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January 27, 2018

Who doesn’t love Nena’s 99 Red Balloons, originally 99 Luftballons in German? It’s an utterly infectious frolic, a timeless classic from the 80′s that never seems to get old or obsolete no matter how much time has passed. Swedish producer Oliver Nelson and fellow Swede Tobtok partner up on a revival of the track. They’ve given the endearing tune a bright and airy future funk and tropical disco re-work, featuring vocals by London’s River. 99 Red Balloons is a heartwarming, spirit lifting treat to take with us into the weekend. It’s impossible to be dour or downcast when such a buoyant and jubilant track is coursing through our ears. Grab a copy or stream via alternate platforms, here.

January 26, 2018

We’ve been sharing Tep No’s music for several years now, and it’s rare that we ever fall short on extolling one of the Toronto producer and musician’s fine compositions. What started out as a love affair with Tep No’s chill melodic electronica has since bloomed into a full on obsession with his resourceful versatility, as demonstrated on new single I’m Evil, which sees him venturing into more tropical future soundscapes with the spry frisky, punchy electrifying anthem. The tantalizing tune is playful and sprightly, which is night and day from some of his earlier offerings. Even if an inkling of Tep No is actually “evil” we wouldn’t believe it, not when the producer can make us feel the glorious way we feel with such a synth pumping swooner and his dashing R&B pop vocals. Continue jamming out to Tep No on Soundcloud, here.

January 11, 2018

I’m convinced we could all use some saving, considering how topsy turvy our world is these days. What else can heal the heart and lift the soul but a beautifully captivating new electronic single from Germany’s Koni, who’s a proven expert when it comes to bright balmy, warm radiant house? He partners with buttery voiced crooner James Delaney and dulcet vocalist Gabriella on Save Us, a breezy tropical, iridescent glimmering sonic potion which Koni describes as deeply personal to him, as it tells the story of his broken relationship. Download/stream Save Us, here.

September 26, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it might sound like if Sam Smith went vibrant electronica on us, but maintained his sweetly molten, satin stirring effect? I mean, we did get some of that from the rapturous remixes of Sam’s songs we’ve had in the past. But Lash’s I’m Gonna Be There encapsulates those vibes while triumphantly enthralling as a fresh and original composition. The Los Angeles based producer (formerly a duo) melds saccharine future pop with tropical house on the heartwarming and comforting dance gem. Purchase/stream I’m Gonna Be There, here.

September 26, 2017

We’re whisked away to an island paradise by I Know You Know, where the sand is pure white and perfect waves lap at our feet. This tropical delight comes from Los Angeles based artist CADE, who enlists dashing vocals by TK Kravitz on the song. Though there’s a lovelorn longing that endows this sparkling treat, the pang of yearning has never felt so sublime as this instant sonic vacation that fuses tropical house with future R&B. CADE reminds us to set our hearts free and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us with his luminous jam.

September 18, 2017

“Over you” is probably something I’ll never say to Enschway and this swaggering new jam the Sydney producer just dropped last Friday. Over U is a track that immediately grabs hold of you with its vocal hooks before shoving you into a world so vibrant and electrifying you simply can’t escape its tempestuous, impassioned grasp. Fresh off his Australia tour with RL Grime, DJ and producer Enschway continues proving himself one of the hottest bass music exports out of Australia right now with this creative future bass emulsion. From balmy, island-y euphoria to sleek shuddering, bass heavy exhilaration, Over U’s got you covered. It even features Yeah Boy (Johnny Castro of Parachute Youth). You can snag Over U, here.

September 18, 2017

I can never resist Clairity’s deep husky voice, so it’s really quite an unexpected treat that it’s cropped up on a striking debut from a Danish producer who goes by the name of Gettic. Sleepwalking is a mellow in indie pop and chill electronica hybrid. It’s crisp yet balmy, cinematic and arresting, with warm horns, prickly future beats, and those trademark Clairity vocals. Previously, Gettic has produced and remixed several Danish and international artists including Danish R&B queen Anya and international hitmakers like Bonnie McKee, Ed Drewett, Digital Farm Animals.  It was through this ever expanding web of collaborators that Gettic met Clairity and Sleepwalking was born from Gettic’s studio in central Copenhagen. Sleepwalking is the perfect summer send off. It captures the haziness of being in a dreamlike state of mind as well as the restlessness that can assault a lovelorn heart on a muggy, stuffy evening. Sleepwalking can also be streamed on Spotify, here.

September 14, 2017

We were thrilled when Dutch producer Bakermat unveiled his explosive house anthem Don’t Want You Back, especially since the frisky jam features ever spectacular Kiesza on spunky vocals. A new remix pack out on Ultra features some fine re-imaginings of the song including this summery edit by Detroit’s Castelle. He turns Don’t Want You Back on its head with a future groovy, chime skipping makeover. It’s cool and breezy, a welcome island escapade we could all use as fall comes knocking at the door. The three track Don’t Want You Back remix pack is available, here.

August 31, 2017

We’re always searching for the latest in groundbreaking music and rising trends, and there’s no denying that Asia is a hotbed of revolutionary crossover music right now, particularly in the electronic, hip hop, and urban pop arenas. Producer MYRNE is no newcomer to the pages of IHM, having given us an array of fine songs and remixes, often in cahoots with other famed producers like Andrew Luce or recently the Bay’s own KRANE. But Singaporean artist Gentle Bones is new to us despite having etched out quite a career with his music sensibilities and a spectacular voice back at home. Gentle Bones and MYRNE come together on a celestial future pop and electro soul charmer named JU1Y, which first premiered on cutting edge culture and art purveying channel 88rising. Jouncy beats and dreamy slick vocals steal our hearts away on the track, awash with summer romance. With our curiosity piqued, we explored Gentle Bones’ YouTube channel and found ourselves endlessly swooning to his velvety voice. Watch his video for trappy Geniuses & Thieves below, which the title track from Gentle Bones’ sophomore EP, available, here.

August 10, 2017

I don’t think it’s necessary relay how great a song might be if it involved both distinguished Dutch producer R3HAB and illustrious Vancouver producer Felix Cartal, do I? You know to expect something extra magnificent when you see both those names on a track. Earlier tonight, we shared a song named Borrowed Time. Now, we launch into Killing Time, a larger than large, bigger than life kind of tropical house meets future beats behemoth. Killing Time is a misty mellifluous, panoramic sprawling spectacular, and contrary to its name, sinking into its glowing grasp and sprightly beats is well worth your time. Killing time, we’re not. Making the best use of our time, we are.