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May 22, 2018

Just a few short features ago, we were sharing an immense song from Molly Moore entitled Catch and Release and gushing over its jazzy soulful R&B pop. Now, let’s turn to her beau, progressive soul swooner Brandyn Burnette and his new single, out on esteemed French label Kitsuné. The St. Louis transplant leaves our hearts aflutter with his every smooth and buttery vocals on the resplendent future R&B groover, the first track from Brandyn Burnette’s long awaited debut album which reportedly is on its way soon. Lavish flickering, swanky glimmering Layup showcases some of Brandyn’s best vocals yet. Grab the single, here.

May 22, 2018

I’m still a little crestfallen that PRXZM has re-located to Los Angeles. It’s a story much too familiar and rampant, since everyone seems to like to make their way out to either Brooklyn or Los Angeles once the world picks up on their talent, but I still love to boast when an up-and-coming artist or band resides right here in my beloved Bay. Let’s take a moment to dissolve into the electronic duo’s second single from their forthcoming Come Alive EP, a slow burning, trap & bass infused electronica/electro-R&B track named Tell Me Something New, richly adorned with dark prowling beats and sultry vocals. PRXZM captures the restless feeling of being obsessed with a new paramour on the track, letting that immensely overwhelming experience materialize with tactile magnificence. Stream/download the voluptuous single, burning guitars and all, here.

May 11, 2018

Let’s cozy up “real close” to this fleecy drifting tune from newcomer HUME, a singer songwriter from the UK. He takes us into a surreal, shadowy world of steamy sensuality on Real Close, his debut release. With a gravelly voice that caresses us softly, HUME serenades us with his R&B soul. Real Close’s tactile palette of gently winding electronica envelopes us in weightless warmth. It’s almost as if HONNE has gone future R&B as HUME sings about infatuation and conflicting feelings. He states that Real Close is about: “…

all those confused, conflicting feelings and not being able to truly tell if it will be something short-lived, or something a little longer.” Real Close can also be streamed/downloaded, here.

May 1, 2018

At first glance, the title of Weslee’s new single might be mistaken as “sweet dreams”, but this dream of a tune from the British duo is steamy and hot, with a fierce and foxy strut. Sweat Dreams is a future funk meets R&B pop jam brimming with sultry vibes and hip-swaying beats. It’s a must for fans of Nao and AlunaGeorge’s dance-inducing electro and torrid sizzling R&B soul. You can follow Weslee and their growing compendium of outstanding songs on Spotify, here.

April 30, 2018

Let’s continue our Monday afternoon dalliance with fine cover gems by taking a youthful frolic with this modern take on Pussycat Dolls 2000′s hit classic Stickwitu. LA based producer Jynjo, who’s already graced IHM with his music a number of times this past year, gives Stickwitu a contemporary future beats twist by injecting it with effervescent electronic beats and crystalline vocals turned in by fellow Los Angeles artist Aubrey Wood. The doe-eyed future pop crush song captures all the butterflies and heart flutters that we associate with young love. Rising producer Jynjo is currently taking a break from live performances and concentrating on creating unique music for his fans. Some exciting collaborations are lined up, too. For now, you can stream/download Stickwitu, here.

April 30, 2018

It’s been years since Adrian Lux dropped his hit single Teenage Crime. A bevy of fine remixes cropped up in its wake, too. Swedish multi-instrumentalist and producer STRØM brings back our love for the song with a superb cover that injects the song with a fresh sense of sultry dark intrigue. The sooty splendor of this murky, dusky Teenage Crime is rather deliciously Zhu-like, with some of the curling funk guitars of Ben Khan. STRØM’s electrifying cover seems to befit a mysterious tryst, or a secret rendezvous of some sort. You can also stream the track via Spotify, here. Re-visit some of the artist’s prior originals on Soundcloud, here, including previously featured releases Shay-Ling and Mesmerize.

April 26, 2018

Exhibitionist is a true exhibit of hypnotic electronica and futuristic pop. The Sydney based solo project created by multi-instrumentalist Kirsty Tickle, also known for her role in Party Dozen, has shared a third ravishing single named Sway, entrancing us with her silky synths, mesmeric trip hop beats, and acrobatic vocals on the song, out now on Future Classic. Sway was co-written with prolific producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP, and produced by long term collaborator Jonathan Boulet. The dark entangling track explores the tension between wanting to be vulnerable with someone while also guarding yourself against heartbreak. Stream/download, here.

April 19, 2018

Sink into velveteen soft, cushiony plush Brooklyn Love, a divine track from NYC artist to watch Lolo Zouaï. Her breathy, kittenish R&B soul vocals tease and seduce within Brooklyn Love’s sublime bed of dusky future electronica. On production duty is fellow New Yorker Stelios. His pleat of hypnotic future beats are like a snug aural embrace. We find ourselves overwhelmed by the sensation of falling in love as we drift away with this dreamy amorous ballad. Watch the disarming VHS styled music video for Brooklyn Love below. Lolo Zouaï will be hititng the road for a handful of shows later this spring, including stops in Toronto, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Paris, and London. Find out more, here. Alluring Brooklyn Love is available from iTunes, here.

March 20, 2018

[PREMIERE] Bohkeh – Hold You

Some dreamy canoodling and sweet future vibes seem like the perfect way to warm up on this cold, stormy day in Northern California. Though electronic music usually evokes sticky, sweaty dance floors and cramped, delirious crowds, RJ Lim, a producer from Los Angeles who goes by the name of Bohkeh, provides us the glowing effervescence and luxuriantly aerated future feels we so desperately need on his sublime new track, Hold You. The artist, a rising maverick in the SoCal electronica scene who released a fine EP in 2017 named Café as well as plenteous other collaborations and remarkable remixes (including this recent edit of Petit Biscuit’s Problems featuring Lido), drenches us with snazzy beats and a saccharine groove on his radiant and plush new swooner. Hold You inebriates us to the fullest with an embracing saturation of throwback R&B pop and buoyant future beats. Bohkeh promises much more music to come soon as we all wade into our favorite time of the year, festival season. 

You can stream and purchase Hold You from iTunes, here, Spotify, here, or Bandcamp, here. Catch Bohkeh at the following shows in Southern California:

March 23 – BASSMT  in San Diego, CA *supporting Yetep  
April 5 – XOX in Rowland Heights,CA   *UNTLDL!VE x MOA
April 7 – House of Blues in Anaheim, CA *supporting PLS&TY –  Buy tix: – Use Promo Code: thefeels

Stream more of the rising producer’s music on Soundcloud, here.

February 13, 2018

Toronto’s HONORS dropped a sensational tune in the form of Valleys last month, and we somehow egregiously made the error of completely missing out on the slick swaggering alt R&B jam despite supporting the project’s prior ace singles. Please don’t make the same mistake we did up till today. Stream the song below. Then, turn your attention afterwards to the above remix by a mysterious producer named Renzyx, who turns Valleys’ undulating hills into electrifying climbs and sheer mountainous drops with a high voltage trap and bass treatment. Renzyx’s remix hits hard and heavy with pummeling whomps and clobbering bass. It’s a grand and majestic march through the “valley”, a Pomp and Circumstance of electronica. Download the remix for free, here.