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March 13, 2018

IDGAF is without a doubt an endearing and infectious pop song, but my love for the Dua Lipa single grew ten fold after I watched her BBC Radio Live Lounge session a few weeks ago. With beloved artists Charli XCX, Zara Larsson, MØ, and Alma in tow, she belted out the resolute anthem and gave us a sweet dose of fierce girl power. Los Angeles production duo Two Friends has given IDGAF a high voltage future bass remix that befits the original’s attitude and strength. You won’t be able to resist dancing and singing along, all at the same time. Dynamic drum lines and heart stopping drops permeate Two Friends’ high octane edit, which is a free download, here.

March 13, 2018

“Take your time” isn’t common advice when it comes to the hurried freneticism of most electronic tracks that we come across. Dance music is usually an urgent and demanding experience, with pounding beats and booming bass. But LA by way of Chicago producer Madnap slows things down for us on his new track, Take Your Time!, and we couldn’t be more than grateful. As they say, we need to stop and smell the flowers, and this is an aromatic and melodic saunter well worthy all the time in the world. Breath in Madnap’s slick synths, rumbling bass, and whimsical texture off his chill future beats composition. Take Your Time! is a meditative late night dalliance that leaves us soothed, refreshed, and relaxed. Stream/purchase the single, here.

March 8, 2018

It’s with a massive amount of grief that I had to miss shallou’s sold out set at the Rickshaw Stop last month. There’s no doubt that the Chicago based songwriting and production genius is a brilliant musician. His ethereal and other-worldly soundscapes fill us with starry eyed wonder, often evoking future bass and chill trap luminaries like Odesza and Petit Biscuit. If you missed out on his latest single Find, we’ve got you covered. Float away to his twinkling soul-searcher, a collaboration with Swedish producer Kasbo and satin voiced Cody Lovaas. We soar through the atmosphere with the trifecta on the wings of the mellifluously flickering beauty, which is the second track to be unveiled from Shallou’s forthcoming Souls EP, out April 27th. Catch shallou at various festivals and gigs this year, including including a weekend performance at Okeechobee. Pre-order Souls, here. Find is available as a single, here.

March 2, 2018

Not only does Bad Habit feature ever enthralling Brooklyn singer songwriter Skela and her sultry, husky soulful pop voice, but it’s introduced us to Miami’s Triarchy and his super savvy production skills, too. There are plenty of bad habits that I should probably cut out of my life, but an addiction to this lusciously pouncing, classy shimmering fusion of house and future beats is certainly not one of them. It’s a silky polished blessing for the ears, as well as a hip gyrating dance provocateur. Bad Habit, which made its premiere on This Song Is Sick earlier this month, is a free download via Toneden, here.

January 31, 2018

Honeyed chanteuse Nevve really does seem to be everywhere these days, as we’ve already said plenteous times prior. Alongside collaborations with Manila Killa and Robotaki, she’s now turned up on a fresh new single from Dutch production talents DROELOE, too, lending her enthralling vocals to the pair’s future bass stand out, BACKBONE. DROELOE’s grand charging, majestic marching trap and bass swivels and thunders resolutely, creating a widescreen and cinematic voyage for us listeners. Though its synths hit hard, and though both its bass and fierce lyrics carry a peppery bite, BACKBONE is a graceful and limber work of beautiful art. DROELOE explains: “This single is all about not letting your doubts get to your head, so we hope it inspires you to do something you’ve been holding back from.” You can stream/download the inspiring anthem, here.

January 31, 2018

Do you ever wake up and go to work, and wish you were still at home bundled up in bed dreaming of castles in the sky or a more perfect world? Well, now you can feel like you are, thanks to Toronto producers Frankie & Spencer, who go buy the musical name WAVES. They link up with husky voiced songbird Angeline on their single Still Dreaming, an icy glittering, nimbly shuddering future bass and chill trap anthem awash in neon phosphorescence and prismatic effervescence. You can snag the gorgeous song from Toneden, here.

January 26, 2018

A flurry of phenomenal EPs dropped last Friday, including a can’t miss five track release from Los Angeles producer Robokid. Apart is in no way “robotic” despite Robokid’s chosen musical pseudonym. EP track Worth It showcases Robokid’s grasp on the sentimental, finely balanced with the thrilling and vibrant in terms of the song’s elastic jouncing rhythm and crisp production. It’s a song well worth your time, a fresh and unique approach on future beats and house. You can stream his Apart EP in full on Soundcloud, here. Support via other platforms, here.

January 5, 2018

Whenever a new k?d track surfaces, I buckle in for a life changing ride. In the past couple of years, the once elusive artist has become one of my favorite producers. k?d floored us with remix after remix, original after original, proving himself a mainstay in the electronic scene while so many other producers’ work tends to fade quickly after making their initial impressions. My one experience seeing k?d live was also probably the most magnificent electronic show I attended last year. I can still feel my adrenaline pumping from that night at 1015. Now, k?d takes us on a whole new sojourn with Glass, a euphoric soaring anthem that takes us higher than higher than high. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful sonic elixir, or a soul searching aural expedition with k?d’s signature future bass and progressive house amalgam on glorious display. Glass is a free download, here.

January 5, 2018

I was much surprised to find out last month that Chandler Riggs, the actor who plays Carl on The Walking Dead, had launched a production career as ‘eclipse’. In fact, he’d linked up with our friend Lolaby for his first release, ‘hold on’, a celestial future bass aria that took us on a spiritually enriching journey. eclipse is back with his second track lunar to further prove his production prowess. eclipse partners up with mysterious producer jaron on this stunning new opus, a future bass and electro trap sprawler with a grandeur that evokes k?d, Porter’s recent project Virtual Self, and Flume. The astonishing space odyssey is a free download, here. Revisit ‘hold on’, featuring Lolaby, below.

December 14, 2017

If you’re as glued to television series The Walking Dead as much as I am, you’re probably all caught up on last weekend’s mid-season finale, and you’re probably anguishing over what happened, too. But I’m not going to spoil the surprise. In a somewhat related note, turns out one of the actors from the show has some hidden musical talent, and he’s just released his first single. That person is Chandler Riggs, the 18 year old actor who plays Carl on the show. He makes his production debut as Eclipse with a transcendental future bass styled opus named ‘hold on’, featuring mahogany voiced Los Angeless songstress Lolaby on halcyon vocals. “Hold on” we gladly do as Eclipse takes us on a tranquil, cosmic journey with his lush levitating synths and exquisitely ethereal soundscape. The chill meditative, symphonic rich electronic aria is a spiritually enriching experience. The beautifully constructed, sublimely presented song is a free download, here.