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May 30, 2018

If you haven’t been jamming to Westerman’s latest single for much of the month already, it’s high time you strut your stuff to groovalicious Edison, a slick warbling, funk slinking indietronica and pop song that gives voice to the frail inner monologue of the narcissist. As Westerman says “It’s about ambition, petulance and ill preparation. I imagined myself inside the head of the megalomaniac. I played around with all the unmet need and fear you would find there.“ The Londoner certainly crafts some of the most fascinating music of the moment. On warm glowing Edison, Westerman continues to collaborate with electronic producer Bullion to sculpt his sophisticated experimental sound. Edison even features some moments that remind me of early 80s classics by the likes of Talking Heads, but then Westerman quickly switches up the vibe of the song again with his lush blend of instrumentals. A Westerman album is slated for 2019, which seems like a very long time for us Westerman fans to wait, but we promise we’ll be patient. Edison is out on Apple Music, here.

May 15, 2018

After a long hiatus, English experimental folktronica band Tunng are back! They’re preparing to release a new album on August 24th, and they’ve shared a killer new coruscant shimmering tune named ABOP via a vividly colored psychotropic music video. It’s a lavish psych folk and electro song with rhythmic hooking beats. I’ve already watched the video for ABOP several times since I encountered it earlier today. It’s easily one of my favorite pieces of new music this month. I can only imagine what else Tunng has in store for us on their new album Songs You Make At Night, which can be pre-ordered, here. Tunng will head out on a limited UK/EU tour this fall. Dates can be found, here.

April 30, 2018

Ever since Salad Days in 2014, slacker rock purveyor Mac DeMarco has become a dignitary of sorts in the indie rock scene, with countless devout fans all across the world. Sydney’s Mickey Kojak must be a big fan, too. After all, he’s given Mac DeMarco’s Chamber Of Reflection a ravishing cover re-work, and the resulting languorously synthwavy and spacey soulful rendition is absolutely stunning, if not wonderfully, dreamily nostalgic. It’s a thorough transformation, and a thorough intoxicator. 

April 20, 2018

Nevermind that BRUNSWICK is but 19 years old, this Londoner’s talent obviously outshines his years. He’s described by some as a new breed of performer, a writer & producer who makes totally immersive hybrid music, with roots placed in many music sub-cultures. ‘nevermine’, his explosive new single, showcases that eclectic personage with its “Rhythm & Grunge”, an exhilarating and gritty combination of alt rock, electro, and drum & bass. The song is about momentarily falling in love with someone that was never going to be yours to begin with. “It’s about hoping for something that will never come, and watching it all fall apart in front of your eyes.” In otherwords, it’s an anthem of desperation, crafted with riveting finesse. Perhaps “rhythm & grunge” is an extension of what some have coined “post-EDM” lately, but it’s most certainly a unique and striking new sound that we can’t put down. Follow along with BRUNSWICK’s releases on Soundcloud, here.

April 3, 2018

It’s been a fantastic few weeks for fans of Josh Smith’s musical forte. If the name doesn’t quite ring a bell, it may be because you know him as one half of Detroit cosmic pop duo Gosh Pith, who were we’ve been fervently supporting here on IHM. Though it looks like Gosh Pith may have disbanded, or gone on extended hiatus, we’re elated that Josh has re-emerged as new solo project Yoshi Flower to give us much of the same quirky, forward-thinking innovation that he gave us with Gosh Pith. Yoshi Flower debuted with whimsically whizzing alt/electro-pop song Movies last month before teaming up with singer songwriter/production prodigy Elohim on Panic Attacks. And he’s quickly followed both of those gems up with a second solo single, Just On Drugs, a hazy prancing, gritty drifting effusion of Smith’s unique blend of hip hop, electro, and alt pop. Yoshi Flower’s Just On Drugs is just the sort of binary sonic high that we need, a playful and youthful, yet pensive and stirring listen. Re-visit Movies and Panic Attacks on Soundcloud, here. Catch Yoshi Flower on tour with Elohim. Find out about dates and tickets, here. We can’t wait for their stop in San Francisco at Slim’s this weekend.

January 31, 2018

Swedish project Lines (IIIII), aside having one of the more enigmatic names in the business, have been making a huge impression on the scene with their dazzling electronica, which have spawned some astonishing remixes by other producers like Opvs and Spirix, too. You could say they have their sleek swaggering, synth cinematic sound “locked down” pat. Case in point, Lines’ magnificent new tune, Lockdown. The bold and brazen track defies the boundaries of genre classification with its glacial vocals, quixotic synths, and acute beats. Electro, alt pop, and synthpop intermingle on the vivid and defiant track, an ode to obsession and isolation whose vocals remind me of Sweden’s Sailor & I, but surrounded by an ever shifting, always twitching electronic environment. Lines’ prior releases and some of those aforementioned remixes can be streamed via Soundcloud, here.

January 5, 2018

Time Can Heal A Man”, but music heals the soul, as demonstrated by Martin Hedegaard, the 24 year old Danish multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer behind the project SAVEUS. The genre bending artist sweeps us off our feet with his buttery smooth voice and a gospel-infused hybrid of soulful pop & widescreen electronica on the stratospheric single. Though we’re already a few days deep into 2018, the year has never felt more welcoming and promising than now, with this massively moving song in tow. It’s obvious the already effusive buzz and praise SAVEUS has received this past year is only going to amplify as we continue to follow along with the hotly tipped artist into the forthcoming months. Stream SAVEUS’ music via Spotify, here.

December 5, 2017

Sometimes, I feel like I was made to love songs like this one, the latest from London’s The Masks. The band first hooked us over two years ago with a plush electropop song named Save Me. Then they promptly seemed to fall right off the face of the earth, until now. Made To Love You is an evocative slow burner of an electronic/alt anthem, infused with a dusky pacing, sultry simmering form of alt R&B to round out its haunting minimalist soundscape. Dark yet elegant Made To Love You is a striking return for The Masks. With a velveteen touch and a James Blake like spacious aura, as well as a dark despairing bite, The Masks quickly re-position themselves back on the bands to watch closely list. 

November 13, 2017

I took a year for a second Boy Willows song to turn up, but it was well worth that wait. He melted us to the core with debut single I’m Good last winter. Autumn Gray arrives just in time for the wist and melancholy that comes with the turning of leaves. The Los Angeles based artist melds dreamy strumming indie rock with sylvan indietronica on the ethereal gliding, golden shimmering lullaby. Like the artwork that comes with the single, Autumn Gray reminds me of a cold fall afternoon. A solitary walk through the woods provides us with the exquisite beauty of a warm orange sun peaking through the brown and yellow foliage overhead, which hang on ever so feebly to its branches in hopes of fighting the coming of winter and standing up to the winds of change. Autumn Gray is picturesquely affecting, a familiar and intimate exploration of our flimsy hearts.