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January 17, 2018

Come April 11th, Brooklyn producer Chrome Sparks will be joining Machinedrum in San Francisco with a sure to be mind blowing show at the Great American Music Hall. I last caught Jeremy Malvin at SXSW dropping a ridiculous set that near melted my face off, and I expect the performance on April 11th to have a similarly astonishing effect. He’ll have some fresh ammunition to dazzle us with, including this new track What’s It Gonna Take, featuring Angelica Bess of Body Language on guest vocals, whom he last collaborated with on All Or Nothing. Angelica Bess’ deep soulful, rich entrancing voice makes for the perfect pairing yet again with Chrome Sparks’ fluorescent production on the retrowavey ambient electronic track. What’s It Gonna Take surges and swells,  spreading through every ounce of our body with a purely intoxicating, intensely stimulating effect. The exceptional single is out now on Counter Records. Stream/purchase, here. Learn more about Chrome Sparks’ upcoming spring tour, here.

February 13, 2017

We travel clear across to the East Coast to continue our Sunday night disco dance party as NYC producer Figgy both cools us off and keeps us moving with Eyes On You, a swanky soulful jam featuring Angelica Bess of Body Language on guest vocals duty. Nile Rodgers evocative funk instrumentation pervade Eyes On You with an airy crispness while a posh golden luster oozes from the song’s luscious groove. This toasty jam is available from major outlets and services, here.

September 7, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 09.05.2016

Featured music – September 5th, 2016

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September 5, 2016

Despite the fact that Jeremy Malvin has been busy with his stellar new project Promises Ltd. alongside Miniature Tigers’ Charlie Brand, the Brooklyn producer continues to find time for his solo project, Chrome Sparks. Whilst touring the US as Chrome Sparks, Jeremy reveals a spectacular new tune named All Or Nothing, which features vocals by Body Language’s Angelica Bess. This warped pulsating mass of eccentric hypnotic electronica charges us up from the get go. All Or Nothing is spaciously punctuated by Angelica Bess’ airy sensual R&B, and the ensuing ride is nothing short of a sublime mind trip. If Little Dragon went all Tourist and Jamie xx on us (simultaneously), they might still fall short of the brilliance of this florid gilded electronic piece. All Or Nothing is out now on Counter Records. Purchase or stream from various other outlets, here.