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May 22, 2018

I apologize for making you wait for this share. After all, I’ve been astounded and awe-struck by mysterious newcomer ilo ilo’s wait for many days now. And I regret that it took me awhile to find the time to share the electronic debut, whose island luster, breezy steel pans, and nimble future beats remind me of Mura Masa and Cashmere Cat. It’s a heckuva first release from what I’m assuming is a much gifted producer, but please correct me if this is a group and not just one artist. All that’s listed on Soundcloud is a number I haven’t tried to dial yet (808.202.2690), and an instagram account you can check out, here. wait can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

May 9, 2018

My hips have been abducted again, by who else, but The Hip Abduction! The Florida based outfit invites us into a humid, balmy paradise with their new single, Come On Get Up, which sports the six piece’s islandy beats and rootsy charm, a combo that oft reminds me of Crystal Fighters’ vibrant folktronica fused with Miami Horror’s neon-lit radiance and Sublime With Rome’s reggae tinged rock. There’s even a dash of Portugal. the Man’s recent funk pop leaning offerings to be found in The Hip Abduction’s slinky swinging, hip-swaying gem. Stream Come On Get Up and The Hip Abduction’s other releases on Spotify, here.

March 8, 2018

Major girl power abounds on this trifecta collaboration from London involving RAYE, Mabel, and Stefflon Don. Cigarette is an R&B, dancehall, and electronica cut with sparkling Caribbean percussion that feels very Cashmere Cat, Charli XCX, and Mura Masa-like in its aerated production. The three females, all major artists to watch, bring the heat on the taster from a bigger project set to come later this year. Cigarette is out now via Universal Music. We’ll be keeping our ears out for this mysterious project on the horizon. 

January 31, 2018

There’s something magical about the city of Los Angeles. It embodies both hope and devastation, naivety and jadedness. As such, it’s spawned so many songs of all kinds, some joyous, some crestfallen. Brighton based producer OKO and honeyed songstress Rosie Darling paid tribute to L.A. on a song of the same name, and now SISTEK, a producer from Chile, has given the track a sparkly, airy remix that oozes summer nostalgia and aching pining. Despite its melancholic undertones, the balmy melodic house remix also lifts our spirits with its crisp prance and glowing warmth. The remix is out now on Aux Records, and you can download it for free, here

October 27, 2017

Kygo continues to provide us with uplifting anthems and feel good pop and dance hybrids as he reveals yet another magnificent collaboration. This time around, UK vocal powerhouse John Newman has lent his voice to Kygo’s Never Let You Go, giving it a soulful boost to go along with its tropical house and folk house vibrancy. Never Let You Go is a glowing, comforting breath of sunshine and exultant joy. Kygo’s new album Kids In Love, which drops on November 3rd, is shaping up to be quite the autumnal delight. 

October 5, 2017

You can never go wrong with a new Louis The Child track, much less one that features California singer songwriter Ashe on playful tickling vocals. The Windy City production favorites deliver a sparkly romper of a breezy tropical, jocose chiming anthem in Right To It. A touch of dancehall and even jungle seem to endow this bushy-tailed new Louis The Child Adventure. It’s obvious Louis The Child is trying out some fresh new sounds, and they’ve dazzled us with their chameleon dexterity with the bacchanalian foray. Catch the duo on their expansive Last To Leave Tour across North America, details can be found, here.

October 5, 2017

A mysterious and elusive producer named SAINTS has been intriguing countless ears ever since he collaborated with Oakland’s KRANE last year on Numb. Our curiosity is piqued even more as we fall hard for his new debut solo single, “Blind, I”, a confluence of soulful R&B and plinking, skittering, Balearic injected electronica. SAINTS has produced for the likes of Chris Brown and J. Cole in the past, but we’re more than ready for him to take over the world with his own immaculate compositions. “Blind, I” is part Jamie xx, part Mura Masa, and part Sampha. Grab the single, here.

September 26, 2017

I’m incredibly happy about Lauv’s swift ascent, but surprised I am not. We’ve been in love with this New Yorker’s creamy melting voice and heart wrenching R&B/electronic pop ballads from the moment he decided to share music as Lauv (after first enthralling us as a producer under the name Epique). Lauv is now such a hot commodity that even DJ Snake has tapped him for a collaboration. Behold smash hit in the making, A Different Way, a sharp and dapper dance and pop hybrid featuring Balearic springing production and Lauv’s waxy smooth cooing. It’s a bit like Ed Sheeran meets Mura Masa, with a bit of Diplo moombahton thrown in. Stream/purchase the single, here.

September 23, 2017

Scarlet Pleasure sure chose a proper and clever name for their band. Every time the rising Danish band releases a new song, I find myself grooving along, flushed with pleasure from their buttery smoldering, crimson stirring trademark blend of synthpop, R&B, and electronica. On the heels of prior ace tunes Limbo and Deja Vu comes new song Good Together. As always, Scarlet Pleasure’s brassy, lively sound leads me to dance around the room in ecstasy. Emil Goll, Alexander Malone, and Joachim Dencker are certainly at the forefront of a new wave of edgy and creative Danish projects. Aside from evoking fellow Danes like Goss, Vera, and LISS, their drum prolific, bass rotund, and marimba dappled balmy slinking sound also reminds me of British heartthrobs Years and Years. It’s becoming more and more clear that Scarlet Pleasure can do no wrong. Each of their songs is as exemplary as the last. Stream/download Good Together via major outlets, here.

September 18, 2017

I can never resist Clairity’s deep husky voice, so it’s really quite an unexpected treat that it’s cropped up on a striking debut from a Danish producer who goes by the name of Gettic. Sleepwalking is a mellow in indie pop and chill electronica hybrid. It’s crisp yet balmy, cinematic and arresting, with warm horns, prickly future beats, and those trademark Clairity vocals. Previously, Gettic has produced and remixed several Danish and international artists including Danish R&B queen Anya and international hitmakers like Bonnie McKee, Ed Drewett, Digital Farm Animals.  It was through this ever expanding web of collaborators that Gettic met Clairity and Sleepwalking was born from Gettic’s studio in central Copenhagen. Sleepwalking is the perfect summer send off. It captures the haziness of being in a dreamlike state of mind as well as the restlessness that can assault a lovelorn heart on a muggy, stuffy evening. Sleepwalking can also be streamed on Spotify, here.