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May 30, 2018

So I thought I was done for the night and would continue on my behemoth list of songs to feature tomorrow morning. That is, until Flight Facilities dropped their brand new song. Behold, All Your Love, which features Sydney’s Dustin Tebbutt on transcendental vocals. Not only am I (and most of my friends) ardent FF fans, but this song is phenomenal, so I had to hop back on for a prompt share. All Your Love is a drastic departure from Flight Facilities’ more disco grooving tracks of yore. Instead, it seems to lean towards a deep luscious, ambient pumping organic house tone reminiscent of RÜFÜS DU SOL or Elderbrook, both of whom I’m also huge fans of, so I’m a happy camper right now whilst I’m already on my fifth or sixth listen of All Your Love. Australian electronic duo Flight Facilities are in the midst of their Return Flight tour and now they’ve followed it up with this brilliant song. It’s turning into one fine 2018 for FF fans like me. All Your Love is a meditative and expansive song simultaneously intimate soothing and atmospheric sprawling. It wraps us up in its shimmering beats, comforting us and dispersing a calm tranquility from within its ever evolving fluidity. We sink into its beauty, finding inner peace in it despite all the chaos around us. Stream/purchase All Your Love, here. Find out about FF’s tour, here. We’re hoping a Bay Area date gets added soon.

February 21, 2018

Talk is a gorgeously affecting, tender stirring beauty from Scottish outfit November Lights that melds chill indietronica with alt pop. You can stream the track, here, if you missed out on our prior feature of the song. Beirut based producer Imad takes full advantage of its atmospheric sonics on a lusciously bounding dance remix. Talk now prances with endless vibrant energy, but it’s also a fleecy warm caress under the dexterous production guidance of Imad. His emotive and melodic house edit comes while Imad is celebrating a million plays on his previous original. You can stream or download the remix for free via other platforms, here.

February 10, 2018

New on our music map is Hymner, a production duo who hails from Stockholm, Sweden. They describe their own music as “sad danceable pop music”, yet I find myself dancing in bliss to their new single Bicycle, featuring smoky vocals by Swedish songstress Alessandra. We ride along with Hymner and Alessandra on a romantic and idyllic journey to Mexico, swaying dreamily to the chill house and mellifluous pop song’s breezy strums and warm cascading beats. With our curiosity piqued and our ears much enthralled, we delved into the only other song that Hymner has offered up on their Soundcloud page. Continue your halcyon summer holiday below with Apart, a buoyant yet relaxed chill house jam featuring Bast

January 9, 2018

Ecotek is a from Denver with a penchant for a wide array of electronic genres, including deep house, electro, techno, and atmospheric. He goes the chill melodic house route on his latest exhilarating dance original, By Your Side. It’s a summery burst of prismatic sunset skies and idyllic island bliss. It may be raining cats and dogs outside my office tonight, but Ecotek provides a brief respite from the bitter cold with his earthy stomping, verdant lunging electronica. The single, as well as an extended version of it, are both available via iTunes, here.

November 29, 2017

Let’s wax philosophical with Ampermut, a deep house and pop project from Vienna. Except, instead of a droll study regarding our existence and values, Ampermut is going to enthrall us with a uniquely mesmeric experience on their song, Philosophy. Sooty pumping, earthy thrumming electronica and soulful vocal licks lift us towards nirvana. For a moment, we do understand the existence of life. It’s to connect with others through music we enjoy, and we certainly feel less alone when shuffling our feet to Ampermut. Philosophy’s guitar laden electronica is like Broken Back meets Bob Moses, with a heady dose of spaciness. The track is the title track and one of two tunes from Ampermut’s new EP, which can be streamed, here. Watch their music video for the EP, here.

November 22, 2017

Prolific Swiss DJ and producer EDX makes a creamy effulgent, crisp springing return on his latest original, Runnin’. The sharp vigor of future house meets the dreamy smoothness of deep melodic house and the cathartic aeronautics of progressive house on EDX’s epic new track. Runnin’ arrives just as EDX is celebrating two decades at the forefront of the music industry with a milestone show at the Fonda Theatre in LA on November 25th. Runnin’ it out now on Enormous Tunes, stream/download, here.

November 9, 2017

When I stumbled upon this fresh remix of Liam Payne’s Bedroom Floor earlier today, I couldn’t help but start to move to its springy elasticity and vibrant charm. I immediately looked up the producer behind the magic, Leowi, to learn that he’s a young newcomer from Lithuania. He’s given the hit single a fabulous house re-work, full of slick energy and balmy vivacious beats. You can download his remix, here. For a recent fine original from the producer, stream Leowi’s deep house extravaganza, U Wanna Do, below, and dance the night away to his summer lustrous banger. 

October 31, 2017

Tep No has been our go to when it comes to soothing chill house and organic indie electronica for many a year. The Toronto songcrafter, beatmaker, and musician takes us to cloud nine with his new song, Toluca Lake, which he co-wrote with our Los Angeles faves, progressive soul artist Brandyn Burnette and pop chanteuse Molly Moore. Toluca Lake is a lush yet laid back saunter and a dreamy wistful heartstring tugger. You can snag the song from major outlets, here.

October 27, 2017

Kygo continues to provide us with uplifting anthems and feel good pop and dance hybrids as he reveals yet another magnificent collaboration. This time around, UK vocal powerhouse John Newman has lent his voice to Kygo’s Never Let You Go, giving it a soulful boost to go along with its tropical house and folk house vibrancy. Never Let You Go is a glowing, comforting breath of sunshine and exultant joy. Kygo’s new album Kids In Love, which drops on November 3rd, is shaping up to be quite the autumnal delight. 

August 1, 2017

It makes perfect sense that this next gem is named Getaway. After all, it all but takes me away from the stress of the work week to a halcyon sonic Eden. I’d love to stay in this verdant oasis forever and dance for all eternity, rather than come back down to reality. Getaway is a velutinous collaboration between Beirut’s Imad and Germany’s Wave Wave. They’ve also enlisted Beirut vocalist Samia on beautiful vocals and Romania’s White Trumpet on airy caressing horns. The multi-national affair’s pristine deep house is saturated with a twinkling effervescence and crisp rumbling bass. You can download Getaway for free, here. Support via Spotify and other outlets, here.