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May 1, 2018

I wonder how miffed Tove Styrke was when the Swedish pop artist released her first songs a few years ago and tons of people, including myself, kept typing her name wrong. I felt sheepish once I found out my mistake, but I must confess I was glad I wasn’t the only one to write “Stryke” rather than “Styrke”. It’s been a long time since then, and Tove Styrke has become a well loved artist in pop, particularly after songs like Say My Name and Mistakes took off. Come Friday, she’ll be releasing her new album Sway, whose title track is a polished and refined aria. Styrke says of the balmy traipsing, dulcet marching anthem: 

“I love Sway so much! It brings me back to late summer nights in Stockholm when it never really gets dark and things just fall in to place and happen. You know those nights when tomorrow doesn’t exist and nothing in your past either for that matter. Everything is just now, and right now everything is just good. You’re free. That’s what this song is to me.” Tove Styrke toured with Lorde this spring, and she’ll be joining Katy Perry as direct support on a European run set to kick off on May 23rd. Details can be found, here.

November 2, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 10.25.2017 – 11.01.2017

Featured Music – October 25th – November 1st, 2017
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April 27, 2017

Yesterday was kind of a big deal, because yesterday, Dutch-Iranian artist Sevdaliza, a long time IHM favorite, dropped her highly anticipated debut album ISON. In the days leading up to its release, Sevdaliza had unleashed a haunting track named Hubris, which you can stream above. Hubris, as you might know, is defined as excessive pride or self-confidence. As always, this visual and sonic artist of colossal talent (also a ridiculously impressive stage performer) explores the dark and visceral aspects of human nature in her twisted experimental R&B and warped electronic concoction. If it’s art you’re looking for, and meaningful art at that, Sevdaliza’s got you covered. In fact, you can stream her riveting debut album ISON in full below via YouTube, too. It’s a generous treat and one I’m eternally grateful for, especially since there isn’t a physical release for ISON (yet?). You can purchase ISON from iTunes, here

March 7, 2017

We’re only a week into March, but it’s already been a fabulous release month in regards to debut electronic albums. San Francisco’s own Slaptop, who took the scene by storm over two years ago with tracks like Sunrise and a wicked remix of Zhu’s Faded, has dropped his first full length, With You. The eleven track album features a plethora of guest talent and it offers up a versatile set of rousing tunes, many of which we’ve already shared previously. Throughout the album, it’s obvious there’s no mistaking any of its songs for anything but Slaptop. The producer’s extensive display of genre dexterity is tied together, for the most part, by the underlying billows of nostalgic deep house, a sound we’ve come to lovingly associate with Slaptop’s music. It’s a recipe we find immensely stirring and timelessly moving, as can be felt on album track Change, an exhilarating yet heartbreaking dance anthem. You can stream Slaptop’s debut album With You in full on Soundcloud. Purchase With You from iTunes, here.

November 14, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 11.08.2016 – 11.09.2016

Featured music – November 8-9, 2016

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October 27, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 10.24.2016

Featured music – October 24th, 2016

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September 7, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 09.05.2016

Featured music – September 5th, 2016

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May 11, 2016

We normally never post full album (or even full EP) reviews or statements, but we’re making an exception this week for a debut album so passionate and powerful it’s nearly impossible to coherently put into words the feels that exude from the album. That album is Sincerely, the first full length from Stephen, an incredibly talented young man from Southern California with much to say. Last August, I was fortunate enough to partake in an early listen of the most fittingly and accurately named Sincerely, and the below were my thoughts and the feedback that I penned via return email in regards to the project after several much paralyzing listens. Keep in mind, the below was written long before the very first single (Remembering Myself) was revealed to the public circa eight months ago, and it was based off of a work in progress. Barring a little bit of grammar touch up, these were my words exactly, in an interpersonal “setting”, not initially meant for an orderly blog post but worthy of sharing now that Stephen’s Sincerely is out on Halfway House Records and available for all to hear. 

