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July 11, 2017

For me, it’s massive news when fresh AlunaGeorge drops. I have a feeling many of you feel the same way. I’ve been an ardent fan of the English electronic duo since before IHM existed, having fallen hard for George Reid’s production prowess and Aluna Francis’ sassy vocals from the moment I heard You Know You Like It. The pair are just so good at crafting a unique brand of music that pulls from 90′s R&B, UK garage, and dancehall, and it came as no surprise when they collaborated with Disclosure on their first album Settle considering how well the groups’ sounds meld. AlunaGeorge is heading out on tour soon with Coldplay. Just in time to kick off their travels are Turn Up The Love and Last Kiss, the pair’s first new singles of the year. Turn Up The Love is a bubbly lithe, fiery spry jam. Signature AlunaGeorge vibes are saturated with an extra whiff of tropical warmth.  Last Kiss, which can be streamed via YouTube below, leans more heavily into dancehall territory. Its steel drums also make it a summer time must. It’s a tune you’ll want to take with you onto a white sand beach. 

April 4, 2017

It’s been more than a year since we last heard from UK duo WITHOUT. They make a more than resounding return with their new single Wanta Be to reinstate themselves as a dance phenom. Suddenly, all I “wanta be” doing is tearing up a dance floor in a club. Deep rumbling bass reverberates from the floor as an exhilarating mixture of jungle-y future garage and tropical R&B house shake me up. Wanta Be is like cross between Mura Masa and Disclosure. Wanta Be is out now via The Peace. You can also stream the single via Soundcloud below.

March 22, 2017

A song named Party Starter is by nature expected to be a high octane thriller. It should flood us with euphoria, release a heart pumping flow of adrenaline into our body, and send shockwaves through our nerves. Netherlands production artist Domastic manages to do all of that and more on his new single. It was a chance encounter that lead me to his music yesterday afternoon, but before I knew it, I was sitting there hooked on Domastic’s sound. He stood out from the crowd with his metallic clanging house, a heavy hitting sound that jabs sharply like future house, entrances darkly like deep garage, and goes haywire erratic on us like happy hardcore. Upon diving deeper into Domastic’s repertoire, I found myself enthralled by countless more tracks on his Soundcloud. Party Starter is a free download, here. You can also stream the single via Soundcloud below.

December 15, 2016

Our very first introductions to Chris McClenney have been voluptuous future soul remixes, but lately, the East Coast producer and crooner has been busy with a set of originals as he builds towards a highly anticipated debut solo EP, Portrait In Two. Headlines is the sumptuous third installment from that record. Curvy bass meets island vibes in a very Mura Masa like manner as the musician thaws our hearts with sleek velvety, feathery floating R&B soul. Chris McClenney’s debut EP is set to drop on January 13th. 

December 3, 2016

It seems proper that Young Franco makes his way back into our open arms with a song named Miss You, considering the fact that I’ve missed his original handiwork in his silence much of the year. The Australian producer sashays his way back on to the scene with chic swanky, sexy pirouetting confidence on Miss You. This frisky and sassy tune features AlunaGeorge like vocals laid over a plush bed of luxuriant future garage and disco funky production. Miss You is like static electricity. Those of you in Australia can be electrified by this jam live when you catch Young Franco on national tour with UV Boi in January. Purchase Miss You from major outlets, here.

October 29, 2016

It seems not many have caught wind of the new Jacob Montague project as of now, but I have a feeling that could change very quickly once word gets out. Some might recognize Jacob Montague as Branches, the gifted producer and musician from San Francisco. He now makes his debut as tsutro with an ethereal first song named Back To You. This effervescent future garage enchanter evokes incredible producers like Jamie xx, Flume, SBTRKT, and Mura Masa with exotic chimes and a dreamy chromatic texture. Los Angeles electropop project Sunday Lane lends airy celestial vocals to the song, giving it an extra boost of other worldly beauty. Though Back To You is but our first appetizing taste of tsutro’s sound, Jacob is already readying a self titled full length for our eager ears. The LP is set to drop February 10th via Positron Music.

October 19, 2016

[PREMIERE] Henry Krinkle – Lifted

Henry Krinkle has been an electronic heavy weight on our radar for nearly as long as IHM has existed. Who can forget the producer’s timeless masterpiece, Stay? It’s hard to believe it’s been four long years since that sensational original first liquefied our hearts. In the interim, the Los Angeles based producer has continued to enamor and enchant us with a splendid array of remixes and originals, which leads us now to Lifted, a brand new track that will be on house music collective and digital record label Homerun House’s inaugural compilation release, Hall Of Fame Vol. 1

This massive compendium of sensational electronic tunes is set to arrive on Halloween, a rather appropriate choice considering the manner in which Lifted hypnotizes and mesmerizes. Henry Krinkle takes an unexpectedly dark and experimental route on his heady house jam. Lifted is restless and intense, an adrenaline pumping joyride that “lifts” us from ominously foreboding chasms to exuberantly lavish peaks of revelry. This deep acidic and future garage compound is substantially different from Henry Krinkle’s prior music, and it’s wickedly scintillating. You can snag Lifted as a limited free download, here, but it’s highly recommended that you check out Homerun House’s compilation, Hall Of Fame Vol. 1, come spooky ol’ Halloween day. Listen to more tracks from the record over at Homerun House’s Soundcloud.

September 5, 2016

Despite the fact that Jeremy Malvin has been busy with his stellar new project Promises Ltd. alongside Miniature Tigers’ Charlie Brand, the Brooklyn producer continues to find time for his solo project, Chrome Sparks. Whilst touring the US as Chrome Sparks, Jeremy reveals a spectacular new tune named All Or Nothing, which features vocals by Body Language’s Angelica Bess. This warped pulsating mass of eccentric hypnotic electronica charges us up from the get go. All Or Nothing is spaciously punctuated by Angelica Bess’ airy sensual R&B, and the ensuing ride is nothing short of a sublime mind trip. If Little Dragon went all Tourist and Jamie xx on us (simultaneously), they might still fall short of the brilliance of this florid gilded electronic piece. All Or Nothing is out now on Counter Records. Purchase or stream from various other outlets, here.

August 24, 2016

Hayden James’ Just A Lover is deep bouncing, smooth sensual deep house jam, a racy and seductive late night dance floor anthem. It’s that sexy jam that Canadian producer POMO takes on for his latest remix. POMO gives Just A Lover into an eargasmic steely future house and funky garage makeover. The shifty dynamism and tactile ebullience of the track are mesmeric. The glassy sleek remix is divinely intoxicating.

June 23, 2016

Tourist’s debut album U has been on constant rotation for me these past months, thrilling me with its forward thinking immersion of vivacious electronica. The UK producer has just announced a new fall tour, on which he’ll stop by San Francisco at the Independent on October 8th. I’m aiming to be there, considering I missed him the last time he was in the Bay. Tourist has also revealed a light show magnificent music video for album track Too Late, making this a must share moment for the rich cinematic, thumping spirited masterpiece. Hit up Tourist’s website for more information about his new tour and for purchase info for U.