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May 16, 2018

When I think of the name Slow Corpse, I can’t help but envision zombies. But don’t fret, there are no “walkers” to worry about here, only a mighty fine jam to enjoy from a four piece from Portland, Oregon who just released their first full length album Fables via Tender Loving Empire. They thoroughly destroy genre lines as they meld splinters of slinky R&B funk into rootsy rock on Run It, a song which very much reminds me of my recent love for Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s swampy alt music, with an infusion of Glass Animals’ viscous prowl and Milky Chance’s earthy drawl. Slow Corpse is currently on tour for their new album. Their debut album is available, here. For more superb songs from the album, watch the videos for prior singles Blooming and People below. 

May 9, 2018

My hips have been abducted again, by who else, but The Hip Abduction! The Florida based outfit invites us into a humid, balmy paradise with their new single, Come On Get Up, which sports the six piece’s islandy beats and rootsy charm, a combo that oft reminds me of Crystal Fighters’ vibrant folktronica fused with Miami Horror’s neon-lit radiance and Sublime With Rome’s reggae tinged rock. There’s even a dash of Portugal. the Man’s recent funk pop leaning offerings to be found in The Hip Abduction’s slinky swinging, hip-swaying gem. Stream Come On Get Up and The Hip Abduction’s other releases on Spotify, here.

March 6, 2018

I’ve already listened to this many times since it first surfaced late last week, but I thought I’d drop it on for a share too. Back in the mid 90s, Johnny Cash covered Soundgarden’s Rusty Cage. Long after Cash passed away, Chris Cornell returned the sentiment and recorded a song with Cash’s own words as lyrics, and the end result gives me chills. Not only is Cornell’s voice stunning on the acoustic track (as expected), but now that we’ve lost both legends, listening to You Never Knew My Mind is also unimaginably heartbreaking. The recording is part of a new compilation named Johnny Cash: Forever Words, on which an array of musicians creates new songs out of unpublished Cash works. The compilation arrives April 6th. Pre-order, here.

February 15, 2018

RIVVRS is back with more of his raw and potent music as the Los Angeles based singer songwriter teases his upcoming album Cosmic Dream with yet another superb song named Don’t Wanna Know. Its dusty twanging guitars and sandy vocals are awash with the weathered charm of Americana and the bluesy allure of roots rock. This is a song you’ll want to take out on the open road, where it can soundtrack a long drive. As the wind tousles your hair, that heavy weight in your heart slowly dissipates. RIVVRS croons intimately into our ears and comforts our weary souls, setting us free, if only for a few brief minutes. Don’t Wanna Know is available from major outlets, here.

February 15, 2018

In case you didn’t know, having your arms akimbo means recklessly flinging your arms outwards. There are many reasons to do this. Maybe you want to wave down your friend, or perhaps you need to scare away a mountain lion (remember to act big, tall, and strong). But the very best reason to haphazardly throw your arms in the air comes our way courtesy of a rising indie rock outfit named Arms Akimbo, a four piece from Los Angeles who’ve already found much success touring with the likes of Walk The Moon, The Animals, and Said The Whale, and who has just released a new track named Seven Mirrors. The earthy heartfelt and breezy melodic alt song certainly calls for us to raise our arms in joyous glee. We swing them through the air to the harmonious track, so taken we are by the band’s infectious guitar riffs and husky vocals, as well as their song’s blithe cadence. If you’re craving for more Arms Akimbo, we highly recommend you stream their three track release Bouncy below, too. We also recommend you keep an eye on this rising quartet. 

February 3, 2018

Just before I dove into writing up a fresh set of features for the day, I decided to rummage through YouTube one last time to see if I could turn up any new gems. That’s when I came across VODI, a seven piece independent band from Houston, Texas. They recently put forth a music video for their single, Pressure, and I found myself immediately drawn into their dusty rolling rock, which very much reminds me of bands like The War On Drugs and Fleetwood Mac,  both of whom I love dearly. Right away, I knew. I had to find more of VODI’s music. Upon digging deeper, I came to realize that VODI’s debut album Talk, which came out last year, is something to cherish. Its a nourishing nine track record, whose twangy guitars and melancholic drawls are weathered and worn, like your favorite leather jacket, or those tattered jeans that hug your hips perfectly. VODI is soothing and comforting, even while they pluck at the very scars that still adorn your weary heart. Punctuating many of their songs are fine moments of spacey psychedelic elements that add to the depth and captivation of their music. Stream debut album Talk below and support on iTunes, here. Trust me, you won’t regret it, and you just might find yourself falling head over heels for VODI, like I did.

January 23, 2018

Back to LA we go for a new one from rising indie outfit Mt. Joy, who I’m hoping I’ll get to catch when I make my annual pilgrimage to Austin for SXSW in March. They fuse indie rock with rootsy folk on Jenny Jenkins, lifted from their forthcoming full length. The dusty drawling song feels a bit like a stripped down Cold War Kids track. The band, who were selected by NPR as one of their 2018 Slingshot Artists as well as Yahoo’s 10 Artists to Watch, showcase their versatile sound on the song, having given us a plethora of fine tunes in the past including the more jazzy soulful Sheep. Jenny Jenkins is a wistful and nostalgic ballad, and though it’s not a cover of the Jerry Garcia and David Grisman song of the same name, it is very much connected to it. Stream/download the single, here. Mt. Joy’s self titled debut album arrives on March 2nd via Dualtone Records.

December 22, 2017

South Carolina indie/alt rock outfit Stop Light Observations released the latest edition of their series of digital 45s earlier this month. Vanderlight is a new infusion of the band’s pop infused rootsy melodic rock. Sky scraping synths, vibrant guitars, and breathtaking vistas abound on the electro-rocking and alt popping A-side, a beautifully soaring, panoramic sweeping excursion that defies simple classification. SLO defies expectations with this mosaic pastiche. Stream more of Stop Light Observations’ music via Soundcloud, here.

November 21, 2017

If that our last feature hasn’t already rendered your heart a complete molten mess, then this one will certainly do the job. Matt Maeson has presented us with a stripped down version of his song Tribulation, one of six tracks off his acclaimed debut EP Who Killed Matt Maeson. You can stream the EP and the original version of Tribulation on Soundcloud, here. The singer songwriter’s new peeled back rendition of Tribulation is deeply affecting, tender, and raw. Its rootsy rock and earthy soul drip with authentic anguish and lovesick sorrow. Tribulation (Stripped) is out now via Neon Gold / Atlantic Records.

September 20, 2017

Riley Pearce is having quite a year. He played his first international shows in London, picked up a WAM ‘Song of the Year’ Award in his native Australia, had one of his songs featured on US hit show Shadowhunters, and racked up over 35k views in 24 hours for his latest music video, backed by Triple J ‘Unearthed’. The disarming clip is accompanied by the rising artist’s latest single, Misplaced, a beautifully morose ballad on which his stunning vocals are on full display. Soulful pop meets rootsy rock on this moving aria, redolent of Bon Iver, Aquilo, and Hayden Calnin but with a hearty twang. Speaking on the track Riley states “I wrote Misplaced early on in a new relationship. I was really anxious and unsure of what I wanted and whether it was all going to work out. It’s pretty hard when two people like each other but are so different. It’s a brutally honest song… probably the most from I’ve written.” Misplaced is available from iTunes, here.