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May 29, 2018

Firstworld, the project of South Florida’s Kris Alvarez, unveiled a music video for his latest single today, welcoming us with the lo-fi video into his world of chillwavey electronica and smoggy bedroom pop. Not Obvious is a hazy swirling song that immediately recalls my love for bands like Neon Indian, Washed Out, and even MGMT’s latest album Little Dark Age. It’s quickly apparent (the opposite of ”not obvious”) I’ve just stumbled upon a favorite new chillwave artist. Follow along with our new discovery on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

May 14, 2018

We’ve been in love with Kero Kero Bonito’s crisp and playful indie pop for a very long time. The British trio usually enthralles us with a sprightly and airy brand of electro-pop that seems much inspired by J-pop, but KKB has proceeded to delight us with a new direction in their latest music, and the change-up has only served to make us fall even harder for the band. A dreamier indie rock sound has curled its way into their last few songs, like on Cinema and Only Acting. This guitar hazy sound, which reminds us of the likes of Yumi Zouma and Men I Trust, continues on new charmer Time Today. The lo-fi indie pop bop (and it truly bops!) comes from Kero Kero Bonito’s next album Time ‘n’ Place, which we’re hoping will arrive soon. Time Today even sports a retro italo-wave phosphorescence that reminds me of some of M83′s music off their album Junk, as well as some of Phoenix’s more laid back and wavy tunes. Despite its peppy beat, Time Today is a languorous and soothing, dreamy and laid back confection, well worth a lot of your time, today or any other day. 

May 5, 2018

It only took a few seconds for me to become a Mazy fan. That’s how gloriously intoxicating the Sydney trio’s spacey psychedelia is on new song Enemies. The band, who just signed to Sweat It Out, have melded Tame impala’s glistering grandeur with Washed Out’s heady chillwave, plus they seem to have sprinkled it all with some of Cults’ charming indie/synthpop, too! Enemies, which arrives with a wonderfully quirky video, is only Mazy’s second single. The band released their debut single Heliar late last year, which is also a must listen gem. Stream the lusciously pulsing indie electro song below. It’s no wonder Mazy has been making waves back at home in Australia with their delicately organic, powerfully electronic music. Enemies is available via major platforms, here.

April 25, 2018

Last Friday, Twin Shadow gave us one of the most epic Popscene sets of the year at his sold out headline show at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco. The only regret I harbor from that evening is the fact that I somehow missed out on the announcement that Yuno was the opening act, and I only caught the very last song of his set as I entered the venue. The Floridian artist, signed to Sub Pop Records, made his live debut that night, and despite having fallen for his music after hearing No Going Back earlier this year, I’ve missed out on his inaugural performance! Failure aside, I can’t help but bask in joy due to the surfy nostalgic pop and gauzy rock oozing from Yuno’s wistful aching new song Why For. It’s almost as if the fascinating new talent had mixed WU LYF’s rough bellowing rock with The Drums’ dreamy, wavy surf pop and a touch of Black Kids’ indie rock, too. Yuno’s debut EP, Moodie, arrives on Sub Pop June 15th. Pre-order, here. Re-visit our No Going Back feature, here.

April 18, 2018

Last month, Chad Valley, or English musician Hugo Manuel, made his long awaited return by releasing a dreamy gliding, balmy glistening gem named Impartial. He also announced his next album, Imaginary Music, arriving May 25th on Cascine. If that song somehow didn’t get you excited enough for the new record, new single See-Through surely will. Its diaphanous synths and chiffon vocals, embedded in a dreamy blanket of chillwave-y phosphorescence, offers us a glimpse of what it’d be like if Tycho and Chad Valley came together to create lush, upbeat synthpop. You can listen to Impartial again by visiting our feature, here. Pre-order Imaginary, here.

March 23, 2018

Parisian band Dead Sea takes us floating, not atop of a briny ocean, but over neon charged soundscapes with their latest hazy, gazey slice of “turbo chillwave”. The quartet presents us with a dream of a tune in Know Where, a psychotropic emulsion made up of glistening synths, ethereal guitars, and lissome vocals. In some ways, Know Where is like Grimes gone Yumi Zouma and Au Revoir Simone… it’s whimsical and foxy, yet dreamy and celestial. You can watch Dead Sea’s lo-fi music video for Know Where below. To continue the surreal experience, listen to more Dead Sea on their Soundcloud, here.

March 23, 2018

We called New Shack one of our favorite new finds earlier this year when we encountered the synthwave duo’s single Ways and Means. The singer songwriter and production pair from Utah re-enforces that love at first sight, er, listen, by dousing us with more of their warped, wonky synths and cool, honeyed vocals on whimsical and glossy new treat, Cherry. A chilled out Sleigh Bells vibe meets a dreamy crisp, synth bustling School Of Seven Bells sound on the deliciously intoxicating tune. Cherry is a taste from New Shack’s fourth EP, arriving soon this year. You can snag the single from iTunes, here.

March 23, 2018

When it comes to English artist Hugo Manuel, better known as Chad Valley, there’s no way to stay ‘impartial’. The moment he released a long awaited new song, listening to Chad Valley became a top priority. And now sharing Impartial is very much an emphatic must, too. Impartial is a dreamy gliding, balmy glistening first taste from Chad Valley’s next album, Imaginary Music, arriving May 25th on Cascine. This silky twinkling, tender spinning aural bliss also comes accompanied by news of a fresh tour. Pre-order Imaginary Music, here. Find out about Chad Valley’s expansive 2018 world tour on his official website, here. He’ll be hitting San Francisco on June 16th with an intimate show at Bottom of the Hill, which will no doubt be a heavenly treat. 

March 10, 2018

Phosphorescent sparkling, synth spiraling psychedelia pulls us into the “Deep Blue” that is KYLYPSO’s debut single. The trio from London have made an excellent entrance with the genre defying gem. Hazy electro and glimmering guitar pop meld seamlessly on the track, whose gauzy shimmers and wavy undulations create a mirage-like effect for the ears. For a moment, all is pure and blissful as I drift away to this breezy idyllic, rosy glowing dreamscape. It’s perpetual summer and infinite romance in this Deep Blue world. If only this heaven could last for a lifetime. At least we can pretend it does by hitting that play button again. And again. And again. 

February 21, 2018

It’s super cold out right now, but a part of me really wishes it were warm enough for camping. I’d bring along these amazing new remixes of Portugal. the Man’s Live In The Moment, which is yet another superb tune off the Grammy winning psych rockers’ album Woodstock. Fellow Grammy winner Tycho, or San Francisco’s own celebrated producer and musician, Scott Hansen, has created two gorgeous edits of the tune, one a “Sunrise Remix”, which you can stream above, and the other a “Sunset Remix”, which you can find below. The sunrise remix is an ambient electronic meets post-rock rendition that oscillates and flows with bright eyed energy. No need for coffee when you have this fresh and dewy track to wake up to and remind you of the pristine beauty of the world. Tycho’s Sunset Remix, as you might guess, is more demure and tempered. Its chillwavey varnish is perfect for watching the sun tuck itself below the horizon. Nightfall creeps around the bend as we settle in to

reflect on the day’s passing and watch the embers glow in a crackling campfire. Tycho’s introspective Sunset Remix leads us into the dark, where we find ourselves looking forward once again to dropping on his Sunrise Remix at dawn. Who else, but Tycho could create such thoughtful and profound remixes, all the while still showcasing Portugal. The Man’s ever infectious original? Catch Tycho on tour this spring, details and ticket availability can be found, here.