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May 30, 2018

Scarlet Pleasure has without a doubt been our favorite Danish upstart since the trio first swooned us with their satiny twisting R&B pop on Deja Vu last year. The breakout project has since captured hearts aplenty with their 2017 EP Lagune, and they’ve finally unveiled their first new music of 2018 in slick romping, whimsically capering Mind, which you can stream via its music video above, as well as a sultry simmering jam named Let Go, which can be previewed via Soundcloud below. Mind is a sleek cruising treat that showcases Emil Goll’s silky crooning and the band’s innovative pop, ever so gently checkered with balmy sweltering R&B, funk, and soul. It’s a smooth lurcher of a luscious bop whose video was directed by Scarlet Pleasure themselves, alongside Stine 

Thorbøll and DolceRocca. Their new songs are out now on Copenhagen Records. 

November 18, 2017

Ever since we heard Deja Vu earlier this year, Scarlet Pleasure has become one of our favorite rising Denmark bands. They bring a fresh new edge and a sexy charm to the country’s already innovative R&B pop and alt pop scene. Today, the trio released their brand new EP, Lagune, on Virgin Records, and it features this slinky drawling, torrid gyrating tune, Unreliable. Scarlet Pleasure’s trademark reggae inflected, creamy burning R&B pop leaves us flushed and swooning, as it always does. Unreliable certainly doesn’t apply when it comes to this three pieces’ music. I’m so jealous of the fans who were able to see Scarlet Pleasure make their U.S. debut last month at School Night in Los Angeles. Following a string of European tour dates with Norwegian songstress Sigrid, Scarlet Pleasure will embark on a sold out headlining run overseas in support of new single Unreliable. Stream/purchase their EP, Lagune, here.

September 23, 2017

Scarlet Pleasure sure chose a proper and clever name for their band. Every time the rising Danish band releases a new song, I find myself grooving along, flushed with pleasure from their buttery smoldering, crimson stirring trademark blend of synthpop, R&B, and electronica. On the heels of prior ace tunes Limbo and Deja Vu comes new song Good Together. As always, Scarlet Pleasure’s brassy, lively sound leads me to dance around the room in ecstasy. Emil Goll, Alexander Malone, and Joachim Dencker are certainly at the forefront of a new wave of edgy and creative Danish projects. Aside from evoking fellow Danes like Goss, Vera, and LISS, their drum prolific, bass rotund, and marimba dappled balmy slinking sound also reminds me of British heartthrobs Years and Years. It’s becoming more and more clear that Scarlet Pleasure can do no wrong. Each of their songs is as exemplary as the last. Stream/download Good Together via major outlets, here.

June 9, 2017

The Danes always seem to have a firm grasp when it comes to boundary pushing alt R&B. Aside from esteemed project Liss, Denmark also has Scarlet Pleasure to boast about. We first shared the trio’s music earlier this year when the band, lead by creamy voiced Emil Goll, released their last single Deja Vu. We’re ecstatic that the song lead to much attention from foreign labels and other tastemakers with its R&B inflected synthpop and electronica. Scarlet Pleasure are more than ruddy pleasurable once again on new single Limbo. We find ourselves stuck in a limbo of adoration as we gyrate to this slinky seductive new jam. The sexy grooving heater’s dance ready R&B funk and glistening reggage pop is a unique combination, one that is sure to deepen the band’s smoldering mark on the emerging music scene. 

April 6, 2017

R&B inspired synthpop and electronica has certainly been flourishing in Denmark. Aside from LISS and plenty other great artists and bands, the Dane’s also call Scarlet Pleasure their own. The band, lead by satin voiced Emil Goll, has captured our attention fully with their new single Deja Vu, a bluesy rolling, funk twisting, and R&B popping jam that sinks its hooks in deep. Despite a polished veneer, Emil Goll brings plenty of raw appeal to the track. Years and Years meets Jai Paul on the fiery jam, a seductive tease in every way. Deja Vu is out now and available, here, via Copenhagen Records.