Sincerely is pretty amazing, I didn’t mean to sit down all 37 minutes of it [final album is now circa 35 min] at close to midnight on a weekday. I figured, okay, I’m curious, I’ll check it out a sec then listen to it in full on the weekend. But then I was hooked! The deeper I listened, the more I was into it! 

It felt as if Stephen was baring all. The songs are so raw, so genuine. And he has a spectacular voice, completely gripping. The production on the songs was amazing, too, very grandiose. Sincerely was an emotionally exhausting journey, but in a good way. I can’t wait to hear the final versions of some of the songs, especially the ones designated for gospel additions. They’d be even more sweeping, expansive… even spiritual. Now I feel like I DO know who Stephen is, in an emotional sense. It sounds as if he’s gone through some major soul searching, and it’s documented honestly and movingly on Sincerely, in a way that reflects on the listener’s own inner struggles, fears, and self realization. Stephen hits us in the core by revealing his own weathered soul and tribulations. I actually did not want the listen to end, I even went back and re-played several of the tracks all over again once the album’s 37 minutes [again, now ~35 minutes] were over. 

I love the variation in sound on his myriad of songs, some more guitar growling, some darkly resonating with tense electronic elements. Blues, soul, R&B, future bass, and hip hop seamlessly combined into “Stephen”, indiscernible from one another because they are all one and the same, an inspiring story of strength and vitality. First single

[forthcoming at the time]

Remembering Myself embodies that in droves. Yet, I can’t decide on a favorite song off Sincerely. You know a project is spectacular if you’re hard pressed to select a favorite track off of it. 

And, as suggested, Sincerely feels like a whole, rather than fragments put together. 

In the months following my rambling but heartfelt praise of Sincerely, Stephen has taken the music world by storm with his alt soul and electronica, and he’s very much growing to be the voice of a lost generation, one whose restless young souls are tossed around on the battlefield of a strange digital age when hate and self doubt loom around every corner, stoked by the media, by politicians, by peers, by fear, by everything around us all the time.

Stephen is opening for BØRNS on a couple dates this week.

It was thoroughly gutting that I had to miss Stephen’s debut set at SXSW in March. Here, in San Francisco, I eagerly await my chance to see this genuine musician and bard live.

April 7, 2016

In case you were hiding under a rock all day, let me remind you that Gallant dropped his highly anticipated debut album today. And as expected, Ology is a heart pummeling stunner, a compendium of riveting raw and sincerely moving R&B soul delivered by one of the most stunning vocalists we’re fortunate to have amongst us today. It’s no wonder that there’s a strong consensus among all music industry professionals, tastemakers, and fans that Gallant is the most exciting rising act of the moment. Just listen to the Southern Californian superstar in the making’s ardent crooning on Talking To Myself, one of 16 tracks off of Ology. Snazzy production, a jazzy velour, and much moving rhapsody make Talking To Myself an irresistibly mesmerizing jam. I wish it sounded this splendid when I talk to myself… Do yourself a favor, hurry up and stream Ology in full on Soundcloud, then purchase the album from iTunes.

September 4, 2015

Around the end of last year, I was listening to Live 105 show Soundcheck on a Sunday night, as I often do, and an enchanting tune I had never heard before reeled me in deeply. That song was City Lights, by a local San Francisco act named NRVS LVRS. I spent the next few months impatiently waiting to share the track with you, and was finally able to with much pleasure at the beginning of the year. Fast forward to today, and NRVS LVRS has released their new album, which includes City Lights. This calls for some congratulations and a re-share of the gem, a unique and unsual blend of minimalist electronic pop and intimate folksy pop. The wispy, airy vocals on the delicate song remind me of The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan and Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel. I also love the slightly dark hue of the song at certain moments, making it rather mystical. City Lights is but one of many great tunes off NRVS LVRS’ new The Golden West album. Another gem of a track I’ll tack on below is the lushly executed Black Diamonds, which sways and glides with a carefree dreaminess. It’s quite the cozy charmer. Stream NRVS LVRS’ The Golden West in full on Soundcloud, and buy the vinyl from bandcamp. NRVS LVRS will be playing their album release show next Wednesday, September 9th, here in San Francisco, at my beloved Rickshaw Stop!