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May 22, 2018

Within the dusky shadows of Two People’s music is much melancholia and woe, as we learned last year when we came across the Australian duo’s song If We Have Time. Phoebe Lou and Joseph Clough, the masterminds behind the project, are well known for their role in now dissolved project Snakadaktal (whom we were huge fans of here at IHM). And now, the pair are back with an exquisite new song named ‘I’m Tied, To You’, a moody smoldering, seductive throbbing alt pop and electro piece brimming with visceral burning, lonely aching saxophone and doused with a kinetic tide of impassioned beats. Of the track, Phoebe says:  “The words are written about being tied to yourself. There is a fragility and frustrated loneliness in that. It’s a kind of dialogue. Here, the ‘you’ is myself. We had a great moment recording the ‘sax’ through our guitar amp and pedals. Joey was improvising in the final stages of production and the room sounded like a big dark rave, it just sounded right, we knew then that it was ready. We used that initial recording on the album, if you listen closely you might hear us yelling wildly and moving around the room.” 

Two People will launch their awaited live show at Splendour In The Grass this July as a three-piece. They aim to create a flowing set that that exaggerates every sound, moment and feeling from their recordings. I can only imagine how arresting ‘I’m Tied, To You’ will be, with its galvanic current and ambulatory flux. Stream/download the sensational single, here.

November 7, 2017

I was over the moon when Axel Flóvent made his long awaited return late last month with his first single in ages. The Icelandic musician had melted us to no end with his prior releases, like wispy, folk tinged Forest Fires and exquisitely beautiful Beach. We gladly embrace his more svelte airy, synth lavish, and fleecy sauntering pop turn on City Dream. A contagious blend of 80′s art-pop inspired guitars, saxophone, keys, and soulful hooks build upon each other to create a much intoxicating effect on this lush molten tune, produced by Tim Bran and Roy Kerr (MyRiot) who’ve worked with the likes of London Grammar, Birdy, La Roux, Rae Morris, and more. The song tracks Axel Flóvent’s battle with his inner demons following a period of struggling with his mental health. He explains: “I always felt like when I went back to Iceland after tours and travels, I was less in control of my writing and my overall mind-set. The country and the society, can be so isolating & overwhelming, especially when you don’t feel like you fit in.” Those travails have inspired a dream of a tune in City Dream, and we’re fortunate to partake in the beautiful new song. Purchasing and alternate streaming options are available, here.

June 16, 2017

[PREMIERE] JOCKS – Spotlight

I was more of a geek than a cool “jock” in my high school days, but Nashville, Tennessee newcomers JOCKS describe themselves as private school nerds, and they make dulcet stirring, candied melting music that can thaw the coldest of hearts, so this music geek is full on cheering for these dashing JOCKS. In fact, we’re totally stoked we get to premiere their second single. The up and coming indie pop outfit initially cropped up at the beginning of the month with a lustrous snapping guitar pop debut named Riddle Me This, a must listen which we’re also tacking on below. Spotlight is their follow up single, and it’s a dreamy romantic pop rock ballad that brings together The 1975′s 80s inspired succulence, COIN’s mellifluous hooking alt pop, and a warm synthy butteriness reminiscent of LANY or flor. A whole lot of suave seduction also comes by way of Spotlight’s steamy saxophone and its passionately searing electric guitar. Spotlight can be streamed and downloaded via all major retailers, here. Keep up with this exciting new four piece by way of Twitter, here, or Facebook, here.

January 26, 2017

A midnight cruise down the highway is in order as we turn the volume knob way up high to Neon, a ravishing jam from a duo named Magdalena Bay. The pair likes to call their music “future 90′s throwback space pop”, which hits about all the right notes when it comes to Neon’s sexy grooving, murky swirling, disco dripping electronic pop. Steamy romance hangs heavy in the air. Hips sway. Palms sweat. Desire takes over. Neon can be purchased now from iTunes.

December 22, 2016

Saxophone and guitar seem to be prime holiday spirits conveyors, so when German production duo Saxity unveiled their take on Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, I knew right away that this will be a fantastic sleigh ride. They enlist Georgian singer songwriter Victor Perry’s buttery quivering voice for their snazzy resplendent holiday house jam. If it’s a holiday dance party you want, particularly one that still stays very true to the heartwarming feels of the season, bump this one loud and prepare to boogie the night away. Download the luxuriant and elegant groover for free, here.

