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September 23, 2017

Scarlet Pleasure sure chose a proper and clever name for their band. Every time the rising Danish band releases a new song, I find myself grooving along, flushed with pleasure from their buttery smoldering, crimson stirring trademark blend of synthpop, R&B, and electronica. On the heels of prior ace tunes Limbo and Deja Vu comes new song Good Together. As always, Scarlet Pleasure’s brassy, lively sound leads me to dance around the room in ecstasy. Emil Goll, Alexander Malone, and Joachim Dencker are certainly at the forefront of a new wave of edgy and creative Danish projects. Aside from evoking fellow Danes like Goss, Vera, and LISS, their drum prolific, bass rotund, and marimba dappled balmy slinking sound also reminds me of British heartthrobs Years and Years. It’s becoming more and more clear that Scarlet Pleasure can do no wrong. Each of their songs is as exemplary as the last. Stream/download Good Together via major outlets, here.