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January 28, 2018

A rising tide of buzz follows Glasgow born and Manchester raised singer songwriter Tom Walker these days, particularly after he dropped his soulful and emotive single Leave A Light On late last year. A three track EP for the single has been released, and it features a phenomenal edit by none other than UK electro-R&B sensations AlunaGeorge. It’s amazing what they’ve done to the song. I never would have imagined an alt song like Leave A Light On could lend itself so well to such an ornately textured, synth thrumming future bass styled remix. AlunaGeorge’s remix is a testament to their everlasting talent. Their Leave A Light On is atmospheric and lush, yet darkly haunting at the same time. And it’s absolutely gorgeous. You can sample the full Leave A Light On remix pack on Soundcloud, here.

November 15, 2017

We’re not surprised at all that it’s been quite a year for Glasgow born, Manchester raised shining star in the making Tom Walker. We’ve been praising the artist and his deeply affecting music since we encountered Play Dead a year ago, and each time we hear his soulfully sonorous voice, we can’t help but surrender our hearts again. We only wish that we could have caught him when he opened for The Script at the Fox last month, but I’m sure another chance to see him will come along soon. Or so we hope. Tom Walker’s recent single Leave The Light On, a tour de force anthem and bright beacon of hopeful rapport, has been on the receiving end of a tremendous remix by AlunaGeorge, another long time IHM favorite. The UK electronic and R&B duo completely turn the track on its head to masterfully create their synth thrumming, beat skidding, and chill atmospheric remix. It’s a wonderfully intoxicating and much more dusky Leave The Light On. Re-visit the original, here.

August 5, 2017

Renowned Minneapolis producer Gigamesh focuses his potent remix talents on on the latest smash hit from both Australian duo Peking Duk and UK duo AlunaGeorge. That’s right, Fake Magic has received a divine makeover in the hands of Matthew Thomas Masurka. He lightens up the track with airy synths and lithe buoyant beats. There’s only real magic here at work as we get down on this magnificent Friday night to Gigamesh’s glittery disco house and brisk future funk. 

July 11, 2017

For me, it’s massive news when fresh AlunaGeorge drops. I have a feeling many of you feel the same way. I’ve been an ardent fan of the English electronic duo since before IHM existed, having fallen hard for George Reid’s production prowess and Aluna Francis’ sassy vocals from the moment I heard You Know You Like It. The pair are just so good at crafting a unique brand of music that pulls from 90′s R&B, UK garage, and dancehall, and it came as no surprise when they collaborated with Disclosure on their first album Settle considering how well the groups’ sounds meld. AlunaGeorge is heading out on tour soon with Coldplay. Just in time to kick off their travels are Turn Up The Love and Last Kiss, the pair’s first new singles of the year. Turn Up The Love is a bubbly lithe, fiery spry jam. Signature AlunaGeorge vibes are saturated with an extra whiff of tropical warmth.  Last Kiss, which can be streamed via YouTube below, leans more heavily into dancehall territory. Its steel drums also make it a summer time must. It’s a tune you’ll want to take with you onto a white sand beach. 

June 5, 2017

There sure as heck is nothing “fake” when it comes to the magic that happens when Aussie duo Peking Duk and UK duo AlunaGeorge come together. The epic union has resulted in a funk permeated banger named Fake Magic, which comes with a fresh new video situated in a seedy dive bar. Aluna’s signature sassy R&B vocals are a heavenly accompaniment to Peking Duk’s disco endowed electro. The plucky electrifying jam channels a generous amount of Daft Punk in its flashy glamorous threads. Fake Magic is out on iTunes, here.

May 1, 2017

Dutch producer Bobby Rock truly “rocks” it on his recent banger You Know You Like It, a jouncing future house take on DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge’s You Know You Like It. The laser jabbing, jagged bouncing dazzler delivers electrifying thrills reminiscent of Oliver Heldens and Tchami. It’s just what the mind and body needs on a drowsy Monday morning. The jolt it delivers is far more efficient than a cup of coffee. Suddenly, we’re ready to conquer the week. Download You Know You Like It for free, here.

April 21, 2017

It’s been a moment since we’ve heard any new renditions of AlunaGeorge’s Popcaan featuring hit I’m In Control. We eagerly return to Aluna’s sassy sweet vocals and George’s ravishing soundscapes now that a DJ and producer from Zurich who goes by the name DNO has offered up a vivacious thrusting, grimy whomping trap and bass remix. DNO has managed to craft a remix both cleanly done and gritty thrilling. He shakes my very core with its jolting spirit. The adrenaline pumping, weekend ready remix is a free download, here.

February 17, 2017

I had a feeling we were in for a scorcher of a ride when I saw that AlunaGeorge had recruited Southern California’s DEVAULT for an official remix of Not Above Love from their sophomore album I Remember. The original’s dark and moody electro R&B gets a spritz of spicy vehement trap energy on DEVAULT’s glorious re-creation. A menacing undertone imbibes this spry chopping, expansive bounding edit, making it a temperamentally rousing yet sonorously lifting experience. The official remix is out now on iTunes.

September 7, 2016

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September 5, 2016

I was on the look out for physical pre-orders of AlunaGeorge’s star studded sophomore album I Remember for months on end. I don’t know if I was somehow failing in my searches for a U.S. release, or whether they were just late on revealing said information. I nearly tore my own hair out under the duress of stress. It was but late last month that I was able to pre-order a CD, following which I released a huge sigh of relief. The UK duo are set to slay charts with highly anticipated I Remember, from which we’ve already heard plenteous R&B dance jams much piquant thrilling and sinuous seductive. Mediator is the latest fresh taste from I Remember, a track that sees AlunaGeorge doling out a far slinkier groove and much more gooey vibe. Smooth and sumptuous Mediator only adds to my excitement for I Remember, which apparently boasts both zestful jams as well as slow burning ballads. I Remember will be out September 16th on Island, pre-order from iTunes, here.