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May 18, 2018

We don’t really believe LINES when they name their song “We Will Never Rule The World”. I’m pretty sure with some sly planning, the Swedish project could take over the globe with their kinetic music. Just listen to LINES’ razor-sharp new single, a prickly slicing dance pop and dark electro-pop jam with thrilling industrial undertones. We Will Never Rule The World features female noise rockers Dolores Haze on guest vocals. They add a whole lot of spice and spunk to the already feisty chopper of a tune. LINES music has been described as “unadulterated euphoric nihilism”. We Will Never Rule The World is easily the quintessential embodiment of that statement with its pulsing beats, frenetic synths, and vociferous vocals. Listen to LINES’ music on Spotify, here.

January 24, 2018

Last fall, Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller blessed us with a new 7 track mini-LP named Kid Kruschev. And now the Brooklyn noise pop duo has unveiled a new video for LP track Favorite Transgressions, a potent and emphatic congregation of the pair’s scaly sawing, cacophonous jarring sound. The video, directed by Derek Miller, is described as a manic, lo-fi thriller full of dynamic energy and playful morbidity. Sleigh Bells kicks off an extensive U.S. tour this week with a sold-out show at Rough Trade. The full run of tour dates can be found, here. Unfortunately, no Bay Area show is listed, but it looks like we might get to catch them in Austin at SXSW come mid-March considering their slot at the Mohawk on the 18th. Sunflower Bean and Dream Wife joins Sleigh Bells on select dates on their tour, too, making it a can’t miss for those lucky enough to catch them on this voyage. Kid Kruschev is available, here.

June 12, 2017

It was a real treat to hear Ellie Roswell of Wolf Alice on Alt-J’s new album RELAXER. Her voice graces one of my favorite tracks this year, 3WW. But there’s really nothing like a brand new track from the alt rock quartet from London, whom we’ve been championing for more than four years long, since the days of Every Cloud and White Leather. Yuk Foo arrives by lyric video, and a glowering, menacing one at that which totally matches the song’s restless bristling, ferocious seething rock. The song, the band’s hardest yet, arrives alongside news of Wolf Alice’s sophomore album. Visions Of A Life will hit the shelves on September 29th via Dirty Hit, and I expect it to be a fine follow up to acclaimed debut LP, My Love Is Cool, one of my top albums of 2015. Rebellious snarling Yuk Foo is out now on iTunes, here. Between this and the new DFA I just shared, I’m ready to aggressively jump all over my office room with my head swinging violently in every direction possible. 

February 25, 2017

Gothy electro rockers HEALTH have been silent since their 2015 album Death Magic, so it’s with great pleasure that I encountered a brand new track from the trio this week. Dark whirring Euphoria, despite being an original, arrives as part of HEALTH’s new DISCO 3 remix album. The other tracks that flesh out the album include remixes by the likes of Haxan Cloak, Preoccupations, Purity Ring, and more. It’s obvious this is an album I need to check out, stat. HEALTH’s video for the spine tingling tune is made up of footage from the band’s past. DISCO 3 is out now on iTunes via Loma Vista.

September 17, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 09.13.2016 

Featured music – September 13th, 2016

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September 15, 2016

Up till today, I had no idea that street artist and illustrator Shepard Fairey, well known for founding the OBEY clothing line, also had a musical project going on amongst his many enterprises. And then I encountered the brand new music for Nøise’s Little Lions. The song thoroughly transfixed me with its serrated edged, torrid churning alt pop. Little Lions is gritty and playfully seductive. Its sharp claws are bared with much enticing coyness. Joining Shepard Fairey in 

Nøise is Joe Cassidy, John Goff, and Merritt Lear. The quartet will be releasing a debut EP on Obey Records with Little Lions as its title track. The EP will also house a song named Automatic alongside a myriad of remixes by a jaw dropping list of talent, including Phil Hartnoll, Moby, Tim Armstrong, Z Trip, Nico and Touch, SSI, John Goff, and The Crystal Method. For more information, visit here.

September 2, 2016

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that this dark, twisted heart is much fond of HEALTH and their noisy experimental rock. Thanks to the Adult Swim Singles Program, we can indulge in some of the Los Angeles trio’s fuzzy gothy splendor in the form of new song Crusher, a crushing song indeed. The cacophonous crashing, dissonant piercing song is a visceral explosion of sludgy pummeling turbulence. Grab the single for free from

May 20, 2016

A number of my friends are massive fans of South Africa’s Die Antwoord and their experimental hip hop and rave electronica. I’m pretty sure they’re celebrating the fact that the trio have unleashed their Suck On This Mixtape today, off which some preview tracks were already floating around this past week. Ninja, Yolandi, and DJ Hi-Tek link up with various guests on the harsh clamorous and vibrant noisy delight. From Suck On This Mixtape comes buzzing vociferous GUCCI COOCHIE, which features Dita Von Teese, The Black Goat, and God. It’s razor sharp and wired shocking addictive, as one would expect from the riotous radical trio. Stream the Suck On This Mixtape in full on Soundcloud, or download free, on their website.

New Cold Cave (practically a new BAND)

September 24, 2012

Whoa, what’s going on with Cold Cave? I just found out that they’re working on a new album and have just dropped a preview that is majorly kick ass, but on top of that, they’ve swapped to a new member lineup! AND, that member lineup can be considered a supergroup! Why? Well, the new lineup includes, of course, frontman and many project veteran Wes Eisold, but it also includes Samhain’s London May, LCD Soundsystem/Melvins’ David Scott Stone, Blood Brothers/Jaguar Love’s Cody Votolato, and AFI’s Hunter Burgan! Stream their new tune A Little Death to Laugh, a very synthy and gothy darkwave noise rock track. I like. I’m looking forward to what else this new Cold Cave will give us in their new album, which will probably be due out sometime next year.

Chillwavy pop

November 17, 2011

simian ghost

Have you ever heard of Simian Ghost? I just stumbled upon them, though it looks like Chuck the television series utilized a track on their soundtrack, so I must’ve heard them before. Here’s a couple tracks from Simian Ghost, who come from, of all places yet AGAIN, Sweden. Their music is chillwavy indie poppy. Bicycle Theme is much more chillwave than Free Agent, which is filled with more upbeat shoegaze. Very decent stuff!