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May 30, 2018

If you haven’t been jamming to Westerman’s latest single for much of the month already, it’s high time you strut your stuff to groovalicious Edison, a slick warbling, funk slinking indietronica and pop song that gives voice to the frail inner monologue of the narcissist. As Westerman says “It’s about ambition, petulance and ill preparation. I imagined myself inside the head of the megalomaniac. I played around with all the unmet need and fear you would find there.“ The Londoner certainly crafts some of the most fascinating music of the moment. On warm glowing Edison, Westerman continues to collaborate with electronic producer Bullion to sculpt his sophisticated experimental sound. Edison even features some moments that remind me of early 80s classics by the likes of Talking Heads, but then Westerman quickly switches up the vibe of the song again with his lush blend of instrumentals. A Westerman album is slated for 2019, which seems like a very long time for us Westerman fans to wait, but we promise we’ll be patient. Edison is out on Apple Music, here.

May 29, 2018

Firstworld, the project of South Florida’s Kris Alvarez, unveiled a music video for his latest single today, welcoming us with the lo-fi video into his world of chillwavey electronica and smoggy bedroom pop. Not Obvious is a hazy swirling song that immediately recalls my love for bands like Neon Indian, Washed Out, and even MGMT’s latest album Little Dark Age. It’s quickly apparent (the opposite of ”not obvious”) I’ve just stumbled upon a favorite new chillwave artist. Follow along with our new discovery on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

May 23, 2018

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May 22, 2018

Within the dusky shadows of Two People’s music is much melancholia and woe, as we learned last year when we came across the Australian duo’s song If We Have Time. Phoebe Lou and Joseph Clough, the masterminds behind the project, are well known for their role in now dissolved project Snakadaktal (whom we were huge fans of here at IHM). And now, the pair are back with an exquisite new song named ‘I’m Tied, To You’, a moody smoldering, seductive throbbing alt pop and electro piece brimming with visceral burning, lonely aching saxophone and doused with a kinetic tide of impassioned beats. Of the track, Phoebe says:  “The words are written about being tied to yourself. There is a fragility and frustrated loneliness in that. It’s a kind of dialogue. Here, the ‘you’ is myself. We had a great moment recording the ‘sax’ through our guitar amp and pedals. Joey was improvising in the final stages of production and the room sounded like a big dark rave, it just sounded right, we knew then that it was ready. We used that initial recording on the album, if you listen closely you might hear us yelling wildly and moving around the room.” 

Two People will launch their awaited live show at Splendour In The Grass this July as a three-piece. They aim to create a flowing set that that exaggerates every sound, moment and feeling from their recordings. I can only imagine how arresting ‘I’m Tied, To You’ will be, with its galvanic current and ambulatory flux. Stream/download the sensational single, here.

May 22, 2018

If Vancouver Sleep Clinic really were the name of a sleep clinic focused on helping people get past their insomnia, it’d probably be a total failure. For the life of me, I can’t imagine ever falling asleep to Tim Bettinson’s atmospheric and ambient alt pop, so often doused in spectacularly haunting electronic production. I feel very fortunate to have caught VSC on tour at intimate SF dive Bottom Of The Hill last spring, and I can assure you, not a single person in the audience dozed off to his beautifully melting music. The contrary was true instead; we were all transfixed and intoxicated by VCS’s music from his excellent 2017 debut album Revival. And now Vancouver Sleep Clinic has released yet another stunning escapade into the hidden chambers of our hearts, a gorgeously moving indie electro meets alt-pop ballad named Silver Lining. The single follows on VCS’s recent EP, Therapy Phase 01, which featured guest appearances by the likes of Raury and THEY.’s Drew Love. Tim Bettinson explains: “Silver Lining is about watching someone become too good for you. I’ve lost people I care about to the limelight before, and while you’re trying to be happy for them, sometimes you just miss the days when everything was so simple.” Find out about Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s 2018 tour dates, here.

May 22, 2018

It’s impossible to resist Tiny Deaths’ dream pop when you’re as much of a fan of bands like Au Revoir Simone and School Of Seven Bells as I am. We find ourselves spinning in bliss to their snowy thrumming, sleek whirring new single Always, which comes accompanied by an understated visual gem

“dedicated to survivors” and directed by Catherine Orchard. The crystalline dream pop and glassy synthpop song is a preview from Tiny Deaths’ sophomore album, expected to arrive later this year. 

May 19, 2018

Electrified” we are by newcomer Just Loud and his vivacious alt pop debut, which in the short interim it’s been out has already been added to four of the top five radio markets (including our own favorite, San Francisco’s The New Alt 105.3). One listen to the superb single more than demonstrates why. Electrified is immediately infectious, a funk tinged jam that seems to meld Cherub, Foster The People, MGMT, and Passion Pit with a dash of Prince. That might seem like an outlandish combination, but Just Loud executes his energetic burst of jaunty synths and perky strings with slick panache. Just Loud teamed up with producer Dave “Sluggo” Katz (Neon Trees, Katy Perry) on the striking debut, which is out today on Eleven Seven Label Group’s Five Seven imprint. Just Loud ruminates on the parties of days past. The frisky earworm is easily one of this year’s finest debuts. Just Loud is already preparing to release his first EP, entitled Episode I. Stream/download Electrified, here

May 18, 2018

Oh, I could definitely “feel it” when it comes to the latest from Swedish crooner Alex Aris. Our prior encounters with the singer songwriter materialized when the buttery voiced artist made guest appearances on a smattering of electronic releases. It quickly becomes apparent that we’ve been missing out on his solo music as we melt to his melodic sweeping pop on love-struck Can You Feel It. We previously missed out on what looks to be his debut single, gooey thrumming, dance-ready Wrong Love, which you can stream below. Can You Feel It can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

May 18, 2018

Well, woopty woop, scoopty poop, I’ve made the egregious mistake of completely missing out on the arrival of Chaos Chaos’ debut album and I’m feeling rather sheepish about it, considering how good the lead single off the sisters’ record is. The now LA-based indie project released their eponymous first album earlier this week. The 10 track record features this playful charmer, Pink Politics, a crystalline bubbling indie pop meets electronic pop gem that’s kind of like a mix of Dirty Projectors and School Of Seven Bells gone pop, with a drizzle of Grimes’ whimsicality. Its simplistic video seems an extension of the song’s squeaky clean minimalist charm. I don’t know about you, but I’m making time to listen to Chaos Chaos’ debut album soon as I can. Stream via Spotify, here.

May 18, 2018

We don’t really believe LINES when they name their song “We Will Never Rule The World”. I’m pretty sure with some sly planning, the Swedish project could take over the globe with their kinetic music. Just listen to LINES’ razor-sharp new single, a prickly slicing dance pop and dark electro-pop jam with thrilling industrial undertones. We Will Never Rule The World features female noise rockers Dolores Haze on guest vocals. They add a whole lot of spice and spunk to the already feisty chopper of a tune. LINES music has been described as “unadulterated euphoric nihilism”. We Will Never Rule The World is easily the quintessential embodiment of that statement with its pulsing beats, frenetic synths, and vociferous vocals. Listen to LINES’ music on Spotify, here.