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September 18, 2017

I can never resist Clairity’s deep husky voice, so it’s really quite an unexpected treat that it’s cropped up on a striking debut from a Danish producer who goes by the name of Gettic. Sleepwalking is a mellow in indie pop and chill electronica hybrid. It’s crisp yet balmy, cinematic and arresting, with warm horns, prickly future beats, and those trademark Clairity vocals. Previously, Gettic has produced and remixed several Danish and international artists including Danish R&B queen Anya and international hitmakers like Bonnie McKee, Ed Drewett, Digital Farm Animals.  It was through this ever expanding web of collaborators that Gettic met Clairity and Sleepwalking was born from Gettic’s studio in central Copenhagen. Sleepwalking is the perfect summer send off. It captures the haziness of being in a dreamlike state of mind as well as the restlessness that can assault a lovelorn heart on a muggy, stuffy evening. Sleepwalking can also be streamed on Spotify, here.