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April 11, 2018

We live in a time of GPS and Google Maps. Much of our youth has probably never unfolded a map to figure out how to get to their next destination. Yet, I still harbor an affection for perusing an atlas. I don’t find myself archaic at all. Chicago alt rock crew Maps & Atlases may have been around for a long time, but they are in no way antiquated either. The band just announced their next full length record Lightlessness Is Nothing New, out June 1st on Barsuk, and the first single Fall Apart is a superb jam. Infectious hooks, jaunty beats, and vibrant synths adorn the animated song. The last time Maps & Atlases dropped an album was 2012, but they’ve managed to evolve their sound these past six years and craft a true modern indie banger, one that will lift you to your feet and urge you to move them with spry lightness. Pre-order Maps & Atlases new album, here.

April 2, 2018

Mourn, a rock quartet who hails from Barcelona, recently announced their third full length, Sopresa Familiar, out June 15th via Captured Tracks. They’ve also shared a fantastic new tune and video named Barcelona City Tour. I actually did take a city tour in Barcelona a couple years ago, and it would’ve been a massive treat to have had this energizing song to accompany my adventures. It’s a raucous and boisterous extravaganza with riotous drums, angular guitars, and yelping vocals. Obviously, there’s nothing to mourn here, only some glorious and unruly, mathy rock to celebrate. Barcelona City Tour’s music video was directed by the band itself. Mourn’s new album will delve into themes including experiences with toxic figures in the music industry, being abandoned as touring teens in a foreign country, and letting go of the past. Pre-order the album, here.

January 16, 2018

As mentioned in our last post, Moaning will be heading out on tour with Canada’s Preoccupations this spring, and they’ll be complementing the band’s post-punk by slinging plenty of their own gloriously kinked post-punk tracks when they do so, too. The Los Angeles based trio will be releasing their self titled debut album on Sub Pop come March 2nd, and they’ve just shared a second single from the release. Rock out to the video for Artificial, a noisy seething, moody brooding masterpiece that borders on math rock with its vehement drum and guitar patterns. You can also watch the video for the lead single from Moaning’s self titled debut below. Don’t Go is just as thrilling and blearily inebriating tune. Pre-order the band’s debut album, here.

January 16, 2018

Today’s a mighty fine Tuesday for a fan of dark angular post-punk and restless bristling noise rock like me. Lots of fine new music has surfaced in the arena, including a new track from Preoccupations, the acclaimed four piece Canadian band formerly known as Viet Cong. They make their return in 2018 with news of what’s being reported as their strongest and most powerful album to date, named New Material. First single Espionage is a glorious and exultant, exhilarating and jarring anthem. Rough and contorted, ominous and gnarled post-punk greets our ears on this heady new overcast track, which lead vocalist, songwriter, and bassist Matt Flegal says is an ode to depression and self-sabotage. Preoccupations will start their world tour in North America this spring, with a stop at the Rickshaw Stop with fellow post-punkers Moaning on May 14th. I know where I’ll be that night… I caught Preoccupations the last time they played the Rickshaw Stop and it was magnificent. Pre-order New Material, which arrives on March 23 via Jagjaguwar, here.

October 3, 2017

Leeds outfit FEHM has been making quite a name for themselves back home in the UK since they released their acclaimed debut EP, Circadian Life. They now bring us a mesmeric dose of their dark angular post-punk and gazey coldwave on Last Breath, a track off their new double A-side, Last Breath / Human Age. If you’re fond of bands like Interpol, Preoccupations, White Lies, and such, like we are, you’ll find yourselves falling head over heels for FEHM’s inky glum Last Breath. The new double A-side arrives October 27th via the band’s own label, Everything Has Meaning. 

September 2, 2017

I’m so glad surf rock isn’t dead, because I love sun bleached, windswept rock. I thank the music gods for exciting bands like Surf Rock is Dead, who’s been at the forefront of reviving the sound in the indie scene. Our love affair with the Brooklyn based duo continues as they serve up angular post-punk on jagged Everything They Said. The dark jaunty tune ventures into both darkwave and psychedelic territory with its rich swirling, moody brooding synths. Everything They Said’s rhythmic cadence and notched guitar also deliver the sublime hypnosis of math rock in spades. In short, Everything They Said is everything I love dearly in rock. Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg, who hail from Chicago and Melbourne originally, have delivered a sumptuous song reminiscent of Day Wave, Beach Fossils, DIIV, Joy Division, and Preoccupations. They’ll be dropping their new EP, We Have No Friends, on October 6th in both vinyl and digital formats. The vinyl version will include the band’s debut EP, SRiD, on its b-side. Pre-order, here.

August 2, 2017

I’m Right Here is beautifully atmospheric and deeply eloquent, which is pretty much what we expect from veteran post-rockers El Ten Eleven. It’s a dreamy drifting second taste from the pair’s new EP, Unusable Love, on which they’ve partnered up with The Dig’s Emile Mosseri. We shared its first single, the title track, last month. The two songs are the first time we’ve ever heard El Ten Eleven wade into vocal collaboration territory, and we’re more than grateful they’ve decided to go in this fresh direction. Emile Mosseri’s gauzy introspective, feathery wafting vocals and El Ten Eleven’s intricate post-rock/indietronica are a sublime union. Their Unusable Love EP will be out everywhere on August 18. Pre-order on CD, 10″ vinyl, or  bundled with limited edition exclusive merch, here.

July 29, 2017

I know it’s hard to truly tell what my personal music tastes are, considering how all over the place we are on IHM with the music we appreciate and enjoy, but those that do know me well would probably know that I have a deep affinity for the jagged rhythms and angular guitars found in post-punk and math rock. As such, I can’t help but gravitate to Fake Palms and the Toronto band’s new song Glass Walls. It’s endowed with a copious amount of menacing guitars and sports a sharp intensity alongside its dandy dose of 60′s psychedelia. Glass Walls is the first single from the band’s sophomore album Pure Mind, arriving September 15th on Buzz Records / Pleasence Records. You can pre-order the album, here.

July 29, 2017

It’s time for some well deserved local music appreciation as we turn our ears home towards that lovely town across the bay named Oakland, wherein resides a close-knit community of gifted musicians and artists. Out of their ranks rises Club Night, a five member band who made their debut earlier this month with a song named Rally. The collective has since released an enrapturing second song to follow up on that single, and this lo-fi jam is quite the free wheeling charmer. Well is an eccentric combination of bedraggled noise rock, punk rock, and guitar pop. The more I listen to Club Night, the more I find myself infatuated with their blithe and disheveled rock. Debut single Rally, which you can stream below, is also a noisy crunching, rugged hooking gem, with more of an angular post-punk and stringent math rock edge. Both songs are lifted from Club Night’s forthcoming debut EP, Hell Ya, out August 25th and available from Bandcamp, here.

July 26, 2017

Young Irish five piece Search Party Animal is the golden fruit of my new music searches the other day. That’s when I stumbled upon the lads’ new single Enemies, a fabulously hooking blend of indie rock, math rock, and cinematic post-rock, with an infusion of vibrant pop grandeur. The band has already built a reputation for their energetic live sets and been compared to the likes of Vampire Weekend, Foals, and Two Door Cinema Club. Enemies, however, proves how unique their sound can be. The magnificent single is out now on Faction Records. Details about the band seem scarce on this side of the pond, but we’ve got our eyes and ears on Search Party Animal.