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May 22, 2018

It’s been a moment since we’ve visited with our favorite dance pachyderm from LA, but now that Elephante has released a terrific preview of his upcoming 9 track EP, it’s high time we delved straight back into the versatile artist’s vibrant music. Glass Mansion: Prologue features four tastes from the forthcoming project, which drops on June 15th. It’s a guest talent studded affair, as all four tracks he’s unveiled feature magnificent vocal cameos. For now, let’s turn our attention to Have It All, featuring ever pervasive chanteuse Nevve. Elephante presents us with an emotive stirring, lithesome skipping pop meets dance song with crisp affecting melodies and metallic thrumming synths. We can’t decide whether to melt into the floor or get up and dance. Maybe we can do both and “have it all”. Pre-order Glass Mansion, here. Listen to Glass Mansion: Prologue in full on Soundcloud, here.

May 9, 2018

I was traipsing through Soundcloud nonchalantly like I always do in the mornings while fast at work, when I encountered this sick track that I knew I had to hop on to share immediately. The lightning bolt jolt that it’s brought me is way better than any rush the coffee I’m having right now could ever give. All hail Pon De Time, Wuki’s absolutely genius mashup of Daft Punk’s timeless hit One More Time and Major Lazer’s 2009 dance classic Pon De Floor. French electro, steely future house, and dancehall meld together exceptionally in Wuki’s hands to become the most exhilarating mashup I’ve come across in ages. Pon De Floor is a free download, here.

April 20, 2018

Crisp piano stabs and high voltage beats inspire us to get up and dance our Thursday night away on vivacious For Real, a track out now on Spinnin’ from producers Goshfather and Zookëper. Thrills and exhilaration abound as the pair come together to douse us with future disco house and some classic house vibes on the contagiously bounding, sky-high leaping dance extravaganza. Download/stream this superb pick-me-up anthem, here.

March 13, 2018

Most of my close friends know that I don’t like extreme rollercoasters, not because I’m scared of them, I’m not, but because I hate the feeling of free fall once it lasts more than a few seconds. POOLCLVB’s Free Fall, however, is just the sort of free fall that I do love. You see, this “free fall” is more like a triumphant soar through lush, coruscant electronic soundscapes. POOLCLVB blends deep pumping, future edged house with balmy synthpop, whilst guest chanteuse Doolie guides us on the exultant flight with her honeyed vocals . A drizzle of nu-disco funk and a whole lot of 90s nostalgia also saturate the warm, radiant dazzler. Let go of all your worries and dance your way into summer with Free Fall. Stream more POOLCLVB on Soundcloud, here.

March 8, 2018

We’re no expert when it comes to the fine tuning of label contracts and the bureaucracy that’s probably involved in the process, but we are glad that Austalian pop phenom Betty Who seems very content with her new return to independent status, and her first single as an indie artist is easily one of our favorite tracks from her in awhile. While Ignore Me has been picking up a lot of acclaim (check out our feature, here), it seems this new arrangement has also afforded the songbird a chance to make a sweet cameo on Dutch producer Don Diablo’s latest soaring dance anthem. Higher takes us on a swift serotonin ascent with its high energy, luscious pumping house, plus its music video is a barrage of amazing animal footage, including some adorable felines. Aside from music, animals and nature are probably my biggest passions. Combined with Don Diablo’s lifting opus and Betty Who’s sonorous vocals, this audio-visual package is pure sensory heaven. So why the critters and creatures? Higher is the title song for a wildlife feature film named Wild Amsterdam, playing in cinemas across Holland right now. Learn more about the film, here. Higher is taken from Don Diablo’s album, FUTURE, released last month and available, here.

March 2, 2018

Switching from a two piece involving Flume into a one piece with Emoh Instead running the show obviously never slowed Australian electronic sensation What So Not down. It feels like eons ago that the change happened, and I’m sure many have all but forgotten the earlier iteration of the electronic project by now, particularly after all the immensely spellbinding tracks he’s put out over the past couple of years and the insanely scintillating sets he’s thrown down live. It’s been a long wait, but What So Not will finally release a debut full length named Not All The Beautiful Things on March 9th via Counter Record. Beautiful is the third song he’s unveiled from the release. It’s an acute jouncing, synth buzzing electronic track featuring Swedish newcomer Winona Oak, who alternates between candied sonorous and caramel charred vocals. The rusty grinding future house beats and restless percussion on Beautiful gives the track a pressured urgency. They urge us to move our bodies to Beautiful’s anxious yearning and vigorous vitality. You can pre-save and pre-order What So Not’s debut full length, here. Beautiful is available, here.

February 6, 2018

We’re always serious when we’re deep in the midst of extolling Just Kidding’s suave production talent and exhilarating tunes. There’s nothing to joke about when it comes to the pair’s song-crafting and beats-smithing prowess. This continues to ring true as the British duo rocks our socks off with their new house jam, Indiana, a rambunctious dance floor filler drizzled with creamy falsettos and coated in a whole lot of showy sleek, bright sparkling tropical disco flamboyance. I’ve never been to the Midwestern state of Indiana, and I don’t normally consider it one of the top states I want to see, but this is an Indiana I’d love to make a trip out for. Stream/purchase Just Kiddin’s new track, here.

January 26, 2018

Late last year, mysterious new production talent Snugs made his debut with an ear turning, feet moving future bass ditty named Radio Silence, featuring honey-dipped vocals by HAILZ. It was a song that made waves in the electronic scene, racking up well over a million streams via Proximity’s label. Now, Snugs is back with warm synths, playful arpeggios, and punchy beats on another resplendent tune named Flooded, and this time around, he’s brought LA based pop singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Axel Mansoor in tow on buttery vocals. Flooded is a flood of future funky ecstasy, a flashy sleek, swanky hot banger appropriate for some snug dancing with that crush you’re so sweet on. Flight Facilities meets Duke Dumont on the sizzling tune. Stream/purchase this ace second offering from Snugs, here.

January 18, 2018

I’m a devout fan of British band Wolf Alice and their 90s inspired rock. Though their 2017 album Visions of a Life was stupendous, my love for their earlier tracks is stronger than ever. Their music can’t be easy to remix, and it’s not often anyone wants to take on their alt rock and transform it into a dance track, but that’s exactly what Myten has done with White Leather, a song I adore very much. White Leather’s ethereal rock gets infused with a magnificent dosage of buoyant energy on Myten’s deep house remix, which at times carries the resiliency and sharpness of future house. Myten’s edit is dance paradise for a fan of both electronica and rock, and I’d like to thank him for giving us this deep thrumming gift, which is a free download, here

January 18, 2018

An omnipresent misty effervescence and glowing ebullience pervades this new track from New York producer PAIGE. It’s rather fitting the track is named Everywhere, considering the encompassing exuberance it emits. NYC songstress Jojee lends her luminescent voice to the uplifting dance track, a buoyant and lavish melodic house and future house syntehsis out now on Armada Deep. You can stream Everywhere via Spotify, too, here.