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February 10, 2018

We’re a little late to this remix, but it’s a brilliantly crafted near metaphysical experience, and we’re utterly in love with the track. Too Much comes off of Australian band Tora’s debut album Take A Rest, which dropped last summer. It’s a soft rippling, mournful crackling electro-soul gem, and fellow Aussies Fortunes. have given the track a transcendental workover on their official edit. They give it a dusky garage vibe with their shuffling remix, a dreamy chill yet ever shifting masterpiece. It’s a bit like James Blake gone Four Tet or Burial, but with a more vibrant and soulful veneer. The remix is available from iTunes, here.

November 15, 2017

It was a long wait, but London Grammar’s sophomore album Truth Is A Beautiful Thing finally arrived this year, and the English trio once again took our collective breaths away with their operatic dream pop and orchestral trip hop, lead by Hannah Reid’s pure and flawless voice. Standout album cut Hell To The Liars gets turned a completely different direction as North London house and garage duo Gorgon City transforms it into a deep pounding, dark pumping club jam. It’s a glorious remix whose rumbling bass and propulsive booming beats are a stark thrilling contrast to Hannah’s high flying, aerial diving voice. 

September 14, 2017

I gladly re-visited The xx’s latest album I See You whilst I was out in the beauty of the wilderness a few weekends ago after a long time away, and I was quickly reminded of how immense a release it is. On Hold is one of the album’s stand out tracks. Who else, but Jamie xx himself has given the song an unexpected remix that emphasizes the trio’s brilliance? On Hold gets a hypnotic and glorious workover brimming with Jamie xx’s signature underground sound. Step into the dark club, get on the dance floor, and contort your body in visceral pleasure to the remix, which even comes with a freshly minted music video. Jamie xx’s remix of On Hold is available now on limited 12″ white vinyl from The xx’s store, here.

September 12, 2017

“Give me what I want, can’t you see I’ve got this craving for you,” are the lyrics that open up Temptress’ wicked new jam, and it just about sums up how I’ve been feeling about the South London duo ever since they hooked me with Guilty Pleasure late last year. The pair bring us a lavish dose of UK house/garage and smoldering R&B funk on the incendiary track. We’ve been waiting for What I Want for quite some time, and its certainly an opulently enthralling, scalding hot banger. No doubt this is a duo from the UK to watch closely. Temptress’ sound falls right in line with our love for Disclosure, AlunaGeorge, and the likes. Revisit their prior releases on Soundcloud, here.

August 31, 2017

Let’s turn up that Miami heat with a sexy deep house groover from Adam Foster. He enlists some smoldering vocals by Daniela on vibrant pumping Talk. Trust me, you won’t want to do any talking once these beats hit you hard. All you’ll want to do is dance, preferably on a beach on a hot summer night. Adam Foster brings us an abundance of UK house and garage vibes with his sizzling dance dazzler, out now on Swiss label Sirup Music. 

July 17, 2017

Unless you’re brand new to IHM, you’ve probably put up with quite a lot of my babbling regarding Dan Snaith’s brilliance of the years. The musician and producer from Canada is responsible for one of my all time favorite electronic projects, Caribou, but he’s also the man behind the groundbreaking music that is Daphni, too. In just a few days, Daphni’s new Fabriclive 93 mix, a collection of 23 new unreleased tracks and four new remixes, will be arriving on our doorsteps. We’ve already heard immense taste Tin, let’s now turn our ears and attention to Hey Drum. It truly is an ode to the drum, a study in percussion, and a heady hypnotic deep garage meets R&B house dazzler. Snaith uses his sonic wizardry to jostle and entrance us with an intricate array of rhythms and patterns, which he saturates with his usual command of spacial texture and stereophonic sound. Daphni’s new mix arrives on July 21st. 

July 11, 2017

For me, it’s massive news when fresh AlunaGeorge drops. I have a feeling many of you feel the same way. I’ve been an ardent fan of the English electronic duo since before IHM existed, having fallen hard for George Reid’s production prowess and Aluna Francis’ sassy vocals from the moment I heard You Know You Like It. The pair are just so good at crafting a unique brand of music that pulls from 90′s R&B, UK garage, and dancehall, and it came as no surprise when they collaborated with Disclosure on their first album Settle considering how well the groups’ sounds meld. AlunaGeorge is heading out on tour soon with Coldplay. Just in time to kick off their travels are Turn Up The Love and Last Kiss, the pair’s first new singles of the year. Turn Up The Love is a bubbly lithe, fiery spry jam. Signature AlunaGeorge vibes are saturated with an extra whiff of tropical warmth.  Last Kiss, which can be streamed via YouTube below, leans more heavily into dancehall territory. Its steel drums also make it a summer time must. It’s a tune you’ll want to take with you onto a white sand beach. 

July 7, 2017

British collective Black Saint has lit up our radar and rung all our alarms with their second single, Never Did This Before, the follow up to their debut hit Could You Love Me, which has clocked up over 8 million streams on Spotify alone. Their new sultry soulful, gutsy thrumming house banger, which Black Saint mixed themselves, features striking vocals by singer songwriter and producer, Ruth-Anne Cunningham. The booming jam also sports plenty of hip hop, future house, and UK garage stylings in its jabbing beats and skittering percussion. Could You Love Me is reminiscent of a scorching Kiesza hit, and it’s sure to light plenty of dance floors on fire. Grab the mod banger from major retailers, here.

June 22, 2017

I’ve actually been searching for a proper stream of this phenomenal tune for close to two weeks. Back when it first surfaced, the only option available tor sharing was a BBC Radio Hottest Record rip, and Cola is far too fantastic a song to share it in that muddles, low quality state. London based singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Elderbrook recently teamed up with production buzz makers CamelPhat (Whelan & Di Scala) on mesmeric thrumming Cola. It’s a lush swelling, moody gripping masterpiece saturated with lavishly entrancing percussion. Elderbrook’s infectious vocals lure us in with a rhythmic lilt reminiscent of Crystal Fighters and other indie/alt dance bands, but dropped in a luscious garage soundscape much like Jamie xx crossed with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Cola is a jaw dropping collaboration and one of the year’s best electronic tracks I’ve encountered. Grab it from iTunes, here.

May 24, 2017

New Belgian production duo Madou emerged from the shadows but two weeks ago with, not their first single, but a prologue of sorts in the form of a luxuriant rippling electronic piece named Changing. We were immediately impressed by the glassy melodic, finely textured fusion of house, garage, and techno. That introduction to long time friends Jochen Sablon and Vincent De Boec convinced us we had to keep a close watch out for their actual debut single. Nowhere Else arrives via Nest HQ to enchant us with Bonobo like chimes, Tourist like deep rumbling house, and that same intricate texture that we found so ever enthralling on Changing. Its dynamic consistency and meticulous percussion recalls the genius of producers like Four Tet, Jamie xx, and Pional. Madou has plenty more to share as the rest of the year progresses, and we’re all ears. Download Nowhere Else from Nest HQ, here.