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September 14, 2017

We were thrilled when Dutch producer Bakermat unveiled his explosive house anthem Don’t Want You Back, especially since the frisky jam features ever spectacular Kiesza on spunky vocals. A new remix pack out on Ultra features some fine re-imaginings of the song including this summery edit by Detroit’s Castelle. He turns Don’t Want You Back on its head with a future groovy, chime skipping makeover. It’s cool and breezy, a welcome island escapade we could all use as fall comes knocking at the door. The three track Don’t Want You Back remix pack is available, here.

September 8, 2017

I just can’t get enough of these official remixes of Lorde’s Perfect Places that have been springing up lately! The White Panda gave us a bright thrumming, electro swelling indie dance and melodic house edit a week ago. Whethan’s remix of the track was nothing short of brilliant, a frothy brisk future trap take on the hit Melodrama track. And now, Australian duo Peking Duk takes my breath away with their ravishing remix, a sanguine lifting, saccharine rich tropical trap approach on the tune. The high flying edit is Peking Duk’s first remix in four years!

September 6, 2017

We can count on POWERS to bring us the best funkastic alt pop tunes, as they’ve been doing now for quite some time. The Los Angeles based duo, consisting of Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru, are back with a new single named Just Kids, on which they go extra summery with pitched vocal chops and playful teasing finger snaps. In fact, they’ve gone a near tropical route on this infectious new song, on which Crista’s cooing is breathy and sexy, light and airy.  Just Kids is also awash in some of the 2000′s bright and gauzy R&B pop. About the song, POWERS commented, “We were both still living in New York at the time, carving out our own existence with each other and the city when the initial seed of the song started. “Just Kids” was partially inspired after reading Patti Smith’s book of the same title and going through our own journey as Patti did in the 70’s. There’s something about undressing someone, figuratively- and in reality, that can feel so playful and eternal. Creativity and connection are what keep us taller children after all and we wanted to write a song about that.” Atmospheric Just Kids is a wondrous anthem that feels like it has the capacity to take us to the ends of the earth. It feels limitless, like life did when we were young and naive, hopeful and tenacious. Just Kids is out now on Republic Records. Keep up with POWERS on their website, here.

August 31, 2017

It’s hard to believe two years have flown by since the very first time we heard of a talent out of Los Angeles named Kotomi. She’d lent her voice to Cyril Hahn’s Grace and captured our ears straight away, after which we gleefully dove into her solo material for some finespun electro pop bliss. Fast forward to summer of 2017, and Kotomi is finally back. The singer songwriter and producer returns in style, too, on lavish electronica and prismatic pop banger named Ooh La La. Prepare to dance your night away to this tropical explosion of sequined synthpop and dancehall ready beats. Ooh La La is steamy and sexy, yet cool and invigorating, all at once. For a brief moment, I feel like I’m in Ibiza, or on some other magical Balearic island, far away from the plain and mundane. Ooh La La is available from Bandcamp, here.

August 10, 2017

I don’t think it’s necessary relay how great a song might be if it involved both distinguished Dutch producer R3HAB and illustrious Vancouver producer Felix Cartal, do I? You know to expect something extra magnificent when you see both those names on a track. Earlier tonight, we shared a song named Borrowed Time. Now, we launch into Killing Time, a larger than large, bigger than life kind of tropical house meets future beats behemoth. Killing Time is a misty mellifluous, panoramic sprawling spectacular, and contrary to its name, sinking into its glowing grasp and sprightly beats is well worth your time. Killing time, we’re not. Making the best use of our time, we are. 

August 10, 2017

We flitter our way back to the UK to the tune of London producer’s J Tropic’s new single, Hold Me Close. Except we find ourselves making a detour to Balearic islands after being enchanted by this balmy sparkling, iridescent quivering jam. Smooth gliding retro R&B intertwines with percolating synths and rattling percussion on the exhilarating song. Hold Me Close is like Jamie xx and Kaytranada jamming out altogether in the tropics. The single is available now from iTunes, here.

July 30, 2017

I’m sure you’ve watched the music video for Charli XCX’s new hit single Boys countless times over the course of the weekend. Maybe you just wanted to ogle all the cute and sexy celebrity “boys” in the video again, or maybe you wanted to dance to the bubbly effervescent pop song. It’s become one of the most talked about songs and videos of the year in but a few swift days, and deservedly so, for the grand feat it’s accomplished in turning stereotypes around. Just a few hours after the song burst upon the world, one of our Moving Castle faves, boundary pushing, genre bending LGBTQ+ pop music troubadour SAKIMA offered up his own unique version of the song. What he accomplishes with his rendition is sonic perfection. There’s no resisting this breezy tropical, airy crisp electronic, dancehall, and pop Boys. SAKIMA’s cover is a successful extension of what Charli XCX ’s inventive original, and its an absolute aural delight, particularly with SAKIMA’s glossy slick vocals on display. You can watch Charli XCX’s music video for Boys again, here.

July 18, 2017

Guilty we are of being one of those silly fans who apparently couldn’t pronounce or even type Tove Styrke’s name correctly when she first cast a spell on us over three years ago (and I know many out there still make the same mistake, seeing “Stryke” instead of “Styrke”). I finally realized my egregious error when I caught the Swedish artist at my very first SXSW back in 2015, where she blew me away with her live performance and added fuel to my conviction that she’d be a massive star someday. Well, that day is swiftly approaching. Tove Styrke dropped one of her best and most infectious songs to date earlier this year in the form of Say My Name, and reeling droves of new fans by the day. An excellent remix pack for Say My Name was released last Friday, from which comes this punchy bright remix by Franklin. The spunky, sassy edit gives Say My Name a very Sigrid meets Maggie Rogers kind of feel, but with heavier hitting percussion, dance ready beats, and some island charm. You can check out the rest of the official remixes that just came out on Tove Styrke’s Soundcloud, here.

July 18, 2017

Are you ready for a sonic safari? Because that’s exactly what we’re embarking on as we delve into this dazzling new tune from Flamingo Jones. Whatever island the Melbourne producer is evincing on The Island Does Crazy Things, I feel like I’m right there with him as I listen to this wild bonanza of lush psychedelic and tropical splendor. Nick Bond, the mind behind Flamingo Jones, tagged his experimental electronic masterpiece “nature beat” on Soundcloud, and he utilized a wide array of instruments to craft the worldly piece. The Island Does Crazy Things quickly brings to mind Animal Collective, with a touch of Baio and a sliver of Al Bairre. It’s a prime cut for those who really want an evocative jungle escapade. The Island Does Crazy Things is the second single from Flamingo Jones’ sophomore EP, expected to arrive later this year. You can purchase the song from Bandcamp, here.

July 11, 2017

I’ve always had a soft spot for Scandinavian pop, so I can’t help but gravitate towards Dagny’s electro pop. The Norwegian starlet shook things up this summer with her hit single Wearing Nothing, and as expected, the track is receiving some fine remix treatments. It’s an epic Los Angeles partnership as CADE and Cheat Codes unite to transform Wearing Nothing into an ebullient springing, tropical sparkling dance banger. If Wearing Nothing is a pop anthem of the summer, Cheat Codes and CADE’s remix is a bonafide summer dance anthem to accompany the tune. The luminously lifting remix is available on iTunes, here.