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May 22, 2018

I’m still a little crestfallen that PRXZM has re-located to Los Angeles. It’s a story much too familiar and rampant, since everyone seems to like to make their way out to either Brooklyn or Los Angeles once the world picks up on their talent, but I still love to boast when an up-and-coming artist or band resides right here in my beloved Bay. Let’s take a moment to dissolve into the electronic duo’s second single from their forthcoming Come Alive EP, a slow burning, trap & bass infused electronica/electro-R&B track named Tell Me Something New, richly adorned with dark prowling beats and sultry vocals. PRXZM captures the restless feeling of being obsessed with a new paramour on the track, letting that immensely overwhelming experience materialize with tactile magnificence. Stream/download the voluptuous single, burning guitars and all, here.

May 11, 2018

Who doesn’t love Rihanna and Mikky Ekko’s heart pummeling ballad Stay? The song has been covered far and wide since it stole everyone’s hearts. Some of the best renditions were huge genre-crossing surprises too, including Low’s superb cover, a personal favorite of mine. But there haven’t been very many electronic edits of the smash hit, at least not an abundance that merited much praising and adoration. New Orleans producer CRWNS, however, has offered up a fresh new edit of Stay, which he’s named S-T-A-Y, and the wildly rousing and breathtakingly lifting track warrants some much deserved attention. His anthemic remix pitch shifts Rihanna’s voice giving it a more sprightly and ethereal aura to go with S-T-A-Y’s expansive and spacious, voluminous and explosive atmosphere. CRWNS has crafted a cinematic trap and monumental bass masterpiece out of Stay. And he’s giving it away as a free download, here.

May 9, 2018

I was traipsing through Soundcloud nonchalantly like I always do in the mornings while fast at work, when I encountered this sick track that I knew I had to hop on to share immediately. The lightning bolt jolt that it’s brought me is way better than any rush the coffee I’m having right now could ever give. All hail Pon De Time, Wuki’s absolutely genius mashup of Daft Punk’s timeless hit One More Time and Major Lazer’s 2009 dance classic Pon De Floor. French electro, steely future house, and dancehall meld together exceptionally in Wuki’s hands to become the most exhilarating mashup I’ve come across in ages. Pon De Floor is a free download, here.

May 2, 2018

The crème de la crème of the Norwegian electronic music scene come together on Control, a new single from Lemaitre featuring Jerry Folk. Control carries the hallmarks of both these esteemed acts in its suave, slinky swagger and its glitzy swinging future funk vibes. The single is part of a series of collaborations this year that Lemaitre is in the midst of releasing involving other Norwegian luminaries like Coucheron, William Larsen, and Bearson. Stream/download Control, here.

April 30, 2018

Let’s continue our Monday afternoon dalliance with fine cover gems by taking a youthful frolic with this modern take on Pussycat Dolls 2000′s hit classic Stickwitu. LA based producer Jynjo, who’s already graced IHM with his music a number of times this past year, gives Stickwitu a contemporary future beats twist by injecting it with effervescent electronic beats and crystalline vocals turned in by fellow Los Angeles artist Aubrey Wood. The doe-eyed future pop crush song captures all the butterflies and heart flutters that we associate with young love. Rising producer Jynjo is currently taking a break from live performances and concentrating on creating unique music for his fans. Some exciting collaborations are lined up, too. For now, you can stream/download Stickwitu, here.

April 20, 2018

Who else, but fast rising production star Shallou could give Petit Biscuit a truly proper remix treatment? The Chicago songwriting and production talent has given Petit Biscuit’s collaboration with Lido, Problems, a jaw dropping re-imagination. You can even watch some of the process via a music video for the remix above. The original version of the song has surpassed 20 million streams. Shallou’s remix comes just as Petit Biscuit is making his Coachella debut these weekends. Both artists are without a doubt some of the most exciting producers in the scene right now, future music magnates in the making. Problems gets a celestial and ethereal re-working in Shallou’s expert hands. The spry and sprightly Odesza and Slow Magic like remix is pure euphoria, a true celebration of love. Shallou will be releasing his new Souls EP on April 27th. Indulge in a dreamy sparkling taste off the EP by streaming Vignette below. Let is float you high up into a fluorescent sky. Pre-order Souls, here.

April 20, 2018

Because of you, Delusion, I find myself on cloud nine, breathless and euphoric. The German producer’s cinematic chill trap and expansive future bass on Because Of You is nothing short of triumphant and glorious. Australian siren Akacia, who’s lent her breathy, smoky voice to many an electronic track we love, joins Delusion on the beautifully contorting, lushly twisting anthem, a must for fans of Flume and What So Not. Delusion’s Because Of You is out now, stream/download, here.

April 20, 2018

I would say Louis The Child is on a roll these days with their new collaborations, but seriously, when is the Chicago production duo never on a roll? The Windy City electronic stars slayed last month with their hip hop leaning track, Shake Something, with Joey Purp. And now, they’ve united with Australian based Syrian-Iraqi songbird WAFIA on Better Not to give us a heartwarming future pop frolic that leaves our hearts feeling all warm and fuzzy. Dewy eyed, misty twinkling Better Not is the perfect spring time crush song, a sanguine stirring, beats skipping, smile-inducing sonnet to illuminate those lovestruck evenings. Stream Better Not on Spotify, here.

April 19, 2018

Sink into velveteen soft, cushiony plush Brooklyn Love, a divine track from NYC artist to watch Lolo Zouaï. Her breathy, kittenish R&B soul vocals tease and seduce within Brooklyn Love’s sublime bed of dusky future electronica. On production duty is fellow New Yorker Stelios. His pleat of hypnotic future beats are like a snug aural embrace. We find ourselves overwhelmed by the sensation of falling in love as we drift away with this dreamy amorous ballad. Watch the disarming VHS styled music video for Brooklyn Love below. Lolo Zouaï will be hititng the road for a handful of shows later this spring, including stops in Toronto, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Paris, and London. Find out more, here. Alluring Brooklyn Love is available from iTunes, here.

April 13, 2018

OTR’s past career as an aerospace engineer seems to transmit right into his current ascent as a compelling producer and musician. He first started to float us into the cosmos with his music via remixes, but he’s since demonstrated his adept skills as a songcrafter on an original named Bliss. And now he’s followed it up with a downtempo electronic ballad named Close, featuring Kai Straw, a cindery vocalist from right here in San Francisco. OTR’s dusky ethereal beats displays his influences, which include producers like Odesza, Petit Biscuit, and Porter Robinson, as well as indie artists like Daughter and Bon Iver. Close is gritty yet atmospheric, a bittersweet haunting and tender stirring electronic composition to soundtrack your late night introspection. Find it on Apple Music, here.