewitching music is actually her second single from an upcoming EP named Dreams Vol. 1, due out June 30th. The near spiritual meditation that is Dreams is like a confluence of all that is left field entrancing and dark haunting from the likes of Björk, Zola Jesus, Purity Ring, and Lydia Ainsworth, but suspended in a nebulous and murky solution.

March 25, 2017

Sunday, that solo project created by Miami Horror’s Aaron Shanahan, crafts dreamy meditative chillwave and deeply intoxicating electronica. The producer has already sent us to cloud nine many times before with songs like Only and Waiting For You. Today, he’s back with a heady re-production of one of my all time favorite oldies. He’s taken Fleetwood Mac classic Dreams and morphed it into a pastel drifting, diaphanous oozing work of splendor. Sunday’s cover of Dreams lingers long in the air, like the taste of a gentle rain on this wet spring day. You can revisit Shanahan’s other releases as Sunday on Soundcloud.

June 12, 2016

Dreams is only Jane XØ’s third song to date, but with each release, it’s only become increasingly more obvious that this enigmatic anonymous artist has a massive future ahead. Her first songs Hard To Forget and Lies went viral upon release, and the same is already happening to Dreams, too. Dreams kicks off like Rihanna’s Stay, with a lone mournful piano, before it blooms into a spaciously spellbinding trap imbued pop ballad. The atmospheric future pop song is polished and pure, a riveting beauty sure to turn even more eager fans on to this rising star.

October 15, 2015

Fun, dreamy, catchy song and colourful video for Cady Groves track ‘Dreams’. This video actually premiered on FUSE last week and they describe the video as roller-rink-tastic. If you’d like to hear more from this Oklahoma pop sweetheart you can buy her EP ‘Dreams’ which is out now. 

July 2, 2015

London based New Zealand natives Two Cartoons are ever charming on surf rock meets indie pop song Dreams, for which they’ve revealed a new music video today. It’s a gritty clip with an intimate coziness that befits Dreams’ jangly guitars and nostalgic, Band Of Horses evoking air. Dreams is from Two Cartoons’ debut album, Happiness Is Trouble, due out later this year.