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March 24, 2018

London’s BB Diamond spent the past year holed up in her studio with the likes of DJ Fresh, 99 Souls, and LDN Noise, but she’s finally re-emerged with our first taste of that new music. Man Or A Monster is a charged R&B pop/house track that exhibits BB Diamond’s evolution as an artist. The Shift K3y collaboration is both ready for the dance floor or those solo sing-alongs that help you get over the toxic relationships you know better than to keep around. BB says: “Man Or A Monster is a F.U to all those serial relationship cheaters and deceivers. In any relationship there is the good and bad, but when it all turns ugly, that’s when you need to get the hell out of there!" 

As well as putting the finishes touches to her own new music, BB will also appear on ‘Raise A Glass’, a track she worked on with Ryan Blyth, which will be released via Columbia Records, in 2018.

March 8, 2018

In the confusing flurry of SXSW lineups that keep surfacing on the daily these days, I’ve noticed that Party Pupils will be making their way out to Austin next week, too. It comes as no surprise that MAX, who’s one half of Party Pupils will also be making an appearance. That’s double the reason for some festive celebrations, and who else but the slick dance troupe is perfect for soundtracking a massive dance party with their rambunctious bangers? They’ve even teamed up with their buddy from Connecticut, esteemed DJ and producer Audien, for a fresh take on Montell Jordan classic This Is How We Do It. Is there any more appropriate track for an elite production duo like Party Pupils?  This Is How We Do It is a timeless New Jack Swing party anthem. This updated cover reboot from Party Pupils and Audien both brings the old school back and gets us grooving with its future funk dance floor energy. Plus, those fresh vocals are sizzling hot! Grab the hot jam from iTunes, here.

March 8, 2018

Major girl power abounds on this trifecta collaboration from London involving RAYE, Mabel, and Stefflon Don. Cigarette is an R&B, dancehall, and electronica cut with sparkling Caribbean percussion that feels very Cashmere Cat, Charli XCX, and Mura Masa-like in its aerated production. The three females, all major artists to watch, bring the heat on the taster from a bigger project set to come later this year. Cigarette is out now via Universal Music. We’ll be keeping our ears out for this mysterious project on the horizon. 

March 2, 2018

You know you’re in for a mighty fine treat when 23 year old UK singer songwriter and producer MNEK drops a fresh tune on us. Over the years, he’s racked up a billion streams across his releases and collaborations. That’s how much rapport and affinity he inspires in people. I imagine a whole lot of dancing has occurred, too. And dance you’ll want to do as we take in Tongue, a smoldering and sexy electronic banger about falling in love and being too nervous to say it out loud. It’s a flushed and sensuous, passionate and feverish R&B electro jam and an absolutely electrifying return. Watch MNEK’s lyric video for Tongue below. Tongue is available across all major platforms, here.

February 20, 2018

When it comes to burgeoning alt hip hop/R&B soul artists, Thutmose is at the top of our new favorite artists list. We obsessed over his song Blame endlessly late last year. You can re-visit our feature of the song, here. The Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based artist links up with fellow New Yorker Alex Mali on new single Karma, a swift pumping, opulent thrumming explosion of torrid electro-R&B and hip hop reminiscent of Kid Cudi and Graduation era Kanye gone Bipolar Sunshine and Theophilus London. Thutmose reports that he’s been in Miami, LA, and Atlanta working on a bunch of new tunes with a plethora of amazing artists and producers since the release of prior single WuWu. He continues: “There’s lots on the way this year. If you’re ready, come ‘ride with me’ and text me at (347)753-8488 so we can catch up and I can fill you in more!”

December 21, 2017

The Endorphins is a Swedish electronic project that couldn’t have chosen a better name for themselves. Just like those very same brain chemicals that help us achieve an inebriated euphoria, this sibling duo lifts us towards the heavens with their funky rapturous disco house on their new track, Enough. It’s the pair’s second single, and it’s a chic and stylish banger. Enough is also ridiculously catchy, which isn’t something you can always say about electronic tracks. This one’s going to stick with you, long after you’ve finished kicking your feet all over the dance floor to its plump, succulent beats. For more of The Endorphins’ sultry, sexy R&B doused disco house, take their debut single Ms. Right Now for a spin below. 

December 7, 2017

There’s fantastical quality to Shoulder’s sultry driving, elegantly prancing electronica, and its music video reflects that aura with mysterious figures and eccentric choreography. Shoulder is the latest from fast rising German project Hitimpulse, a four member production outfit who’ve already collaborated with the likes of Felix Jaehn and Bibi Bourelly. Melodic whizzing splendor and sexy smoldering vocals by an enigmatic female singer who greatly reminds me of a cross between Jessie Reyez and Ella Eyre take hold of us on Shoulder, which is out now via Ultra, here.

November 2, 2017

NYC alt pop and dance pop duo Glassio truly delivers when it comes to music that lives up to their name. There’s always a glassy glistening, glossy smooth quality to their vocals and their silken groove. On new single Daydream, they’ve teamed up with New York R&B soul siren NAKAYA to present us with a creamy effervescent fusion of house, pop, and R&B. Daydream’s production marries Glassio’s love for the sound of the early 2000s (ie. LA-based hip hop/R&B) with the orchestral and electronic undertones of legendary groups like Massive Attack and Air. 

“We were imagining Dre and AIR making a record together,” the duo explains. “‘Daydream’ is a personal ode to the times we’re living in – or for some – the times we’re fast asleep.” I never want to wake up from this “daydream”, which can keep me swaying to its breezy beats for all eternity. Stream more Glassio on Spotify, here.

October 24, 2017

Versatile production mogul DJ Snake has teamed up with Austin’s Max Frost, a dashing long time IHM favorite, on Broken Summer, a dreamy smoldering, bittersweet yearning song that sees the producer going the more laid back slow burn electro-R&B route. DJ Snake has never been more chill intoxicating and sleek seductive with his beatmaking and songcrafting. Broken Summer oozes remorse and heartache. It’s just the right time of year for a restless song like this, as we turn our minds towards the emotions laying heavy on us and the mistakes and choices we regret from those warm summer evenings. Stream/purchase DJ Snake’s new single, here.

October 13, 2017

Even though Silk Cinema’s new release is named Disappear, I find myself hoping this London duo never ever disappears on us. The pair have regaled us with an appropriately silky and torridly grooving mixture of electronica, electro pop, and R&B soul. Disappear’s luscious pumping dance beats are rooted in dreamy house. It leaves us dancing in bliss to its plump, curvaceous synths and Silk Cinema’s rich billowing vocals. Disappear is the perfect Friday treat. I’m more than ready to spend my night swaying in bliss to the succulent song and its deep longing, luxuriantly intoxicating surge of unabandoned passion. Alternate streaming options and downloading links are available, here.