October 20, 2016

NYC’s REFS is at it again, enveloping us in neon hued, saccharine grooving nostalgia. New song Breeze is a synth shimmering, wavy undulating 80′s throwback that features Richard Saunders on sweet gooey vocals and James King on a hot molten saxophone. James is also known for his brilliant saxophone duties on M83′s Midnight City. Coincidentally, Breeze heavily reminds me of some of M83′s music, with plenty of chillwave meets disco glam. Zach Lipkins, the producer behind REFS, describes the track as “the feeling of cruising on the last evening of August, swerving towards the dusk… or your frost coated window peering out from the middle of winter”. Either way, whether cruising on a sweltering summer night or looking out at the snow from the cozy indoors, this is one steamy sensual, grand luxuriant jam. 

September 19, 2016

The wait for new music from Washington, D.C. production talent Eau Claire seemed to stretch for an eternity, but that thirst for some slick disco and smooth house has finally been quenched… not by a fresh remix, or a fierce edit… no, it’s been quelled by a two track EP! Eau Claire has presents us with All The Wonder, a collection made up of two glamorous and scintillating originals, the producer’s very first. Room, which features foxy vocals by Camille Michelle Grey and sexy sax by Cautious Clay, is a luscious pumping, shiny chromatic nu-disco and house chimera. The room which Eau Claire transports me into is lit by brilliant dancing flames. It’s a steamy dance hall in which succulent beats and breezy vocals keep us cool. From this room we step into the next, an open air space in which we gaze dreamily into the night sky as we revel away to All The Wonder’s deep sumptuous beats and meditative bouncing chords. Stream that track, the title song from Eau Claire’s EP, below. All The Wonder is also Eau Claire’s debut performance on vocals. Her airy enchanting voice lifts up to great heights of ethereal euphoria. As if all these firsts aren’t enrapturing enough, Eau Claire’s All The Wonder EP arrives as the first release on her freshly minted label, Feed Me Disco. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see what Feed Me Disco will be bringing us going forth! Eau Claire’s EP is out now on iTunes.

September 9, 2016

End Of July is more than about the end of summer. It’s about the end of love, the beginning of heartache, and the pining for what’s been and gone. This melancholy is encapsulated in the most beautiful manner on Canadian band Paper Lions’ new alt pop single. This slow simmering number blooms brilliantly into a florid intoxicating aria, even closing with heartfelt horns through which seep a touch of optimism and plenty of romance. End Of July displays Paper Lions’ soft under belly, an unexpected surprise after they previously gave us exuberant songs bordering on indie dance. End Of July, which was mixed in Brooklyn by Andrew Maury (RAC, Lewis Del Mar, Panama Wedding), is taken from Paper Lions’ forthcoming album, Full Colour, out soon on September 16th.

July 14, 2016

Swedish chanteuse LÉON’s soulful enchanting pop song Tired Of Talking is a gorgeous infectious gem that I’ve been loving for over a year now. Her smoky voice and the song’s infectious melody evoke Seinabo Sey and Zella Day. It’s that jewel of a tune we get to re-visit today, but draped in some new electronic threads thanks to A-Trak and Cory Enemy. They give the track a very unique remix treatment. Saxophone is an instrument we’ve become accustomed to on deep tropical house jams, but this time around it’s paired with light and airy future tropical vibes. Tired Of Talking becomes a frisky light, playful animated sonic confection both full on sexy and teasing coquettish. A-Trak and Cory Enemy’s remix is available now from iTunes.

July 7, 2016

You know a song is massive when its appearance a mere two weeks ago inspires an endless sea of remixes. That’s exactly what occurred with Maggie Rogers’ Alaska, an incredible blend of alt folk and R&B pop that many have been applauding as one of the best tracks this year. One of the latest remixes of Alaska to grace our ears is a deep melodic house edit by German duo SAXITY. Of course, a SAXITY remix wouldn’t be complete without some horns. This Alaska is a summer soiree. Any glacier ice would have melted instantaneously under the warm hands of SAXITY as they transform Maggie Rogers’ song into a dance spectacular. They add a complex array of additional live instruments to the song, creating a breezy bouncing, joyous festive jamboree. The remix is a free download, here.