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May 18, 2018

Aside from always captivating us with her countless appearances on hit singles from the likes of Bearson, Louis The Child, Louis Futon, Win and Woo, Whethan, and many more top dogs in the electronic music scene, San Diego based Nashville singer songwriter Ashe has always been a diamond in the rough when it comes to her solo songs, too. Saccharine harmonies and twinkling keys embellish her latest thoroughly enchanting song Choirs, which carries the lissome charm of Oh Land and the coquettish allure of Noonie Bao. Choirs is a whimsical anthem that’s quickly grown to be my favorite Ashe song. She states: “Writing ‘Choirs’ was my way of dealing with the voices in my head: my own pressures and dreams, and the expectations and rules of others. Acknowledging and accepting those voices’ presence, and knowing which voices to listen to, is a huge part of life.” Ashe will be releasing her debut EP, The Rabbit Hole, on June 22nd. Pre-order, here.

April 20, 2018

Any day we get to get lost in a new Bearson tune is a fine one in my books. The Norwegian production whiz and co-founder of forward-thinking label Next Wave Records is obviously a dexterous chameleon of sorts when it comes to his musical compositions. We can’t help but love the more indie hued direction he’s gone on new song Get Lost, featuring California chanteuse Ashe on golden luscious vocals. Its a synth thrumming delight that blurs the line between dance pop and electro pop, reminding us at times of RAC and Martin Solveig. If you missed Bearson last single, Go To Sleep, featuring swiftly ascending star Kailee Morgue, peep our feature, here.

November 17, 2017

Everyone knows Aesop’s famous fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf, which spawned the idiom “to cry wolf”. San Diego singer songwriter Ashe, who’s graced many an amazing electronic track as a guest vocalist this past year, makes a play on the idiom by unleashing her song named Girl Who Cried Wolf. On production duties are Imad Royal and Rogét Chahayed, who’ve crafted a rich soundscape replete with dramatic percussion and frisky whizzing synths to accompany Ashe’s honeyed piercing vocals. Girl Who Cried Wolf is an instantly infectious, bold searing electronic and pop hybrid, and it’s out now via Mom+Pop. Stream/download via alternate outlets, here.

October 5, 2017

You can never go wrong with a new Louis The Child track, much less one that features California singer songwriter Ashe on playful tickling vocals. The Windy City production favorites deliver a sparkly romper of a breezy tropical, jocose chiming anthem in Right To It. A touch of dancehall and even jungle seem to endow this bushy-tailed new Louis The Child Adventure. It’s obvious Louis The Child is trying out some fresh new sounds, and they’ve dazzled us with their chameleon dexterity with the bacchanalian foray. Catch the duo on their expansive Last To Leave Tour across North America, details can be found, here.

August 23, 2017

Less than a week ago, we were commenting on how much we loved California singer songwriter Ashe’s solo material after she’d enamored us with her cameos on songs from Louis the Child, Whethan, Win and Woo, and more. Her debut song Used To It is in the midst of receiving some sensational remix treatments. Aside from the Aire Atlantica edit we shared last week, this foxy remix by Nashville duo BIYO is a can’t miss, too. With a velveteen touch and a sugary drizzle comes this future soulful makeover. BIYO’s teasing remix is three minutes of late night seduction. The edit is part of an official remix package, available for streaming and downloading, here.

August 16, 2017

Blooming California singer songwriter Ashe, who first enthralled fans with her dulcet voice on hits from the likes of Louis The Child, Whethan, Win and Woo, and so many more, made her long awaited solo debut earlier this year on Used To It, a bubbly sweet summer anthem. A plethora of fine official remixes of the song have surfaced, including this prismatic shimmering, brisk oscillating future bass edit by NY producer Aire Atlantica. I’m not sure I’ll ever get “used to” this lively burst of effulgent effervescence and chipper ebullience. I know I’ll greet it with wide eyed wonder and lofty joy each and every time I dive back into its vibrant soundscape. Aire Atlantica’s take on Used To It is part of a remix package that also features Jorgen Odegard and MIG50. Stream/download the full release, here.

August 10, 2017

I was sold from the beginning of Rewind, when those flirty trumpets and Ashe’s sassy sweet voice enticed us into Louis Futon’s new single. Rewind, which also features Philadelphia hip hop artist Armani White on guest vocals, is quite the funky soulful, brassy playful summer treat. No day can be glum and no night can be bleak when you’re swaying in bliss to this effulgent dalliance, whose spry keys and whimsical beats will leave you beaming in jubilation. Lucky for us, we don’t have to “rewind” before we get to hit the play button once again once the youthful and coltish song ends far too soon. Rewind is a free download, here. Support on iTunes, here.

June 4, 2017

The world is very familiar with San Diego by way of Nashville singer songwriter Ashe, even if not everyone realizes the fact. She’s lent her voice to huge hits by some of the hottest producers of the moment, including Louis The Child, Whethan, Win and Woo, Shaun Frank, and more. Ashe makes her long awaited solo debut with Used To It, a sweet, bubbly R&B meets electro pop soiree and the perfect ebullient anthem for the summer. Snag the jam from major retailers, here.

November 15, 2016

Come tomorrow night, November 15th, Chicago electronic duo Win and Woo are making their long awaited San Francisco debut at The Social Hall. It’s only fitting that we celebrate the occasion with a fresh remix of the duo’s stellar dance single Recognize, featuring Ashe, by Brooklyn’s N2N. The frisky melodic, sassy springing beauty gets a “cosmic house” makeover full of spacious depth and dark sultry feels. N2N’s Recognize is the sort of visceral thrilling tech house and carnal enthralling deep house you’ll want to lose yourself to with other like minded writhing bodies on a steamy packed dance floor. The track is a limited free download, here.

September 19, 2016

Toronto DJ and producer Shaun Frank must have had a grand summer. After all, and perhaps little known to most people, he’s one of several artists credited as a contributor on chart topping, world slaying The Chainsmokers hit, Closer. And now, he’s here with a bonafide jam of his own, one that features Nashville singer songwriter Ashe, whose crystalline alluring voice seems to be everywhere these days. Let You Get Away is an ethereal shimmering melodic trap ballad, one whose springy edge is softened by the track’s heartfelt future pop. The luscious moving track is available from various outlets, here.